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4 Fabulous Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen Remodel

When choosing between different types of cabinets, flooring, and countertops, a kitchen remodel can quickly become overwhelming. Especially if you’re not familiar with the options out there. Here, we’ll help you check one item off your to-do list by explaining four of our favorite countertop materials. Each option has something different to offer, and when you finish reading this post, you’ll know which one is right for your home.

  1. Quartzite

8-31-18 WLC2-Calacatta Quartzite Countertop

Quartzite comes from adding heat and pressure to pure quartz sandstone. Though completely natural in form, it had added benefits that other natural materials do not. This metamorphic rock is similar in hardness and durability to granite and often appears on the surface just like marble. Many varieties feature a swirling of white and grey that can almost perfectly mimic marble. The giveaway is that quartzite has a more consistent pattern, but manufactures are getting better at replicating marble’s uniqueness. Also unlike marble, quartzite is pretty easy to maintain. Some varieties even come sealed, and although not always necessary, some homeowners reseal their quartzite every so often to maintain its look.

  1. Acrylic Solid Surface

8-31-18 WLC3-Paramount Acrylic Countertop

Often, a kitchen remodel is put off because the homeowners just can’t afford the hefty cost of remodeling. If keeping your budget low is a priority, acrylic can be a great option for your countertops. This man-made material is very economical, but don’t let its cost fool you. Acrylic has many engineered benefits. It is durable, anti-bacterial, non-porous, stain resistant, and smooth. Compared to other countertop materials, it also offers consistency throughout and is available in a wide range of colors. If you do experience any scratches or damages, you will be able to easily and affordably repair them. You can buff out most minor scratches, and if you do need to call a professional, it won’t break the bank.

  1. Quartz

8-31-18 WLC4-Pavarotti Quartz Countertop

Imagine you could take the best of both natural and engineered materials. That is what was essentially done with the creation of quartz. To the eye, quartz is quite similar to granite, but it has more design consistency than its 100% natural predecessor. As far as durability goes, it is more resistant to scratches, stains, heat, and bacteria than granite, thanks to the addition of man-made materials, and it does not require sealing. Keep reading to learn more about granite and how it compares to quartz.

  1. Granite

8-31-18 WLC5-Depero Granite Countertop

The top attraction of granite is its unique patterns. You will find varieties in white, pink or gray, depending on its mineralogy. But as we know, the durability of a countertop material is as important as its beauty. For a natural stone, granite is pretty durable. This igneous rock is resistant to scratches, heat and stains. The sun won’t damage it either, so granite has the green light for use in outdoor kitchens. Although some styles will come sealed for an extra layer of protection, granite should be resealed periodically to maintain its luster and beauty.

Complete your kitchen remodel at Willow Lane Cabinetry by shopping our professionally installed countertops, plus the many types of cabinets and kitchen accessories we offer.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!




Choose the Right Features for Your Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinetry is an essential part of your kitchen. With the variety of design options, features and materials now available, it’s easy to build custom kitchen cabinets that are highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your style and needs.

Below are a few popular features to consider including when designing your custom kitchen cabinets.

  1. Corner Cabinets with Lazy Susan Turntables

The corner area where two cabinet ends meet often creates an ineffective space that’s inconvenient to use and access. Avoid this hassle by installing corner cabinets with Lazy Susan turntables. You’ll be so glad you did when you can easily access items and get better use out of this space.

  1. Filler Pullout Organizers

If your kitchen has one or more extra-narrow spaces, you can make use of the space by getting a filler pullout organizer. This will create a mini pullout pantry, turning what was once an awkward, unusable space into a practical one that you’ll use every day.

  1. Self-Closing Doors and Drawers

Self-closing cabinet doors and drawers close gently and quietly with only a simple, quick push. If you have cabinets that you have to shove to get closed and that make a loud bang every time they’re closed, you’ll want to look into this option.

  1. Special Purpose Drawers

Cabinet drawers are designed for so many different purposes that it’s easy to find a drawer that was especially created for something you need. For example, if you don’t like to keep your microwave on your countertop or above your stove, you can have an under-the-cabinet microwave drawer installed.

Pullout waste containers store your garbage container in your cabinets, rather than on your floor. This saves valuable floor space, keeps the kitchen less cluttered and keeps your garbage concealed, which is a huge bonus!

  1. Drawer Dividers

Internal drawer dividers, such as a cutlery tray or a spice tray, are lifesavers! They are a simple and inexpensive way to get items in your kitchen drawers organized—and easily keep them that way.

  1. Utility Cabinets

Full height utility cabinets are ideal for storing away mops and brooms in a neat, organized way without taking away from the aesthetics of your kitchen. Plus, since they’ll be within arm’s reach always, it will be super easy to do quick kitchen clean ups whenever you need.

You’ll notice that many of the above features, such as drawer dividers and Lazy Susans, work to increase storage and create an accessible kitchen design. When designing your custom kitchen cabinets, select the features that most appeal to you, that you most need and that you’ll get the most use out of, and you’ll end up with functional, stylish cabinets that you’ll love for years to come.


Ideas for Custom Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming a staple in more and more kitchens because they take care of so many practical needs, while also adding a stylish element to the room. If you’re looking into installing an island in your kitchen or updating an existing one, you’ll find numerous options for kitchen island designs.

To ensure you end up with the island of your dreams, we highly encourage you to consider how you use your kitchen and keep that as your focal point. This will help you determine which specific functions the island will handle and then you can go about customizing it to suit your personal style and most important needs. Let’s take a look at a few popular island designs and ideas.

  1. Custom Cabinets

Cabinets are an excellent way to store kitchen equipment and other items, while keeping them out of sight behind closed doors. Design an island with custom cabinets that will best store the items you want to keep in your island for convenient access, such as pots and pans, bakeware and appliances.

  1. Cook Station

If you plan on doing a lot of actual cooking at your island, you’ll want to include a cooktop and, ideally, a large butcher block, a prep sink and a pullout waste container.

Depending on how many spices you use in your cooking, you may also want to add built-in shallow shelves specifically designed for storing spice jars, so you’ll always have them within easy reach.

  1. Unconventional Shape

While most of us envision a rectangular or square shape when thinking about kitchen islands, keep an open mind when looking at different design options – especially if your kitchen has a unique layout that may not be conducive to a more traditionally shaped island. L-shaped islands are increasing in popularity and bean-shaped islands are a fun alternative, too.

  1. Waterfall Edge Countertop

A waterfall edge countertop – where the countertop extends vertically down the sides of the island – provides a sleek, dramatic look, creating a focal point that constantly draws the eye to the center of the kitchen.

Providing strong, clean lines, a waterfall edge is ideal for contemporary kitchens. Islands with a waterfall counter down one end will create a strong 90-degree angle, while a waterfall edge down both sides of the island creates appealing symmetry.

  1. Open Shelves

Often, the spaces at the ends of islands are overlooked. Be sure to keep this space in mind when customizing your kitchen island so that you can best utilize every aspect of your island. These end spaces can be used to display items you use often, such as coffee mugs and favorite cookbooks, or to add thoughtful, welcoming décor like framed photos or artwork.

  1. Double Up

While installing two islands will certainly not be practical for every kitchen, if you do have the space and the budget, it can be an excellent option. By having two medium-sized islands instead of one larger one, you’ll cut down on unused space in the middle of the kitchen. Also, with the path that’s created between two islands, you’ll be able to move about your kitchen more easily.

A substantial benefit to this set-up is being able to create more efficient work zones. For example, one island can be dedicated to meal prep and/or cooking, while the other can be used for eating meals and snacks, working and, if you have kids, doing homework.

Find creative inspiration from these ideas for custom kitchen islands and tailor them to create an island that will be functional and stylish, while fostering connection with family and friends and bringing you joy and ease when cooking.

8 Reasons To Go Gray With Gorgeous Gray Kitchen Cabinets

In our recent blog, 3 Reasons Why White Cabinets Are A Wonderful Choice, we talked about the universal and timeless appeal of white kitchens. With that said, there are other equally lovely options that offer the neutrality of white — with a little something extra. According to Better Homes & Gardens, “Gray is the neutral of the moment… with no signs of cooling off.”

Don’t be afraid to go gray! Here are gorgeous gray kitchen cabinets that are on point and potentially perfect for your home.

Midtown Shaker

8-28-18 WLC2-Midtown Light Grey Shaker

This sophisticated collection combines the clean, classic lines of Shaker style with a modern gray finish. In addition to dark and white cabinets, Midtown Shaker cabinets come in Dark Gray, Light Gray, or a painted graphite gray finish.

Natural Gray Shaker

Also in the Shaker style, our Natural Gray kitchen cabinets feature a stunning medium-gray stain and full overlay doors. Crafted from solid birch, these cabinets will stand the test of time thanks to a waterborne UV finish by Sherwin Williams.

Heather Gray Shaker

With recessed square panel doors and a lovely gray stain that highlights the natural wood grain, Heather Gray Shaker cabinets have a rustic feel that will warm the heart of the home.

Highland Dove Gray

8-28-18 WLC3-Highland Dove Gray

Painted in an exquisite Sherwin Williams finish, these raised panel cabinets combine traditional elements with contemporary style, making Highland Dove Gray a perfect choice for any space.

Union Gray

With recessed panel doors and a matching drawer fronts, plus a durable catalytic conversion topcoat, our Union Gray kitchen cabinets have a slightly modern touch that is perfect for transitional homes. Pair with Union White cabinets for a trendy, two-tone look.


The Roosevelt collection has options in both a light Dove Gray and a deeper Steel Gray. Well crafted with an exceptional painted finish, these gray kitchen cabinets are classy and quite distinctive.

Society Shaker

The Society Shaker Series comes in several tasteful hues, including Dove Gray and Steel Gray. Both options feature quality craftsmanship, with solid maple doorframes and a full overlay design. Simplicity at its finest.


8-28-18 WLC4-Providence Slate Grey

If you think our Providence White cabinets are wonderful, you should see this collection in Natural Gray or Slate Gray. Made from Eucalyptus Grandis, the entire Providence series is uniquely gorgeous, with beautiful wood graining and a universally appealing recessed square door style.

If you are building or remodeling and are curious to see how gray kitchen cabinets would look in your home, contact the expert designers at Willow Lane Cabinetry and take advantage of our free online kitchen and room design service.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

5 Unique And Beautiful Tile Ideas For The Bathroom

If you’re looking for beautiful tile to complement your bathroom cabinets, we have five unique ideas that will suit a variety of tastes and styles. Whether you need new flooring, countertops or backsplashes, we have the perfect option for your home. Keep scrolling to discover five breathtaking tiles that will transform your bathroom.

  1. Arabescato Carrara 1″ Hexagon Honed Marble Tile

WLC2-Black And White Pebbled

This hexagon-patterned tile looks beautiful on floors, countertops, and walls. The honed marble has a medium sheen, which gives it diversity and the ability to fit well into a range of bathroom designs — especially when coordinating with other tile. Featuring multiple shades of white and gray, this tile has a random variation in tone, which creates an almost whimsical finish when fully installed. It also enhances white, grey, or black bathroom cabinets beautifully. 

  1. Black and White Pebbled Marble Tile

Create a one-of-a-kind look in your bathroom with this truly unique black and white pebbled tile in a tumbled pattern. While it can be used traditionally for flooring, vanity countertops, or as a backsplash, its rare form also makes it the perfect material for accents installed under the bath tub, on a single wall, or in the shower. With an outdoorsy feel, this tile can help you create your perfect tropical oasis indoors or solidify a spa inspired bathroom theme.

  1. Carrara White Basketweave Marble Tile

Not your everyday marble tile, this style incorporates frosty white and grey hues in a breathtaking basketweave pattern. Imported from Italy, it delivers all of the classic elements of Carrara marble with a modern twist. Add visual interest and movement by installing this tile to backsplashes, countertops, and floors. If the alluring design doesn’t catch your eye, the sparkling polished finished surely will.

  1. Dove Gray Arabesque 8mm Mosaic Tile

WLC3-Dove Gray Arabesque 8mm Mosaic Tile

Arabesque tile features one of the most alluring patterns and has gained increased popularity in the past few years. This particular style is cut from ceramic tile and is finished with a glossy sheen. In a medium-gray tone, it maintains neutrality and doesn’t take away from the striking design. To add an additional element of awe, consider installing this tile with a contrasting white grout. Suitable for a variety of uses, this tile will work brilliantly as a backsplash, countertop, floor, shower, or accent area.

  1. Arabescato Carrara Tile With Black Marble Basket Weave 

Another noteworthy basketweave tile from Willow Lane Cabinetry is this Arabescato Carrara with stunning black accents. This marble tile can be installed anywhere in the bathroom you want to add some standout style. With the traditional whites and grays of classic Carrara, this tile has a wow-factor with the addition of black. Very complementary of contemporary design, this mosaic tile looks especially extraordinary in a black and white bathroom or incorporated into a clean, modern theme.

Browse more beautiful tile ideas and flooring options that will complement your bathroom cabinets and enhance your home at Willow Lane Cabinetry. Your dream bathroom is just a few clicks away!

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

3 Reasons Why White Cabinets Are A Wonderful Choice

There is just something wonderful about white cabinets. Maybe it’s the fact that, according to color theory, white represents cleanliness and happiness — two positive traits that are most certainly welcome when designing a home. Or as the focal point in a room, white cabinets reflect light, and can make even the smallest kitchen or bath appear more spacious. There are so many reasons to love white cabinets, but here are a few more of our favorites.

White cabinets are great for resale value.

Whether you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen for resale or for your own pleasure, you want to be sure there will be a return on investment (ROI) — now and down the road. According to the Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of REALTORS®, designing a white kitchen is the easiest way to add value to your home. While trends come and go, white cabinets are a timeless and smart choice that is universally appealing.

White cabinets are incredibly versatile.

8-21-18 WLC2-Urban White

Depending on the types of cabinets you choose, white cabinets work equally well in traditional, transitional, and even contemporary home designs. While you’ll often see white raised panel or Shaker cabinets featured in a charming farmhouse kitchen makeover (think HGTV’s Fixer Upper), Euro slab cabinets like our Urban White collection feature frameless doors and a high-gloss finish for more modern sensibilities.

White cabinets are a true work or art.

8-21-18 WLC4-Providence White

Think of white cabinets as the ultimate blank canvas. The perfect neutral backdrop to make your personal touches pop, white pairs beautifully with every color of the rainbow. When you opt for white cabinets in your kitchen, bath, home office, laundry room, or TV room, the possibilities for wall color, cabinet hardware, countertops, flooring, appliances, light fixtures, and home décor become virtually endless.

If you are building or remodeling and are curious to see how white cabinets would look in your home, contact the expert designers at Willow Lane Cabinetry and take advantage of our free online kitchen and room design service. The secret to getting that TV or magazine quality look is just a few clicks away.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

How to Design a Coastal Kitchen the Right Way

There’s a reason coastal kitchens are appealing to many homeowners, whether they live along the coast or not. The light hues, ample lighting and fun beach or maritime décor add a bright and airy beauty to a kitchen that’s hard not to love.

If you love the serene, relaxed look of coastal kitchens, you can easily bring this style into your own kitchen, whether you live at the beach, in the country or in the city. Follow our tips below for designing a coastal kitchen the right way and your kitchen will have the coastal vibe you dream about all year long!

#1: All-White Cabinetry

One of the best ways to recreate the light, breezy and calm look and feel of the seashore in your kitchen is to begin with all-white kitchen cabinets. Any style of white cabinets will work, however the simplicity that white shaker cabinets provide is ideal.

Not excited about having all-white cabinetry? Not to worry! Even though all-white cabinets are commonly used when designing coastal kitchens, you can opt for a two-toned look. For a contemporary style, consider going with all-white upper cabinets paired with light wood or light painted cabinets for the base or island cabinets. You’ll just want to avoid using any dark colors to keep the atmosphere bright.

#2: Blue and White Elements

 One of best ways to incorporate the hues of the ocean is to include various shades of blue in your design. There are several great ways this can be done, so this is the perfect place to use your creativity and show off your personal style.

From blue and white checkerboard ceilings and white tile floors with pops of blue designs, to sparkling blue backsplashes and blue light fixtures, you’ll love all of the fun ways you can add beautiful ocean shades into your kitchen! Of course, if you prefer to not have so much blue, play around with different accent colors to use in addition to blue, such as pale, sandy yellows and sea greens.

#3: Ample Lighting

Let’s face it. A dark coastal kitchen wouldn’t be visually appealing, nor would it have an authentic coastal vibe. For this reason, regardless of how you choose to design your coastal kitchen, getting the lighting right will be key in getting the look and feel you desire.

This means the lighting needs to be bright. Natural lighting is always ideal and, if you have – or can install – tall windows and/or a skylight, you’ll get plenty of natural light coming in to brighten up your kitchen.

However, if you don’t have many windows or don’t get much natural lighting in your kitchen, you can create ample lighting with a combination of task, accent and ambient lighting.

Now that you’re familiar with these main characteristics of coastal kitchens, you’ll be able to create a truly beautiful coastal look – and add your own creative twists to the design!

Magnificent Ways To Incorporate Marble In The Kitchen

A natural stone backsplash, countertop or flooring can add layers of modern elegance to your kitchen. We especially love the look of marble. With its swirls and specks of cool grey or warm brown, it creates a unique piece of artwork right in the heart of the home. But some home designers will advise to limit marble to low-traffic areas. While natural stone is scratch and stain prone, it is possible to use marble in high traffic areas like the kitchen as long as you are okay with a little upkeep — or like the story a bit of wear and tear tells.

Are you ready to bring this natural stone into your kitchen design? Discover a few magnificent ways to incorporate marble in the kitchen.

Marble Tile Backsplash

8-17-18 WLC2-Carrara White Basketweave Pattern Polished Marble 2

A natural stone backsplash is such an eye-catching addition to a modern kitchen design. At Willow Lane Cabinetry, we have a few selections to choose from that will blend in beautifully with your cabinets.

Carrara White Basketweave Backsplash

This polished marble is imported from Italy and features a decorative basketweave pattern in frosty white and grey hues. The tiles arrive in mesh-mounted sheets for easy installation and have a water absorption of less than 0.5%, which make them safe for backsplashes, countertops and flooring.

Arabescato Carrara with Black Marble Basketweave Pattern

Another beautiful basketweave patterned backsplash is this Arabescato Carrara. In addition to the traditional grey and white tones, this tile also features black accents that make the marble really pop.

Quartzite Countertops

8-17-18 WLC3-Calacatta Quartzite Countertop

While marble offers a very rare type of beauty, it is not without flaws. When a homeowner is set on the look of natural stone countertops, but worries about the upkeep and longevity, quartzite is a great alternative. Quartzite won’t etch like marble, yet the resemblance to marble is uncanny. In fact, most people are unable to recognize any difference at all.

For reference, take a look at the quartzite countertops from Willow Lane Cabinetry. You’ll see how the natural variation in design and pattern creates a unique look much like marble. Installed already sealed, these countertops are scratch, heat and stain resistant. The sealer even comes with a lifetime limited warranty and no resealing is ever required on your part.

Marble Tile Flooring

8-17-18 WLC4-Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern


When installed and sealed properly, marble can make your floors truly breathtaking. Two of our top styles from Willow Lane Cabinetry are the Carrara White Subway Tile and Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Patterned Tile.

Carrara White Subway Tile

This 6” x 12” Carrara Subway Tile is a favorite for flooring because of its subtle grey veins and polished finish. Italian Carrara marble comes in a variety of different sizes, but we have a soft spot for this subway tile in kitchen floors.

Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Patterned Tile

Another magnificent marble flooring option is the Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern. This style features a soft white background, with marble’s iconic grey swirls and veins, and a honed finished. Your order will arrive with a mesh backing for easy installation.

Keep Your Kitchen Looking Like New With Proper Maintenance

No matter what material you use in the kitchen, it is always a good rule of thumb to wipe away water or spills as quickly as possible. Avoid abrasive cleaning products or tools (a soft cloth, a little baking soda, and some warm water can usually do the job). Don’t put hot pots or pans on the countertop, always use a cutting board when slicing or dicing, and use cup holders regularly.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

5 Fabulous Frozen Cocktail Ideas For Late Summer

With summer nearing its end, there’s no better time to unwind with your favorite cocktail in frozen form. Whether you’re enjoying your beverage outside or in the A/C — cocktails that incorporate fresh, seasonal fruit are sure to quench your thirst! Be sure to keep your bar cabinets stocked with summer essentials, and enjoy these fabulous frozen cocktails before summer passes us by.

  1. Piña Colada

Cocktail, Pina Colada, Drink.

If you like Piña Coladas” — then whip one up today! This summer staple makes you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation in your own backyard. Simply blend rum, fresh pineapple chunks, coconut cream, and freshly squeezed lime juice with ice, and enjoy one of the greatest frozen cocktails of all time.

  1. Frozen Margarita

A classic drink that you can easily make at home; put a spin on the traditional Frozen Margarita by adding seasonal fruit to the mix. Experiment with mango, watermelon, or strawberries, along with tequila, triple sec, freshly squeezed lime juice, and ice.

  1. Frozen Daiquiri

8-14-18 WLC3-Frozen DaiquiriThe perfect adult beverage to sip by the pool, add the fresh fruit of your choice to Frozen Daiquiris. Blend strawberries, peaches, or banana with rum, lime juice, ice and simple syrup. Click here for a Simple Syrup recipe from Food & Wine.

  1. Mojito Slushy

The ultimate summer refresher, Mojitos are made by by mixing white rum, soda water, fresh muddled mint, and freshly squeezed lime juice. For a fun twist, blend these ingredients with ice for a Mojito Slushy — a refreshing way to beat the heat.

  1. Wine Slushy

strawberry milk shake

It’s the simple things that make life sweet. This frozen adult beverage starts with your favorite wine (red or white). Just add ice and blend — what could be easier or more refreshing? The perfect cocktail for late summer get-togethers, opt for Sangria and add some fresh summer fruit, as well. Peaches pair well with white Sangria, and citrus fruits with red.

Savor the last few weeks of summer, and keep your bar cabinets stocked with everything you need to whip up these fabulous frozen cocktails when friends come to call. For a family-friendly gathering, blend up any of these beverages minus the alcohol (for the Wine Slushy, use grape juice as a substitute). Decorate glasses with summery garnishes (think fruit wedges and mint sprigs), little umbrellas, and salt/sugar rims.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

5 Advantages of an Open Concept Kitchen

If you’ve been lusting over the look of an open concept kitchen but aren’t quite sure if the pros outweigh the cons of renovating, keep scrolling! We’re sharing all of the reasons we love an open concept kitchen and how this new design can improve your home and life.

  1. Cook More, Stress Less

Being able to see your living room and dining room from behind your kitchen counter can be life changing. If you have young kids running around or teenagers doing homework at the table, you know the need to be in two places at once.

If your closed in kitchen makes meal prep stressful, an open concept kitchen could solve all of your worries. This design will allow you to cook in the kitchen and still keep your eye on your kids in the other room.

  1. Brighten Things Up

8-10-18 WLC2-Midtown Dark Grey Shaker

With fewer walls, natural light is able to travel freely from one room to the next. Your home will become brighter, airier, and more open. Homeowners with this type of kitchen design also notice that their kitchen feels bigger than it did before.

If you wish your dark, small, or crowded kitchen was brighter, bigger, and more open, an open concept design could be the solution you’ve been seeking.

  1. Be The Host With The Most

8-10-18 WLC3-Bradford Ivory Glaze

If cocktail and dinner parties are one of your favorite pastimes, an open concept kitchen will take your hosting abilities to the next level. Guests will be able to move effortlessly from one room to the other — and can even hold a conversation with someone in the kitchen while standing in the living room! Serving food and drinks also becomes more seamless with your countertop or kitchen island being accessible from both sides.

If entertaining is a top priority, this modern kitchen design will surely make you the host with the most, especially if you add in some bar cabinets!

  1. Increase Storage And Stay Organized

In addition to making your kitchen feel more open, an open concept design also allows you to transform “dead space” into storage solutions. What once was just a wall will be converted into additional countertop and cabinet space or a freestanding kitchen island.

If you find yourself short on countertop space or desperately needing more cabinets for storage, remodeling your kitchen could solve this problem and help you stay more organized.

  1. Bring On The Breakfast Bar

8-10-18 WLC4-Heather Grey Shaker

One of the best and most used features in an open concept kitchen is the breakfast bar. Since we replace one wall with extra countertop space or a kitchen island, we now have the option of keeping stools on one side to create a convenient breakfast bar. This addition is great when entertaining guests, but is also perfect for busy parents who’d rather not set the table for every meal.

If you’d love extra seating in your kitchen or want a fast, convenient way to serve breakfast on the fly, an open concept design could deliver the breakfast bar you so direly need.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!