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7 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

When you own a home, you never know what might arise. From hanging pictures to common home repairs, here are the seven tools every homeowner should own — whether you’re a DIY pro or a complete novice.


Hammers and Nails: Perhaps the most vital addition to any toolbox, hammers drive nails into wood and walls, and can also pull nails out when necessary. A hammer’s size should match the nail and the job at hand, so it’s best to have a heavy-duty claw hammer as well as a pin hammer for smaller tasks. With that said, it’s smart to keep a variety of nail sizes in your arsenal as well, from box nails to brads.


Tape Measure: This flexible, retractable ruler really goes the distance, whether you’re determining an area rug size or adding tile flooring to a back patio. Choose a tape measure that is at least 25 feet, so that it is long enough to reach any place in the home or yard that needs accurate measuring. Look for features like a lightweight, compact design, a locking mechanism, and a clip for easily portability.


Screwdrivers: When it comes to changing out a switch plate or tightening hardware on all wood cabinetry, screwdrivers are the go-to tool. Make sure you have a variety of sizes and screwdriver types at your disposal, such as Phillips, Slotted, Square, Clutch, and Pozi-driv, or invest in a screwdriver that comes with interchangeable heads. Each serve a different purpose, and all are handy for common home repair needs.


Cordless Drill: When you need more power, skip the manual screwdriver and reach for a rechargeable cordless drill with a variety of drill bits. A good cordless drill may cost a few pennies, but it’s an important tool every homeowner should own. Click here for a list of the best cordless drills of 2019 from Consumer Reports.


Pliers: When you need to get a grip, a good set of pliers should do the trick. Whether it’s channel-lock pliers for a plumbing issue, needle-nose pliers for tight spaces, or electrician’s pliers when you need to cut or strip wires, this handy tool is another must-have for any homeowner.


Adjustable Wrench: An adjustable wrench has a moveable jaw to fit whatever size nut you are are tightening or loosening. Whether you’re fixing a wobbly table leg or adding new knobs and pulls to your all wood cabinetry, this is one tool you’ll want to include in your toolbox.


Level: Levels are important when you need to make sure something is hung straight, such as a floating shelf or picture frame on the wall. Keep one (and the other tools on this list) at the ready for whatever home repair and home improvement tasks that may come up. And don’t forget a good pair of safety goggles!


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