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How to Create Contrasting Textures in Your Kitchen Décor

When it comes to creating contrasting textures in your kitchen design and décor, there are countless areas where you can get creative and have a lot of fun doing it. Cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, walls and flooring are great places to incorporate contrasting textures and add rich depth to your kitchen.

What Do We Mean by “Contrasting Textures?”

Contrasting textures can mean many things: it can be as simple as pairing rough with smooth or mixing natural wood against metals. An example of this is to take natural, unvarnished cabinets and contrast them against white quartz countertops. You can also create beautiful, contrasting textures by pairing different geometric shapes together, such as sharp, angled corners with smooth, rounded surfaces.

Benefit of Contrasting Textures in Kitchen Design

Texture not only adds visual weight and depth to a space, but it also complements the overall design of a room. In the kitchen, it can convey a specifc theme and feeling to your space. Whether you’re trying to create a warm and cozy kitchen, or you’re looking to go more rustic and natural, chic and sophisticated or create some other vibe personal to you, contrasting textures are an ideal way to convey those styles.

Trendy Ways to Add Contrasting Texture to Your Kitchen

Now to our favorite part… ideas! When it comes to the kitchen, one thing to remember is this is a room that needs to be easily cleanable, and therefore, you’ll want to stay as smooth as possible. No worries – these days, it’s easier than ever to create contrasting textures in your kitchen while keeping the room a breeze to clean. Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas for contrasting textures in your kitchen.

  • Pair brassware against smooth, white sinks and marble countertops: The chic, industrial style of white and marble warms up fast when paired with brassware, creating a warm and cozy space. Your friends and family will always want to know who your designer was in creating this design.
  • Combine natural wood with concrete: Concrete surfaces have come a long way when it comes to interior design. In the kitchen, pairing wooden furniture with concrete surfaces exudes style and ease. Something really fun to think about here is how to accessorize. See below for fresh ideas.
  • Complement glass-fronted cabinets with a subway tile backsplash: This somewhat understated idea packs a style punch and looks especially fantastic in a white kitchen. Complement the overall look of your white kitchen with white, plank flooring.
  • Match shaker-style cabinets with a geometric backsplash: Adding contrasting textures to a country-style or more traditional kitchen can be achieved by pairing shaker-style cabinets (painted a deep, solid color like navy) with a geometric backsplash. Bring it all together with a backsplash that has a hint of the cabinet color.
  • Create texture with bold, kitchen walls: Whether you want to make one wall a bold focal point in the room that stands out beautifully against the other walls, or you want to paint your walls a rich, deep color and add contrasting cladding to areas of the room, going bold will always make a statement.

How to Accessorize a Kitchen with Contrasting Textures

Sometimes, it really is about the little things. When it comes to accessorizing, there are simple ways to really make the space radiate. We’ve come up with a couple of ideas to help you figure out your accessories for a kitchen with contrasting textures. And remember this: in general, less is more.

  • For white and natural kitchens full of different, smooth textures, it’s great to accessorize with pops of color (cutting boards, small appliances, potted plants, etc…). This is a great way to add more depth to the kitchen.
  • For kitchens that are already pretty colorful, minimal accessories are the best option so as not to look too busy. Having optimal cabinet space and storage is great to achieve this in your space. Opt for a couple stand out pieces.

Trending Now: How To Design A “His-And-Her” Bathroom

If the idea of having your own private area to get ready in the morning is music to your ears, you may want to consider this hot new trend. “His-and-Her” bathrooms allow couples to spread out and have a personal space to call their own. In addition to the luxury of privacy, many couples are opting for individual bathrooms that reflect their own styles and needs.

Let’s say you want pretty bathroom cabinetry that can perfectly display your extensive cosmetic collection, but your partner prefers contemporary bathroom vanities with a minimalist aesthetic. With “His-and-Her” bathrooms you both get what you want, while still living under the same roof.

Here are a few tips for designing a “His-and-Her” bathroom in your home.

7-26-19 WLC2-Dimensions Gris 24_ x 24_ Porcelain Tile














Express your individuality while keeping a cohesive theme.

Some “His-and-Her” bathrooms are completely separate, enclosed spaces. Others creatively divide one bathroom to feel separate while still occupying one space. Either way, you want to follow a cohesive theme when designing your “His-and-Her” bathroom.

Here are a few easy ways to express your individuality while still keeping a cohesive theme:

  • Choose the same style of backsplash tile in different colors.
  • Maintain the same shower layout but use different faucets or showerheads.
  • Use the same bathroom cabinetry but in a different layout or finish.

Don’t be afraid to indulge in your favorite bathroom designs.

Having your own bathroom is a luxury, and it should be designed as one. Additions like radiant floor heating or installing a bidet should certainly be entertained. This is the time to turn your wish list into reality. So, yes — tell your partner to start scrolling through those beautiful contemporary bathroom vanities we mentioned before! It’s time to make both of your bathroom dreams come true.

Focus on additions that you love that also increase the value of your home.

Any type of bathroom update is an investment and one that typically increases the value of your home. According to data from Zillow, a “His-and-Her” bathroom can actually increase the sale price of your home by 5.9 percent. To make sure you get the greatest return on your investment, focus on the high value updates like a tile shower and new bathroom cabinetry.

Bath room in new construction home



Maintain privacy when the bathroom has multiple entry points. 

Often when designing a “His-and-Her” bathroom, one of the spaces will connect to another area of the home. This can be a positive if you want one bathroom to double as a guest bathroom (or even a “Jack-and-Jill” shared bathroom for children and teens), but it also means you need to think a little deeper about privacy.

First you’ll want to make sure that the doors have double sided locks if the bathroom connects to a guest bedroom. You wouldn’t want to mistakenly walk in on your guest in the bathroom or your guest to accidentally walk into your bedroom. Double sided locks easily solve this problem if your bathroom has multiple entry points.

Another concept to consider is designing the bathroom with an enclosed toilet or shower. With this layout, bathroom cabinetry becomes the common area while allowing a second door to be shut for privacy. With a spacious double sink, more than one person can utilize this shared space for brushing their teeth or blow-drying their hair, while another individual can use the private space. This set up maximizes privacy while also keeping functionality in mind. This works especially well if the “His-and-Her” bathroom is in one space or you intend for it to be used by your children or guests.

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7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

When you own a home, you never know what might arise. From hanging pictures to common home repairs, here are the seven tools every homeowner should own — whether you’re a DIY pro or a complete novice.


Hammers and Nails: Perhaps the most vital addition to any toolbox, hammers drive nails into wood and walls, and can also pull nails out when necessary. A hammer’s size should match the nail and the job at hand, so it’s best to have a heavy-duty claw hammer as well as a pin hammer for smaller tasks. With that said, it’s smart to keep a variety of nail sizes in your arsenal as well, from box nails to brads.


Tape Measure: This flexible, retractable ruler really goes the distance, whether you’re determining an area rug size or adding tile flooring to a back patio. Choose a tape measure that is at least 25 feet, so that it is long enough to reach any place in the home or yard that needs accurate measuring. Look for features like a lightweight, compact design, a locking mechanism, and a clip for easily portability.


Screwdrivers: When it comes to changing out a switch plate or tightening hardware on all wood cabinetry, screwdrivers are the go-to tool. Make sure you have a variety of sizes and screwdriver types at your disposal, such as Phillips, Slotted, Square, Clutch, and Pozi-driv, or invest in a screwdriver that comes with interchangeable heads. Each serve a different purpose, and all are handy for common home repair needs.


Cordless Drill: When you need more power, skip the manual screwdriver and reach for a rechargeable cordless drill with a variety of drill bits. A good cordless drill may cost a few pennies, but it’s an important tool every homeowner should own. Click here for a list of the best cordless drills of 2019 from Consumer Reports.


Pliers: When you need to get a grip, a good set of pliers should do the trick. Whether it’s channel-lock pliers for a plumbing issue, needle-nose pliers for tight spaces, or electrician’s pliers when you need to cut or strip wires, this handy tool is another must-have for any homeowner.


Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench has a moveable jaw to fit whatever size nut you are are tightening or loosening. Whether you’re fixing a wobbly table leg or adding new knobs and pulls to your all wood cabinetry, this is one tool you’ll want to include in your toolbox.


Level: Levels are important when you need to make sure something is hung straight, such as a floating shelf or picture frame on the wall. Keep one (and the other tools on this list) at the ready for whatever home repair and home improvement tasks that may come up. And don’t forget a good pair of safety goggles!


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4 Home Remodeling Rules To Break

When it comes to remodeling your home, it may feel like there are a lot of design rules to follow. With so many do’s and don’ts, you may even be hesitant to get started for fear of making a mistake. Don’t let the expectations of others get in the way of updating your home the way you want it. In fact, here are four rules that you should actually break.

1. Always take the advice of a professional.

You definitely won’t get the same opinion from one remodeling project planner to the next. Most professionals have their own preferences and recommendations, and there’s a good chance they don’t align with those of their colleagues. If you consult with a professional and you don’t agree with their opinion — don’t take it! Consult with another remodeling project planner and get a second opinion. Just because the person giving you advice is a licensed contractor, doesn’t mean they wrote the rulebook of remodeling.

2. Contemporary and classic styles don’t mix.

If people only wanted strictly traditional bathrooms or ultra contemporary kitchens, then there would be no modern farmhouse trend or transitional themes. If you like — or don’t like — certain key elements found in traditional or contemporary kitchens, there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up and meeting somewhere in between. Whether you’re dealing with an older home or new construction, you can most certainly find a comfortable, happy medium that reflects your personal style.

3. Keep the original design of your home.

Just because a room’s original use was a living room doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a dining room. It’s your home now, so you have full rein to scrap the original blueprint and come up with one of your own. Homeowners sometimes feel boxed in by the layout as it is and forget that they have the power to utilize their space however they please. So feel free to turn that spare bedroom into a home office or TV room.


4. Don’t make bold statements in small spaces.

We’ve always been told to simplify a small space to make it feel larger and more open. But bigger doesn’t always have to be the goal. If you love the look of bright colors or detailed prints in your guest bath — go for it! Making a statement in a small space is your call to make. With the right approach, you can absolutely find a way to bring these kinds of vivid elements into the room, no matter how limited the square footage may be.


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How to Mix Open Shelving with Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens that feature a combination of open shelving and closed cabinets are becoming increasingly popular. If you don’t like the idea of hiding all of your kitchen items behind closed doors or having to clutter your counters, then mixing open shelving with your kitchen cabinets may be the perfect design solution for you.

Not only does this mix add a fresh look, providing some open spaces and additional areas to display your unique style, but it’s also practical for storage and creating additional space.

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas

Would you love to use open shelving in your kitchen but aren’t sure how to best incorporate them with your cabinets so that your kitchen has a uniform, polished look? Check out the open shelving kitchen ideas below to inspire your creativity.

  1. 1. Add Shelving in Select Spaces

To incorporate some shelves, you can remove some upper cabinets and replace them with shelves. Shelves are also great to place in otherwise hard-to-reach areas, making them more accessible.

You can also install an open shelf across a window. This will enable you to create additional storage space without having to give up the coveted natural light that comes through the window.

  1. 2. Place Items You Use Daily on Open Shelves

Keeping items you use frequently on open shelves provides easy access to them when you need them and also makes it easy for guests to grab what they need without having to search through cabinets.

For example, bowls, plates and mugs are ideal for storing on shelves, while items that aren’t used often, such as vases, can be kept in cabinets or on the tops of cabinets.

  1. 3. Mix in Decor Items on Your Shelves

Have fun mixing in some of your favorite objects on your open shelves as well. Display cherished accessories, art and framed photos to add some personality and color to your kitchen’s overall design.

  1. 4. Match Shelves to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Matching shelves to your kitchen cabinets provides a cohesive and uncluttered look. For example, if you have all white kitchen cabinets, you can choose to go with all white shelves and if you have slate grey cabinets (as pictured above), slate grey shelving provides a rich look.

However, if you want to add in pops of color in an elegant way, you can go with colored shelves that complement your cabinets and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your kitchen decor. Or, stick with one color for both cabinets and shelves, and be deliberate about displaying colorful items on your shelves. For example, colorful mugs, bowls and accessories will add beauty, color and personality to your kitchen in a subtle way.

  1. 5. Add Fun Design Elements

Open shelves provide the opportunity to add interesting design elements to a space. For example, you can paint the wall or use decorative wallpaper behind the shelves to add color or incorporate a fun pattern. You might also want to accessorize the shelves with different types of brackets and hanging systems to blend in other design elements.

The combination of open shelves and cabinets is ideal for kitchens but also works beautifully in other spaces, particularly mud rooms and bathrooms! If you need help designing a mix of open shelving and cabinets in your kitchen or another area of your home, use our free online room design tool to get started creating a modern, functional space with storage solutions that work best for you.

Design Tips For A Summer-Inspired Dream Bathroom Renovation

Embrace the sunniest of seasons all year long with a dreamy bathroom renovation. These summer-inspired design tips will help you create an airy, spa-like space worthy of Pinterest or your favorite home magazine cover.


Even the dreamiest rooms have a functional purpose.

7-16-19 WLC2-Signature Vanilla Glaze Bath

We all know just how vital bathrooms are in the home. With that said, bathrooms also need to be able to hold extra rolls of toilet paper, fluffy towels, and lots of other toiletry odds and ends. That is why storage is so important. Bathroom cabinetry is more than the beautiful focal point of your space. From the sinks and vanity top to the doors below, bathroom cabinetry allows you to store and organize essentials while keeping unsightly clutter at bay.

This summer, maximize your storage space with the help of Willow Lane Cabinetry’s free room design service. Start by browsing our vast selection of bathroom cabinetry online. Once you select the style and finish that suits your home and personal style, we will help bring your dream bathroom to life with a custom layout, photorealistic renderings, and an itemized list of what you need for your dream bathroom renovation and what it will cost.

When designing a summer-inspired dream bathroom, it’s all in the details.

7-16-19 WLC3-Black And White Pebbled Tumbled Pattern

Now that you’ve decided on a bathroom cabinetry style and finish, it’s time to add those custom touches that result in a magazine-quality look. Summer style is light and airy, so consider adding in a few glass front cabinet doors to your room design. Summer-inspired woven baskets are the perfect storage solution for open shelving behind glass panels. Finish the look with pretty cabinet pulls and matching bath hardware.

While hardwood floors epitomize the natural beauty of the season, they are not a practical choice for wet areas like the bathroom. Instead, opt for durable, water-resistant wood-look tile to achieve the aesthetic without the worry. Speaking of tile, a dream bathroom is not complete without a bit of backsplash tile. Summery styles from Willow Lane Cabinetry include colorful Cristezza Club Glass, classic white subway tile, and Carrara marble in a hexagon, herringbone or basketweave pattern. Or add a touch of the outdoors with our uniquely lovely Black and White Pebbled Tumbled Pattern.

Summer is the perfect time of year to make your dream bathroom a reality. In addition to new bathroom cabinetry from Willow Lane Cabinetry, a cheerful summer color palette will help to set the tone and complete your bathroom renovation. Need more inspiration? Click here to learn about the best summer color trends to try at home in 2019, from Good Housekeeping.


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5 Details Buyers Look For When Purchasing A Home

When it comes to what buyers want when purchasing a new home, there are a few details that stand out the most. Whether you are the owner of an investment property or thinking of selling your home soon, here are five features that will help you sell your home faster.

1. High-End Kitchen

Buyers are quickly mesmerized when they walk into a home and find new all wood cabinetry and an updated high-end kitchen.

If your home is lacking kitchen appeal, consider making some cosmetic updates that will be more attractive to buyers. When a buyer feels like they are walking into a time machine, it is usually a turn off. Modern all wood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and a fresh color palette can make a huge difference.

In addition to new cabinets, minor changes like painting walls, installing a kitchen backsplash, or replacing light fixtures and hardware can also improve the look and feel of your kitchen. There’s no need to embark on a complete demolition to make your kitchen feel like a high-end kitchen.

2. New Appliances

New appliances are another detail that today’s buyers want most. Old appliances date the home while new appliances will instantly make your property feel more modern. When homebuyers see shiny new appliances, they get a little sparkle in their eye as well.

Homebuyers also like to see that your home is energy efficient, because this will translate into lower utility bills. If you are going to replace your appliances before selling your property, opt for energy efficient models.

7-12-19 WLC2-Union White Laundry Room


3. Separate Laundry Room

An organized place to sort, clean and fold clothes may seem insignificant compared to other details in the home — but it is actually one of the most wanted features for buyers. This is good news to homeowners, because updating a laundry room is a relatively small-scale project in terms of cost. Be sure to include cabinets for storing laundry essentials and a place to hang dry clothing.

If your home doesn’t already boast a separate laundry room, a basement or garage is a good place to set one up. First, these spaces are probably relatively empty. And second, you likely already have utility lines there. These logical perks can help make the project easy and inexpensive. Converting a hallway closet into a laundry room is another common way to achieve a private laundry room when you have limited space.


4. Well-Maintained Backyard

Does your home have a backyard with a deck or patio? This is a major selling point for potential homebuyers. Especially if the area is maintained and well landscaped. Before showing your property, make sure your yard is on par, whether that’s simply adding some new sod or a few flowers and plants.

Potential buyers will envision what life would be like with a backyard of their own to enjoy. They might dream up an outdoor kitchen for entertaining or a place for their kids to play. Either way, a little investment in your landscaping could help your home sell faster.

7-12-19 WLC3-Barnwood Gray Wood-Look Tile Flooring


5. Wood-Look Floors

Most people prefer hardwood floors to carpeting, so having this feature in your home is definitely a plus. However, genuine hardwood floors can be expensive. Smart homeowners turn to wood-look tile or luxury vinyl to achieve the same look for less. In fact, many buyers prefer these options to genuine hardwood floors because they are more resistant to water, scratches, and stains.


Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

3 Home Trends To Embrace This Summer

Some trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change, but there are the rare few that seem to become instant classics. You may have noticed them popping up on magazine covers, Pinterest, and your favorite home design shows this year. While some are subtle, most are hard to miss.


Now that summer is upon us, it’s high time you incorporate a few in your own home. From light and airy contemporary kitchens, to aesthetic touches that elevate your space, here are a few home trends to embrace this summer for that magazine quality look.


Natural Materials & Textures

Whether you love to soak up the sun or prefer to spend your days in the comfort of your air-conditioned home, bring a bit of the outdoors in with the help of natural materials and textures. Details like woven seas grass baskets, jute or sisal area rugs, rattan chairs, driftwood mirrors, wicker lampshades, burlap table runners, cotton throws, bamboo Roman shades, and linen drapes allow homeowners to layer textures for visual interest. Other nods to Mother Nature in the home can include all wood cabinetry, natural stone countertops, and marble backsplash tile. For a low-maintenance, highly durable alternative to hardwood flooring, opt for wood look tile. This ceramic tile offers an earthy, rustic look that’s ideal for use throughout the home — even in wet areas like contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.

Light Finishes & Soft Colors

When it comes to all wood cabinetry, magazine and TV trends lean towards light finishes. You can never wrong with classic white or off-white cabinetry, which always looks clean and fresh. For contemporary kitchens, neutral gray finishes are the ideal alternative to white. Good options include our Midtown Light Grey Shaker collection, or a light and crisp painted finish, like Union Gray. When it comes to walls, summery, soft colors currently rule. Think subtle shades of Blush, Cloud White, Fern Green, Tidewater, and Smoke. Then choose shades a step or two darker on the swatch to accessorize in a trendy, tone-on-tone fashion.


Mixed Metals & Bold Details

Matchy-matchy metal finishes are no longer the rule. Today, it’s perfectly acceptable (and beautiful) to mix metals in contemporary kitchens and throughout the rest of home. Want oil rubber bronze cabinet hardware, a copper sink, and stainless steel appliances? Go for it! Today’s home design allows for greater personalization, and mixed metals are the perfect opportunity to stay right on point. Express your unique style even more through bold details and décor. Need ideas and inspiration? Create an accent wall behind your TV room cabinetry with boldly patterned wallpaper, or add colorful glass tile to the master bath. Embrace these interesting design details for a home that is truly a reflection of you.


Summer is a special season — a time when we throw open the curtains and let the sun shine into our homes. But doing so also shines a light on the things that need updating. If your home looks dated and drab, take inspiration from this list and embrace a few fun and fabulous trends in your home before summer passes you by.



Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Tips For Installing A Summer Outdoor Shower

One of our favorite things about summer is a refreshing outdoor shower after a day at the beach or pool. With the cool breeze and sun shining on your face, there’s really no better feeling. Thankfully, this experience doesn’t have to be reserved for summer vacation. If you have some outdoor space you’ve been looking to optimize, why not bring this little piece of luxury to your home? Installing an outdoor shower is a great summer project, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be rinsing off outside in no time.


Build your outdoor shower with a specific use in mind.

Not everyone wants an outdoor shower for the same reason. You might see it as a quick place for kids to rinse off after playing sports or even a pet spa for your furry friend. Knowing what you will use your outdoor shower for is important before starting the design.

Depending on your goals, you might want more privacy and enclosures — or need a foot faucet in addition to a showerhead. Be sure to brainstorm before you move forward with a build so that you can guarantee your outdoor shower is suited for your needs.

Set your sights close to the water lines.

Plumbing tends to be the biggest obstacle when installing an outdoor shower. If possible, plan your outdoor shower installation close to where you find your existing hot and cold water lines.

Your local plumber should be able to provide you an estimate of the cost and educate you in regards to building code and drainage. Depending on where you live, you may be able to allow drainage to run off into your backyard, but in some circumstances, this could cause a flooding problem. It’s important to consult with a professional whenever plumbing is part of your project.

Keep bathroom cabinets safe from water exposure.

If bathroom cabinet storage is an important component to your outdoor shower, be sure to install them safely away from water flow. While quality bathroom cabinets are moisture-resistant, they are certainly not waterproof.

If you want to keep towels, toiletries, and any other bathroom accessories in arms reach, you’ll appreciate having bathroom cabinet storage near your outdoor shower. Just be mindful when selecting their spot in your design plan.

Another good tip is to only use environmentally friendly shampoos and soaps. You don’t want your outdoor shower to negatively impact your backyard and the surrounding land.

7-5-19 WLC3-Black And White Pebbled Tumbled Pattern


Select the best materials for your outdoor shower.

Which materials you use for your outdoor shower may differ depending on where you live. Some regions are exposed to more rain or cold than others, so be sure to take into consideration what weather conditions are like in your area all year long.

Popular materials for an outdoor shower include stainless steel and wood. Stainless steel is a good option for fittings because you can find marine-grade quality that is mold-resistant. Wood works really well as a flooring material in an outdoor shower because water can pass through easily and it provides good grip when standing. Or consider frost-resistant tile that is safe for outdoor use, like this naturally beautiful black and white tumbled pebble pattern from Willow Lane Cabinetry.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

How To Hand Wash And Hang Dry Your Summer Laundry

There is nothing like the fresh-air scent of clean laundry clipped to a clothesline on a hot summer day. If this thought makes you nostalgic for the sunny days of your childhood, when your family hand-washed bathing suits, linen shirts, and cotton dresses in a stainless farmhouse sink, you’re not alone! Get back to those classic summer days with these contemporary tips for hand washing and hang drying summer laundry.


Start by sorting your laundry.

In addition to hampers for your machine washables, keep baskets next to your laundry room cabinetry for the items you want to wash by hand. You’ll need at least two baskets to sort your laundry by color. Don’t mix dark and lights colors, unless you want that red bikini to bleed all over your favorite white sundress or t-shirt. Be mindful of care instructions on garment labels and color fastness before you begin. Check and empty all pockets, pretreat any stains, and check this handy pre-laundry checklist from Better Homes and Gardens.

Stock your laundry room cabinetry with summer essentials.

While washing your laundry by hand takes a little more time and effort, it’s well worth it to keep fabrics looking like new. When hand-washing delicate summer items like bathing suits, you should keep gentle detergents on hand in your laundry room cabinetry. Many brands are offering plant-based detergents in summery scents, like Tide Pureclean in Honey Lavender or Seventh Generation laundry detergent in Fresh Citrus. You can also opt for unscented soap and let Mother Nature sweetly scent your clothing, or make your own laundry detergent with this recipe from DIYNatural.


Follow the steps to hand wash and hang dry your summer laundry.

Fill a tub or stainless farmhouse sink with cool water and about a teaspoon of mild detergent. Once good and sudsy, submerge and soak your garments. With your hands, lightly swish the garments using an up and down and side to side motion. Once you are satisfied that the garments are clean, drain the water and rinse thoroughly until all the soap is gone, or repeat by soaking the garments again in clean water. Do not wring out delicate, “hand wash only” items. Instead, roll in a clean, dry towel to remove excess water. Lay flat to dry, or hang outside in the sunshine, and enjoy that fresh-air scent!

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!