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5 Details Buyers Look For When Purchasing A Home

When it comes to what buyers want when purchasing a new home, there are a few details that stand out the most. Whether you are the owner of an investment property or thinking of selling your home soon, here are five features that will help you sell your home faster.

1. High-End Kitchen

Buyers are quickly mesmerized when they walk into a home and find new all wood cabinetry and an updated high-end kitchen.

If your home is lacking kitchen appeal, consider making some cosmetic updates that will be more attractive to buyers. When a buyer feels like they are walking into a time machine, it is usually a turn off. Modern all wood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and a fresh color palette can make a huge difference.

In addition to new cabinets, minor changes like painting walls, installing a kitchen backsplash, or replacing light fixtures and hardware can also improve the look and feel of your kitchen. There’s no need to embark on a complete demolition to make your kitchen feel like a high-end kitchen.

2. New Appliances

New appliances are another detail that today’s buyers want most. Old appliances date the home while new appliances will instantly make your property feel more modern. When homebuyers see shiny new appliances, they get a little sparkle in their eye as well.

Homebuyers also like to see that your home is energy efficient, because this will translate into lower utility bills. If you are going to replace your appliances before selling your property, opt for energy efficient models.

7-12-19 WLC2-Union White Laundry Room


3. Separate Laundry Room

An organized place to sort, clean and fold clothes may seem insignificant compared to other details in the home — but it is actually one of the most wanted features for buyers. This is good news to homeowners, because updating a laundry room is a relatively small-scale project in terms of cost. Be sure to include cabinets for storing laundry essentials and a place to hang dry clothing.

If your home doesn’t already boast a separate laundry room, a basement or garage is a good place to set one up. First, these spaces are probably relatively empty. And second, you likely already have utility lines there. These logical perks can help make the project easy and inexpensive. Converting a hallway closet into a laundry room is another common way to achieve a private laundry room when you have limited space.


4. Well-Maintained Backyard

Does your home have a backyard with a deck or patio? This is a major selling point for potential homebuyers. Especially if the area is maintained and well landscaped. Before showing your property, make sure your yard is on par, whether that’s simply adding some new sod or a few flowers and plants.

Potential buyers will envision what life would be like with a backyard of their own to enjoy. They might dream up an outdoor kitchen for entertaining or a place for their kids to play. Either way, a little investment in your landscaping could help your home sell faster.

7-12-19 WLC3-Barnwood Gray Wood-Look Tile Flooring


5. Wood-Look Floors

Most people prefer hardwood floors to carpeting, so having this feature in your home is definitely a plus. However, genuine hardwood floors can be expensive. Smart homeowners turn to wood-look tile or luxury vinyl to achieve the same look for less. In fact, many buyers prefer these options to genuine hardwood floors because they are more resistant to water, scratches, and stains.


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