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4 Home Remodeling Rules To Break

When it comes to remodeling your home, it may feel like there are a lot of design rules to follow. With so many do’s and don’ts, you may even be hesitant to get started for fear of making a mistake. Don’t let the expectations of others get in the way of updating your home the way you want it. In fact, here are four rules that you should actually break.

1. Always take the advice of a professional.

You definitely won’t get the same opinion from one remodeling project planner to the next. Most professionals have their own preferences and recommendations, and there’s a good chance they don’t align with those of their colleagues. If you consult with a professional and you don’t agree with their opinion — don’t take it! Consult with another remodeling project planner and get a second opinion. Just because the person giving you advice is a licensed contractor, doesn’t mean they wrote the rulebook of remodeling.

2. Contemporary and classic styles don’t mix.

If people only wanted strictly traditional bathrooms or ultra contemporary kitchens, then there would be no modern farmhouse trend or transitional themes. If you like — or don’t like — certain key elements found in traditional or contemporary kitchens, there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up and meeting somewhere in between. Whether you’re dealing with an older home or new construction, you can most certainly find a comfortable, happy medium that reflects your personal style.

3. Keep the original design of your home.

Just because a room’s original use was a living room doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a dining room. It’s your home now, so you have full rein to scrap the original blueprint and come up with one of your own. Homeowners sometimes feel boxed in by the layout as it is and forget that they have the power to utilize their space however they please. So feel free to turn that spare bedroom into a home office or TV room.


4. Don’t make bold statements in small spaces.

We’ve always been told to simplify a small space to make it feel larger and more open. But bigger doesn’t always have to be the goal. If you love the look of bright colors or detailed prints in your guest bath — go for it! Making a statement in a small space is your call to make. With the right approach, you can absolutely find a way to bring these kinds of vivid elements into the room, no matter how limited the square footage may be.


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