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The Top Home Interior Colors Of 2021

If you are planning a high-end kitchen remodel in the new year, or are looking to give your living spaces a fresh dose of color, you may be wondering where to start. Dark blue is still right on point as we head into 2021, but this rich hue has some good company. Here are the top interior colors of 2021 to infuse your home with style.

Illuminating and Ultimate Gray: The Color Combo Of The Year

In January, the color experts at Pantone picked not one, but two gorgeous shades as their Color of the Year for 2021. This dynamic duo is a “marriage of color conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting,” according to Pantone. PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is a cheerful, vibrant yellow with a positive and optimistic vibe. Paired with this bright and energetic color is the more subtle PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray. Like pebbles on a beach, this serene, timeless shade offers a solid foundation that strikes a perfect balance when teamed with Illuminating as an accent color. Together, this combo helps to create a warm and inspiring interior and would be right at home in a modern kitchen design.

Urbane Bronze: A Hue Rooted In Nature

Soothing neutrals are here to stay, from soft shades of creamy beige, green and gray, to moody dark blue, brown and charcoal. These colors are rooted in nature and help to create a more liveable and comfortable interior that will never go out of style. With that said, Urbane Bronze SW 7048 was the natural choice when Sherwin Williams picked their 2021 Color of the Year. Refined yet down-to-earth, this tranquil shade has an organic feel, and is the greige of choice for homeowners who want a bit of bold contrast against crisp white cabinets and trim. This color also works beautifully with the mixed metal trend, from oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulls, to stainless steel appliances, hoods and kitchen sinks.

Aegean Teal: Celebrate The Simple Pleasures
There’s a reason Benjamin Moore chose Aegean Teal 2136-40 for its 2021 Color of the Year. This versatile hue is perfect for a coastal-themed bathroom, a contemporary home office, or the trendy farmhouse style of modern kitchen design. As a neutral shade of blue-green, it offers a pop of color that is both chic and comfortable. Like a cozy bed with rumpled sheets, enjoying a warm cup of coffee in the kitchen on a lazy Saturday morning, or the scent of laundry fresh out of the dryer, this color feels like home wherever you decide to use it.

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How To Strike The Perfect Design Balance In A Transitional Home

Some people love an ultra modern kitchen design. Others prefer a completely traditional home and color palette. A transitional design aesthetic falls somewhere between contemporary and classic. But how do you successfully blend the past with the present in a fresh and liveable way?

Some of the most on-point interior design styles fall into this category, such as Modern Farmhouse, Coastal Chic, or Rustic Industrial. These trends strike the perfect balance between old and new, and incorporate the key elements needed for a well-appointed transitional home. Read on to learn more.


Contemporary cabinets come in a variety of styles and kitchen cabinet finishes that help to set the foundation for your interior space. Sleek, Euro style doors are a staple of modern kitchen design, while raised panel doors epitomize the traditional look. With that said, Shaker cabinets and recessed panel doors are the perfect compromise, whether in the kitchen, or throughout the home.


Transitional kitchen cabinet finishes run the gamut from crisp white and creamy vanilla to gorgeous shades of grey and dark espresso. Opt for a monochromatic look, accessorize with a high-contrast, two-tone kitchen island, or pair clean-lined Shaker cabinets with glass front doors and decorative moldings and corbels. With a transitional aesthetic, it’s okay to have a bit of fun with your room design, and let your unique personality show.


Certain color palettes are unmistakably modern or traditional. A transitional interior takes a more subtle and timeless approach, relying on serene shades of white, grey, taupe, tan, and brown. Starting with a light, neutral color schemeallows you to be playful with your furniture and decor choices, and affords the opportunity to layer in transitional textures and trendy accent colors whenever you desire a change.


To strike the perfect balance with your decor, take a minimalist approach — and choose wisely. A potted houseplant, a grouping of simple metal frames with family photos, and a natural fiber area rug (wool, sisal, jute) can go a long way without overwhelmingly leaning towards one style or another. Dress your windows simply with clean-lined drapes, bamboo or Roman shades, or louvered shutters. From there, feel free to personalize your space with designer fabrics, wall art, lighting, and other unique touches from yesterday and today.


When furnishing your home in a transitional style, there are fewer design rules to follow. Just be sure to balance heirloom antiques and bespoke vintage finds with newer, contemporary pieces to ensure a mix of curved and straight lines. It’s perfectly acceptable to pair an industrial coffee table with Shaker cabinets and an overstuffed, rolled arm sofa in the TV room, as long as the end result is comfortable and cohesive.


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How To Find The Perfect Color Palette For Your Home

Color surrounds us and has the power to transform the feel of your living space with the stroke of a brush or swipe of a roller. If you are building a new house or are looking to give an existing interior a fresh start, you may be wondering what hues are most suited for your unique home. Like sorting through the options in kitchen cabinet finishes, it can be difficult to make a decision for your walls and decor. If your kitchen island countertop is covered in paper paint swatches and you are completely unsure of how to choose, here are some tips to help you find the perfect color palette for your home.

Looking Towards Trends

The new year is still months away, but the color experts at Sherwin Williams are already predicting what the top paint colors for 2021 will be, with a focus on warm neutrals, earthy hues, jewel tones, and contemporary colors that are right on point. To see how these and other paint colors will look in your home without having to buy numerous paint samples, visit the Sherwin Williams website and try their ColorSnap Visualizer. This online tool lets you upload a photo of your home’s interior and virtually paint your walls. If you received a photorealistic rendering through our Free Room Design service when shopping for custom cabinets, you know how helpful it can be to actually see what your space will look like before you begin making changes.

A Neutral Color Palette

If you prefer a neutral palette, start with your favorite shade of white, beige, or gray for the walls that complements your cabinetry, flooring and furnishings. For a trendy tone-on-tone look, layer textures to add visual interest, such as natural fiber area rugs, organic woven fabrics, chunky knit throws, brushed metallic elements, and bamboo Roman shades. Go a step or two up or down the color swatch for an accent wall, and add a well-placed pop of color through a statement furniture piece or throw pillows and other accessories. Like white custom cabinets in the kitchen, a classic, neutral palette is always in style. It is ideal for homeowners who like a light and soothing look and enjoy swapping out accent colors and decor with the seasons.

Working With A Favorite Hue

When working with colors, limit yourself to three to create a cohesive look. Start with your favorite hue, dark blue for example, and build your palette around your choice. Pair your color with a neutral tone. Then, add a complementary color on the color wheel for contrast. Here are a few rules to consider when working with color:

  • Cool colors, like green, purple, and the aforementioned dark blue, can be considered neutral and help to create a calming vibe in an entryway, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, or TV room.
  • Red, orange, and yellow have a warmer color temperature, and tend to create a more energetic space most suited for a kitchen or home office.
  • Dark colors on walls can be cozy when used judiciously, while lighter colors create a spacious, airy environment throughout the entire home.
  • Bold, hot hues are best reserved as an accent color in your palette, while softer colors with gray or cream undertones are ideal for walls.
  • When in doubt, research how color affects your mood to make sure your palette is liveable for you and your family long-term.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free, plus all the accessories needed to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

3 Autumn-Inspired Additions That Add Warmth To Your Home

Are you dreaming of rich kitchen cabinet finishes, luxurious home details, and a color palette as lovely as the falling leaves outside? If fall is your favorite season, here are three autumn-inspired additions that will surely add warmth to your home and help to create a more welcoming spatial design for seasons to come.

All Wood Cabinetry And Seasonal Colors

Rustic kitchen cabinets and other all wood cabinetry options for the home set the stage for autumn-inspired decor. Rich kitchen cabinet finishes like Nutmeg Twist, Regency Spiced Glaze, and Midtown Dark Grey Shaker pair beautifully with the deep purple, red, orange, yellow and brown hues that epitomize this beloved time of year, and serve as a starting point for layering warm, seasonal touches throughout the home.

Warm Metallic Elements With Timeless Autumn Appeal

Metallic decor is having a moment, from decadent brass light fixtures to glistening gold wallpaper. While some elements are undeniably trendy, others have a timeless appeal that complements an autumn-inspired interior design aesthetic. Classic examples include bronze vessel sinks atop all wood cabinetry in the bathroom, decorative  knobsand pulls to match rustic kitchen cabinets, and hammered copper kitchen sinks with on-point texture and color.

Durable Materials That Are Warm To The Touch

While decorative accessories like plush wool area rugs and chunky knit blankets in the TV room, thick comforters in the bedroom, and fluffy towels in the bathroom help to add an extra touch of comfort during the colder months, there are more permanent and literal ways to warm your home year round.

Durable materials like rigid core vinyl plank flooring and acrylic solid surface countertops are quite literally warm to the touch and can accompany a wide variety of home and kitchen cabinet finishes. Acrylic solid surface countertops are the only material that can include an integrated sink, creating a seamless appearance in the kitchen. Luxury vinyl flooring is impervious to water damage while realistically mimicking the look of hardwood, making it a stylish and smart choice for use throughout the entire home.

If you are dreaming of a redesign and are looking to add warmth to your home this autumn, be sure to shop our Labor Day Sale, August 28th – September 7th, online at Willow Lane Cabinetry!


Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free, plus all the accessories needed to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Breathtaking Details For A Beautiful Open Concept Living Space

There is a lot to love about an open concept floor plan. Bright, airy and spacious, this contemporary approach to home building starts with a welcoming entryway. From there, the home opens up into a visually seamless great room that typically includes a kitchen, dining room, and family/TV room. But how do you successfully design an open concept living space?

An open concept floor plan is undeniably appealing, but also requires careful planning, whether you are building a new home or tackling a renovations checklist. Without walls to divide each distinct area, it is important to keep your interior design both cohesive and clutter-free. From color choices to custom cabinets, here are a few breathtaking details to consider when creating a beautiful open concept living space.

Choosing an open concept color scheme.

As we mentioned earlier, an open concept floor plan is visually seamless. Therefore, you need to choose your colors wisely. Jumping from one bold color to the next can be jarring, so it’s best to find one liveable hue and go from there. Most interior designers would recommend sticking with a neutral palette of white, beige or soft grey for walls. These subtle colors suit an open concept floor plan and help to create a serene blank canvas that allows you to be creative with your decor. Swapping out the TV room throw pillows with the seasons? Why not! Two-tone custom cabinets? No problem. To add visual interest without being overly busy, you could also opt for an accent wall in a favorite hue, or just a step or two up the color swatch for a dynamic, monochromatic look in the same color family. When decorating an open concept home, stick to one or two complementary shades and carry your color scheme throughout each area for continuity. The same holds true for matching kitchen cabinet finishes when installing TV room cabinetry.

Finding the best flooring for an open concept living space.

Again, the goal is to create a visually seamless space when building an open concept home or tackling a renovations checklist. Many homeowners love the look of hardwood flooring, but it’s not always the best choice for wet areas like the kitchen. That is why tile flooring is so popular in kitchen design. But installing tile in the kitchen and hardwood in the TV room and dining room creates a two-tone visual divide in an open concept space (aka an ugly line running right in the middle of your great room). For a breathtaking (and functional) solution, why not consider luxury vinyl planks or wood-look tile. These durable flooring options are impervious to water damage, low-maintenance, and realistically mimic the beauty of hardwood, offering homeowners the ultimate solution for this common design dilemma. Luxury vinyl planks or wood-look tile can be seamlessly installed in the entire open concept living area and throughout the home.

More breathtaking details for a beautiful open concept living space:

  • Reflect light around a great room with glass front cabinet doors, and/or mirrors.
  • Keep it classy by pairing custom cabinets with natural stone countertops.
  • Apron front kitchen sinks add an extra touch of visual interest.
  • Include a large kitchen island in your design to discreetly designate the kitchen area.
  • Complete your kitchen with a tile backsplash.
  • Install inside cabinet accessories to help reduce clutter.
  • Define spaces with coordinating area rugs and window treatments.
  • Create intimate, comfortable seating arrangements.
  • Add architectural details like crown molding and wainscotting.
  • Enhance your lighting with canned fixtures, pendants, large windows and skylights.

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Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free, plus all the accessories needed to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Potted Plants: The Greenery You Need Above Your Cabinets

Many kitchens have that awkward space above the cabinets that, let’s face it, many of us just aren’t sure what to do with. Do we leave it alone, go crazy with knick-knacks or use it as storage for things we almost never use? One avenue to consider is filling your above-cabinet space with potted plants. This is a fresh and creative way to add a little color and life to your space. Take a look at a few of our favorite ideas.

For Minimal Space

If the space between your cabinets and the ceiling is short, low-light plants are a great option. Tucked just above the cabinets, these plants add a natural and vibrant accent to any space. If you want to add a little more color, think colored pots! Remember to take measurements before you purchase your plants. Another thing to think about when choosing houseplants for your space: consider their future growth. Plants that grow on a vine are an excellent choice for a short space.

Plants for the Non-Green Thumb

You know the type – every year, you try to keep a plant or two alive, and every year, you succumb to the guilt that you killed another one. We’re here to tell you about great (and foolproof) plants for that space above your cabinet – that anyone can keep alive. And they look good, too! Give these a go: Aloe Vera; Aluminum Plant; Chinese Evergreens; White Jasmine; English Ivy; Cast Iron Plant; Spider Plant, and African Spear.

Plants that Clean the Air

If you’d love to detox and purify the air a little, there are countless plants to get the job done. Since we’re thinking above-the-cabinet potted plants, we’re sharing our favorite plants that are low-light, easy-care and beneficial to the air quality of your home: Areca Palm; Philodendron; Dracaena (unless you have pets – these are poisonous to dogs and cats); Weeping Fig; Peace Lily; Rubber Plant; Bamboo Palm, and Snake Plant, to name a few.

Read our other post about air purifying houseplants.

Mix and Match… or Not

One of the best things about potted plants – the pots! They can add color, shape and texture to your space. Don’t worry about matching the pots – pots in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures add interest to your plant display. By livening up your potted plants, you can create a fun and fresh effect in the room.

One Last Thought: We recommend placing waterproof trays under your potted plants to reduce the risk of moisture damage and mold to your cabinets.

Complement Your Kitchen Cabinets with the Perfect Backsplash

Want to upgrade the look of your kitchen without doing a complete remodel or having a huge expense? One of the easiest ways to achieve a designer look on a budget is to install a backsplash that complements your kitchen cabinets.  Below are a few top tips on how to choose the perfect backsplash for your cabinets.


One rule of thumb when deciding on a backsplash that’s perfect for your kitchen design is to match the material of the tile to the overall style of your kitchen cabinets.

For example, if your cabinets have a more modern feel, you’ll want to avoid a rustic-looking tile and go with a metallic, shiny backsplash, for example. But if your cabinets have a darker stain and are more rustic, choose a backsplash with more of a worn look, such as brick, natural stone or even one with an antique brass finish.


Another important backsplash choice is color – or lack of color. The two primary options that you can’t go wrong with are:

  1. Choosing a neutral tile that harmonizes well with your cabinets, such as the timeless all-white kitchen look with white cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash.
  2. Choosing a tile that adds a bold and contrasting splash of color or a patterned or mosaic design to add a pop of personality to an otherwise neutral space.

Neutral tiles are always a smart choice because they help any kitchen feel more open, clean and spacious. But don’t be afraid to use your backsplash as an opportunity to add more color to your kitchen in an unobtrusive way! Just make sure the color doesn’t clash with your cabinets and the backsplash will bring a welcome touch of style.


In addition to complementing your kitchen cabinets, it’s also important that your backsplash complements your countertops. Typically, the busier your countertops are, the more neutral you want your backsplash to be – and vice-versa.

Have a neutral countertop? Then you can play around more with backsplash options and let your backsplash design be a decorative focal point in your kitchen. If your countertops are the star of the room and have dramatic veining or color variation, opt for a solid-colored backsplash that won’t overwhelm it.

Consider New Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets are too old and outdated, you might want to consider getting new cabinets along with a new backsplash. The bonus? When shopping for brand new kitchen cabinets, finding the perfect backsplash will be hassle-free!

Need help finding the right backsplash for your kitchen? Or thinking about getting new cabinets along with a backsplash? We offer customized kitchen cabinetry solutions that will help you design your dream kitchen. Get started today by using our free online kitchen room design tool.

Trends in Natural Wood Cabinets

There’s something to be said for beautifully crafted natural wood cabinets left in their original (or close to it) state. Whether you’re thinking country kitchen, beachside cottage, New England rustic farmhouse or urban city chic, set your home apart with natural wood cabinets. From showcasing a kitchen island to enveloping an entire room, the following trends in natural wood cabinets are sure to make you swoon.

Country Kitchen Natural Wood Cabinets

One of the most eye-catching ideas homeowners love is to renovate your kitchen space with minimalist, unpainted and unfinished natural wood cabinets. Wood cabinets not only add natural warmth to kitchens of every size and style, but they also add a natural and cozy aesthetic to the busiest room in the house. Choose from dark, medium, and light wood kitchen cabinets made from oak, walnut, fir, cherry wood and more. Slab-front, full-overlay natural cabinet doors can give a fresh and clean look to your space.

Beachside Cottage Natural Wood Cabinets

Bathed in calming neutrals, your beachside cottage will spring to life and make a statement with natural wood cabinets. Selecting a neutral color for your cottage’s kitchen cabinetry will soften your space. For that extra beachside feel, create an airy kitchen with a combination of natural wood and white décor to give your room a contemporary yet cozy feel. Woods to consider can include white oak, pecky cypress, maple, ash and reclaimed wood, Another thought… Shaker-style cabinets!

Get more chic ideas for a coastal interior!

New England Rustic Farmhouse Natural Wood Cabinets

Unpretentious, functional, straightforward and down-home cozy. Who doesn’t love a farmhouse kitchen? If it’s time for a renovation and you’re thinking about adding a little cozy farmhouse style to your space, a fun idea to incorporate is natural wood cabinets with a classic white farmhouse sink and natural wood butcher block countertops. Talk about New England rustic! Choose from red oak, poplar, maple, mahogany – or even plywood! Add in a little handcrafted, rustic décor to really go for it!

Urban City Chic Natural Wood Cabinets

There’s no denying that urban city chic style is hot and trendy. From loft apartments to two-story penthouses, city chic is in and just about everyone loves it. When it comes to kitchen design, so many ideas come to mind. One idea – custom cerused oak cabinets surrounded by lots of natural light will bring warmth to your kitchen space – no matter how big or small. Other wood choices we love to see include white ash, bleached mahogany, reclaimed wood and plywood. It’s amazing what you can do with plywood!

Blue Hue Cabinets: Ideas to Inspire

If you’re looking for cabinets in a color that pops but isn’t overpowering, you’ll want to check out the array of blue hue cabinets that are available. Bolder than traditional white and wood cabinets, but not so showy that they take away from the rest of the kitchen decor, blue cabinets provide the perfect design balance.

You can go bold with a deep navy blue for a sophisticated look, choose a coastal blue for a more soothing, seaside vibe, or opt for something in between. Whatever your style preference is, you’ll find a blue hue that will create the look and feel you want in your kitchen.

Get inspired with these ideas for incorporating blue cabinets into your kitchen.

Blue Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are a versatile style that works in both traditional and contemporary homes. If you love the look of Shaker, you’ll love how it looks in a light, happy shade of blue. Blue shaker cabinets will transform your kitchen into a space that feels fresh, uplifting and timeless.

Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets provide a modern look and create a unique style. Choose one shade of blue for your top cabinets and another, complementary shade of blue for your bottom cabinets.

One eye-catching combination is minty blue upper cabinets paired with navy blue lower cabinets.

Top or Bottom Blue Cabinets

If you want to incorporate blue hue cabinets into your kitchen but don’t want to go with all blue cabinets, you can opt to use blue for half of your cabinets – either the upper portion or bottom portion – and go with white for the other half.

Aqua blue top cabinets create an artistic vibe that doesn’t take over the kitchen and enables you to maintain a streamlined look. For bottom cabinets, navy is a smart choice that provides an elegant look and feel, especially when paired with marble counters.

Blue Kitchen Island

If you love an all-white kitchen but want to break up the look with a touch of color, consider adding a blue kitchen island. This design option allows you to incorporate just enough blue to make a difference in the overall look and feel of your kitchen, without having to make a huge commitment to the color.

Turquoise Cabinets

If you’re more daring and aren’t afraid to commit to full colored cabinets in a bright blue color, turquoise kitchen cabinets may be a great option for you. Both fun and sophisticated, turquoise cabinets will instantly give new life to your kitchen and create an upbeat, vibrant mood.

No matter which shade of blue cabinets you choose and what type of design you ultimately go with, when you incorporate blue hue cabinets you can be sure your kitchen will have a distinct look and feel that you love.

Meet the Colors of 2016


2016 Color PaletteAccording to Better Homes and Gardens, this year’s hot color palette is both vibrant and subdued, and will leave you dreaming of a tropical beach vacation! Each color is gorgeous on its own, but together they will make quite a happy statement in your home. Perfect for a kitchen, bath, or just about anywhere, the secret to this pairing is a balance of cool and warm tones that are sophisticated with a touch of fun.

Blue Throw BlanketBlue: Ask any Interior Designer or Real Estate Expert and they will tell you the most timeless and popular interior color is blue. To achieve the look of 2016, start with a cool, smoky, mid-tone blue on walls to anchor your space, or opt for neutral walls in cool gray or sandy beige, paired with ocean blue accents and accessories. Think area rugs, throw pillows, blankets and lamps in the living room and bedroom, or natural-fiber linens, fabric valences, pottery canisters, and small appliances in the kitchen.

Roosevelt Dove Gray – Willow Lane CabinetryGray: Cool gray is right on trend, and works well with all styles of decorating, from classic to contemporary. This muted neutral can look dreary if you go too dark, so stick with a silvery light gray with blue or green undertones. Remember, this year’s palette is upbeat and cheerful! Not just for walls, cool gray can also be found in furniture, granite or marble countertops, wood and tile flooring, and beautiful kitchen cabinets, like Roosevelt Dove Gray from Willow Lane Cabinetry.

Green Sea GlassGreen: This neutral brings a touch of nature indoors. The popular green of 2016 is muted and has a hint of blue that pulls it towards the serene aqua color of sea glass. The perfect choice for walls that want a hint of color, this green gives off a spa-like atmosphere when paired with crisp white in a bathroom, and can be a stunning choice for the kitchen, working equally well with most kitchen cabinet finishes.

Pink Coral ReefPink: The right shade of gentle pink can be feminine and classy, without being overtly sweet. Select a cool, pale pink that leans towards light coral or salmon to achieve the look. This pink looks lovely on bedroom walls or incorporated into duvet covers, shams, area rugs and lamps. It is also a natural choice in a foyer or dining room.

Orange CreamsicleOrange: Orange can be energizing without being brash. This year’s zingy color will leave you craving a refreshing, citrusy creamsicle. Add a little or a lot! Include a pinch of orange in bathroom shower curtains and towels, or add a colorful stand mixer or accent wall in the kitchen. This color can be used just about anywhere to liven up a space.

For a look that’s right on point, mix and match these colors to your heart’s desire, being sure to incorporate at least of a touch of all five in the palette. Choose one or two as the dominant colors, for example, gray and blue, and accessorize with a pop of the remaining colors, for example, pink, green and orange.

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