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5 Secrets For Designing A Fashion-Forward Dream Bathroom

It’s time to turn your outdated bathroom into that modern masterpiece you’ve dreamt about. But you’re not totally sure where to start. Bathroom renovations can be tough to tackle, but with the right plan in place, you’ll be stepping into your updated space in no time. Here are five secrets for designing a fashion-forward dream bathroom that will help you complete your remodeling project.

1. Upgrade your bathroom vanity.

Today’s modern bathroom vanities offer plenty of customizable features making it easy to achieve the perfect vanityfor your dream bathroom. You can choose from traditional or contemporary cabinets, pick from a wide selection of finishes, and add extras like glass front doors or a luxe vessel sink. All of these features come together to create an eye-catching piece that will surely be the center of attention in your new bathroom. If you need help designing the right vanity for your project, contact our team to take advantage of our free bathroom design services.

2. Install flooring that looks fresh and modern.

If you’re going to remodel your bathroom, you want it to look new for as long as possible. One of the telltale signs of an outdated bathroom is dirty grout or stained tile. Since the bathroom is such a high traffic area, you want to choose a flooring material that will be resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage. This is why wood-look tile is such a popular option in modern bathrooms. Made of ceramic, this flooring material is extremely durable and will look like new for years to come. Browse our flooring selection to see some of the great wood-look tile available from Willow Lane Cabinetry.

3. Add visual interest with backsplash tile.

When creating a stunning dream bathroom, it is all about the details, and installing backsplash tile is an excellent way to give your bathroom a little something extra. Backsplash tile creates visual interest and can serve as a functional accent above your bathroom countertop, on shower walls, or even on the floor. You can choose from different colors, sizes, styles, and finishes to create an artistic and marvelous design.

4. Enhance the space with contemporary hardware.

Another detail that should not be forgotten is the hardware in your bathroom. From the knobs and pulls to the towel rack and robe hooks, these tiny elements speak volumes and have a noticeable impact on the room’s overall aesthetic. Choose finishes and styles that are complementary to your themes. For example, if your dream bathroomincludes contemporary cabinets, you will want to opt for sleek hardware with smooth surfaces rather than overly ornate or detailed pieces.

5. Bring it all together with the right lighting.

Good lighting is key if you want to create a bathroom that awes. Forgetting to focus on your fixtures or improperly layering light will result in a dreary, dark bathroom that is hard to appreciate. Select stylish light fixtures that will double as works of art, and be sure to include a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to highlight all of the elements in the room.


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5 Backsplash Tiles For A Spring-Inspired Bathroom Remodel

Spring is in the air, and there is no better time to freshen up your home. However, we’re not talking about a typical spring cleaning. If your bathroom has lasted one too many seasons, hop to it and give your dated space the light and airy makeover it deserves, complete with beautiful bathroom cabinetry and all the accessories you need to complete a dream bathroom remodel — including a spring-inspired backsplash! Here are a few of our favorite picks for this bright and cheerful season of new beginnings.

Arabescato Carrara Hexagon Tile

Arabescato Carrara 1″ Hexagon Honed Tile features 1-inch hexagons on an easy to install, mesh-backed sheet that measures an even 12×12 inches. This beautiful marble tile has a honed finish with a medium sheen and features a contemporary gray and white color scheme with random variations in tone. It is also NSF Certified® and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

Whisper White Beveled TIle

These 2-inch by 6-inch ceramic subway tiles have a soft and sleek look. The classic white color and high sheen makes Whisper White Beveled Tile highly versatile, whether it’s being used as an accent wall in the bathroom or as a backsplash for bathroom cabinetry and walk-in showers. This timeless tile is easy to clean, low maintenance, and slip resistant. It features a mesh backing for easy installation and is NSF and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

Morning Fog Subway Tile

This handcrafted ceramic tile is simply stunning, with soft and sophisticated gray tones that make it ideal for a shower surround or backsplash. Morning Fog 3”x6” Subway Tile features a glazed finish and glossy sheen that will compliment any spring-inspired dream bathroom remodel, and it pairs beautifully with bathroom cabinetry in both light and dark finishes. Like our other spring selections, this tile is also NSF Certified® and Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

2-25-20 WLC2-Greecian White Marble Subway Tile

Greecian White Marble

This unique 4”x12” marble subway tile features different textures for added visual interest, including polished and honed finishes, with a primarily white palette. It is suitable for a range of design styles, from traditional to modern.  Greecian White Marble Subway Tile is a lovely choice for an accent wall behind a garden tub, as pictured here, or a creative backsplash behind your new bathroom cabinetry.

Bianco Dolomite Polished Tile

This gorgeous 4”x12” subway tile features a creamy white background with subtle swirls and veins. Made of natural marble imported from Turkey, Bianco Dolomite tile has a smooth, polished finish that adds a touch of refinement to a bathroom makeover. Like the previous four on the list, this timeless selection coordinates perfectly with other elements and accessories in a spring-inspired dream bathroom.


Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free, plus all the accessories needed to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Inspired Bathrooms: From Architecture to Zen Accents – How to Make the Most of Your Space

Calm. Meditative. Inspired. The bathroom of your dreams. Whether you’re thinking about making small upgrades or delving deep into a full overhaul, a bathroom renovation can make a big difference in how you feel about your home.

From modern and luxurious to fresh and Zen-like, when choosing a brand-new look, it’s important to make the most of your space. Create the bathroom of your dreams with these inspired design ideas.

Think Architecture

If you’re into industrial-chic, vintage farmhouse, Italian Calacatta marble, coastal cozy or another fun style, you can customize every architectural detail to fit your theme. Yes, you can even make your cabinetry Calacatta marble… if that’s your design dream. A bathroom is one room that needs plenty of storage, but often doesn’t have the space for it. If your space is small, make the most out of it with floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinetry.

Not Quite White

If you’re looking for fresh and modern with a twist of simple and clean, the not so white bathroom may be exactly what you need. Choose your favorite color and bring it down to its lightest (almost white) shade so it is barely there. One of our favorites is an oh-so-soft blue-green hue (like these sage bathroom cabinets) that is just colorful enough to catch attention, and yet not too far off from white. You’ll not only love it for years to come, but you’ll be able to match it with darker accent shades.

Zen Accents

From an abundance of natural light, bamboo and natural wood décor to potted plants, pebble shower flooring and a view of Mother Nature outside, styling your bathroom with Zen accents can be calming, meditative and harmonious. Your bathroom can be the perfect place for a Zen-inspired theme, especially if you’re one to take a long soak in a warm bath. Don’t forget the mixed stone Zen indoor fountain to fully set the mood.

Bohemian Chic

Another fun and fresh theme for your bathroom is to take it full-on bohemian chic. From funky vintage cabinets, a clawfoot tub, heavy brocade curtains and faux oriental rugs, to Moroccan mosaic tiles, oversized plants and an inundation of art, your bathroom will be the room everyone wants to escape to—and talk about every time they visit you. When you mix Bohemian with eclectic touches, you get nothing but inspired bathrooms.

Take a Chance

One of the smallest rooms in your home can be one of your biggest places to take a chance and dare to be a little different. Go elaborate – maybe some ornate wallpaper (yes, wallpaper), bold colors, unconventional hardware, eccentric and bold flooring. Take a chance and have fun with your bathroom. Start small with your half-bath… you can always redo it later.

Bathrooms Designed Just for Her

The ideal woman’s bathroom incorporates a clean, romantic look with a comfortable, spacious feel, resulting in a room that’s as visually welcoming as it is functional. Whether you’re ready to renovate your bathroom now or in the future, you’ll find the following six ideas for a woman-centered bathroom inspirational.

#1: Shower Design

Since a lot of time in the bathroom is spent in the shower, it’s critical to design a custom shower you’ll love being in. Think about what you can add to your shower that will make it welcoming and comfortable. A long shower bench, built-in shelves and a hand-held showerhead are all examples of components that add convenience to the entire shower experience. Also add some extras to make it more spa-like and stylish, such as candles and a gorgeous tile design.

#2: Radiant-Heat Floors

Adding radiant-heat floors to your bathroom is certainly a luxurious wish list item, but one that will pay off for years to come. Not only will you love stepping onto a cozy-feeling floor, especially on cold winter mornings, but in the long run you’ll benefit from heating your bathroom in an energy-efficient manner.

#3: Rainfall Showers

Rainfall showers are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your bathroom design and personal style preferences. Making you feel as though you’re actually underneath a waterfall, these popular showers will transform your shower experience from humdrum to delightful.

#4: Tub Tray

All women who love unwinding with a peaceful bath will want to get a tub tray. While magazines and movies portray the whole bath experience as deluxe, it can be very difficult to realistically pull off reading a book and sipping a glass of wine without a tub tray. Adding this practical accessory is an easy way to immediately add more joy to your relaxation time in the tub.

#5: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Let’s face it, without a large mirror, it can be difficult to get ready for the day. The mirror should be large enough to reflect ample natural light, while also giving you a good view of yourself from head to shoulder. Choose a mirror that reflects your style and that you love. After all, you’ll be looking at it and using it to pamper yourself every day!

#6: Easy to Maintain Vanity

We’re all busy and, even if we have extra time to spend cleaning a bathroom vanity that has a high-maintenance countertop, most of us would probably choose not to. For this reason, it’s wise to go with a vanity that has a countertop material that resist stains and etchings, keeping its lovely appearance without a whole lot of upkeep required.

6 Tips To Transform A Powder Room

Blue Powder Room

It doesn’t take much to transform a powder room into the luxurious space you’ve always envisioned. Not sure how to make your small bathroom sparkle at its best? Here are a few simple suggestions to help you get started.

A More Flattering Light

One of the most important elements of any successful powder room is the lighting. Swap out the traditional exposed-bulb vanity lights for more diffused lighting, such as a frosted-glass sconce. The soft glow will cast a more flattering light on your skin, and will set the tone for your new space.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A good-sized mirror, with a wall lamp above or on either side, provides sufficient light to illuminate a powder room. The reflecting properties of a mirror can make a small space appear much more airy. Replace that flat, frameless mirror that comes standard in most homes with a lovely oval or rectangular mirror that is uniquely framed to suit your style.

A Beautiful Focal Point

Acclaim 36" Bathroom Vanity Set in White – Willow Lane CabinetryA bathroom should be a tranquil sanctuary, and your powder room is no exception. After all, this is the place where your guests will retreat to freshen up! A vanity serves as the focal point to your space, and should be beautiful. Willow Lane Cabinetry has bathroom vanities in every style, shape, size, finish and budget to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.


Handsome Hardware

Attractive new knobs and cabinet pulls are inexpensive and easy to install. For a quick way to add new life to a small powder room or bathroom with a built-in vanity, consider hardware as the golden opportunity to update your space.

Serene Color Schemes

Small spaces can benefit from a pale color palette, creating the illusion of a larger space. Light gray or brown tones, aqua, powder blue or sage green all work perfectly for a serene spa-like powder room. Bolder colors such as navy can work equally well when paired with crisp white trim, toilet and sink, as long as there is sufficient light in the room.

The Finishing Touches

Take the less is more approach, and choose only the perfect pieces to accessorize and enhance the overall look of your powder room. Start with a unique picture above the toilet or a shelf with a woven basket. Install a quality towel ring near the sink and invest in a few nice hand towels, a pretty soap dispenser, and a nice bathroom area rug to complete the look. Keep in mind that it’s hard to see past clutter. One well-placed object can make a huge difference in a small space, so choose your décor wisely and thoughtfully.

Whether you are looking to add to your current powder room, or completely makeover your space from top to bottom, these tips can help inspire and motivate you to transform a drab powder room into the lovely, tranquil space you have always envisioned.

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