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How To Design The Craft Room You Have Always Craved

Are you a DIY devotee, a fixer of all things, or a lover of the arts? If you take any opportunity to let your creative side out, there’s a good chance you’ve been craving the addition of a craft room in your home.

Whether you have an entire room ready for redecorating or a lonely corner just waiting to be transformed, carving out a space for crafting is a lot easier than you think. Willow Lane Cabinetry offers many different types of cabinets that are perfect for designing a craft station in your home. Our professional design team will even help you by creating a customized layout, photorealistic renderings of your design, and an itemized price list of everything you’ll need. Keep reading for some inspiration on how an everyday office cabinet can help you build the perfect craft room for your home and hobbies.

Sewing Room

Diligent designer. Side view of young woman sewing while sitting at her working place in fashion workshop

With the fall season underway, those with a knack for fashion and sewing are probably contemplating Halloween costume ideas for themselves, children, or pets! A sewing room could give you the space you need to come up with different clothing ideas all year long.


The art of scrapbooking may seem silly to some, now with social media taking storm. But there is nothing more magical than printing your memories and being able to cherish them for years to come. With the right types of cabinets and inside cabinet organizers, you can create the perfect station for storing your photos and scrapbooking supplies. With the right tools, you’ll be able to record every event, occasion, and year while really sharpening your scrapbooking skills.

Card Making

Photos also make the most beautiful cards and there is something so special about a handmade greeting card from someone you love. If your creative talents have led you to card making, think about the possibilities with an entire room dedicated to your craft. From beautiful photo front cards to stamps and calligraphy, you could deliver the most heartfelt holiday, birthday and “just because” cards to your closest friends and family.

Jewelry Design

9-28-18 WLC3-Jewlery Design

Making your own jewelry for friends or as a business is such a fulfilling pastime. There are so many different avenues to explore from engraving to beading. While jewelry making can be messy, a craft room or station allows you to keep your equipment and supplies all in one spot.

Drawing or Painting Studio

What if behind your office cabinet doors you found paint and brushes? Imagine a room with endless artistic supplies and a large table or easel for you to put your imagination to paper. That dream can easily be your reality with a craft room specifically created for drawing or painting.

Kid’s Art Station

If your kids love art as much as you do, why not set up a general crafting station for everyone in the family to enjoy? You can stock your cabinets will all kinds of art supplies and have endless fun after school and on weekends.

Garage Turned Workspace

Woodworking workshop table top

It’s not uncommon for a garage to offer some unused space perfect for a setting up a workstation. Whether you like woodworking, engine building, or just tinkering around, by installing cabinets and adding the right furniture you can turn your garage into an actual shop.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Ideas for a Spa Bathroom

If you love going to the spa and are looking to recreate a bit of the spa look and feel in your bathroom at home, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of simple spa bathroom ideas you can try.

The main theme to keep in mind when designing a spa bathroom is that you want the overall design to be minimalist and soothing. Start with a good decluttering of your bathroom, followed by a deep cleaning, and then you can get to the fun of actually creating a serene environment.

Below are some fabulous spa bathroom ideas for designing a space you’ll love using. Start with the ones that are the most appealing or important to you and, if desired, add in more over time.

Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Look and Feel

Choose a Light Color Scheme

Stick with white, sand or light shades of serene colors, such as light blues and greens. These colors create a peaceful and more spacious look. Avoid busy patterns and bold colors.

As for linens, we suggest sticking with all white towels and robes if you truly want to mimic a spa environment.

Use Simple, Vertical Storage

If you don’t have a ton of counter space or you want to create a compact and visually appealing storage solution, go with a vertical storage option to maximize space. A vertical shelf, three-tiered baskets and bathroom ladders are good options. The one that’s best for you will be determined by your style preferences, as well as your bathroom size and layout.

Pampering Ideas

Rain Showerhead

Rain showerheads mimic the fall of natural rain, creating an extremely relaxing shower experience. This is one change worth making, as it’s quick to do, inexpensive and makes your shower experience so much better.

• Candles and Music

Create a truly relaxing setting by placing candles on places like windowsills, shelves and the bathroom vanity, as well as in your bath area. You can also fill clear glass jars with tealights and scatter the jars throughout your bathroom for a warm and welcoming ambiance.

If you also enjoy listening to relaxing music, be sure to get a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can be accompanied by acoustic music or soothing sounds of nature without having to worry about your device getting water damaged.

• Japanese Soaking Tub

If you’re ready for a more drastic change, you may want to consider installing a Japanese soaking tub. These tubs are deep, so that you can immerse your entire body and enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Don’t worry about it taking up too much space, either. They’re deep but not wide, making them a great option for even small bathrooms.

Flooring and Décor Ideas

• Replace Fabric Rugs with Nature-Inspired Bath Mats

Choosing a nature-inspired bath mat will add another level of chic spa style to your bathroom and will certainly feel more luxurious and special than a fabric rug. Some good options include pebble bath mats and cedar wood bath mats.

• Incorporate Plants

Plants not only help to purify the air in your home, but they add lovely, natural décor and a touch of color. Since plants come in many sizes and varieties, it will be easy to find a few perfectly suited for your bathroom, regardless of how much space you have available. Hang them from the ceiling, place them on windowsills or even sit them on the floor to bring life to an empty corner.

• Install Wood Look Tile

When you’re ready to replace your bathroom floor, install wood look tile. Wood flooring adds warmth and creates the feeling of nature and peace, which is exactly what you want in a spa bathroom. However, since real wood flooring isn’t practical for humid spaces, wood look tile (i.e. faux wood tile), which has a higher resistance to water, is a fantastic option for bathrooms. This tile beautifully imitates the natural look of wood, is easy to clean and is a fraction of the cost of real wood flooring.

While you’ll still want to treat yourself to a day at the spa every now and then, using the above ideas to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom will allow you to enjoy mini spa experiences at home after a long day.

How To Seamlessly Mix Vintage Finds With Contemporary Home Decor

With a trend towards transitional design, today’s fashionable homes feature an eclectic blend of contemporary and vintage style. You see it everyday in home magazines and on television, but how do you translate the look into your own home? Mixing old and new isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you follow these three rules.

#1. Start with good bones.

9-25-18 WLC3-Midtown Dark Grey Shaker

Whether your home was recently built or has been standing for quite some time will dictate the choices you make. But if you start with good bones, the rest should fall into place. Older homes have character that some newer homes lack, while new construction features all the modern convinces homeowners desire.

Take advantage of what you have by adding contemporary touches to your older home, such as stainless steel appliances or a glass tile backsplash. When decorating, tone down the traditional by selecting furniture and solid wood cabinetry with clean lines and contemporary finishes, for example, dark espresso cabinets and a modern leather sectional sofa in the TV room.

If your home is not that old or has minimal detailing, add character with vintage-inspired elements. Ideas include crown molding, board and batten wainscoting, shiplap, or wallpaper accent walls. White Shaker kitchen cabinets are classic and timeless, especially when you add charming touches like glass front doors and decorative molding.

For help in creating the perfect space in your unique home, take advantage of Willow Lane Cabinetry’s free room design service.

#2. Decorating, when done well, takes time.

Put care and thought into your décor, especially when mixing contemporary with vintage. Decorating, when done well, takes time. So have fun and be patient. Most of all, find balance. When seamlessly leaning towards the transitional, steer clear of the slick, ultra modern look on one end of the spectrum, or too many fancy embellishments on the other.

Two key elements in transitional design are comfort and function, so keep that in mind when selecting pieces for your home. Contemporary transitional elements could include glass coffee tables or clear plastic, natural stone or solid surface countertops, open shelving with metal brackets, overstuffed upholstered chairs, sectional sofas, and wood-look tile flooring.

Luckily, the recent Industrial and Modern Farmhouse movements have ushered in a resurgence of reproduction vintage items in stores and online, including oil-rubbed bronze and glass light fixtures, apron front sinks, caned barstools, galvanized metal chairs, and barn wood trestle tables. Or spend some time browsing local flea markets, antique stores, and yard sales for that perfect vintage find, including table linens, decorative pottery, and wall art.

#3. Stick with a neutral color palette.

9-25-18 WLC2-Legacy Teaberry (1)

When mixing vintage finds with contemporary home décor, you should start with a neutral background. The key is to create a seamless flow from room to room. Do this by choosing one soothing color that compliments your solid wood cabinetry, or two that are a step apart on a paint swatch, for tone on tone contrast. Sticking with one hue or color family creates cohesion, especially when dealing with an open concept kitchen, TV room, dining area and hallway.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

4 Tips For Keeping A Clean And Happy Home For You And Your Pet

If you’re the proud parent of a fur baby, the idea of a clean home may seem more like a far off dream than a possibility. From hair literally everywhere to the inevitable everyday messes, your pet’s presence is always known and usually requires some clean up. Before you drive a wedge between you and your best friend, follow some of these tips for keeping your home clean with pets.

  1. Keep your pet clean.

It may sound obvious but it needs to be mentioned. If there is less dirt on your dog, there will be less dirt in your home. Most pet owners follow the guideline of bringing their dog to be washed and trimmed every month. But many breeds of dogs require special attention outside of traditional grooming.

Cleaning should not start and end with the groomer. If your dog gets dirty on their walks, they should be bathed and brushed much more frequently. Having a pet bath station in your laundry room makes this much easier. Essentially, this station allows you to rinse off your dog after being outdoors without wrecking your bathroom or home. Wall cabinets for laundry room use can also serve as storage for grooming essentials such as shampoo and clippers.

Not only can your pup be comfortably bathed, but the laundry room also provides a safe area for him or her to dry off. If you need help adding a pet bathing station to your laundry room, contact our team for free design services.

  1. Set up a designated play area for your furry companion.

WLC2-White Shaker Pet Bath Station

To maintain order in your home, you will need to create boundaries. If you don’t want your pet’s hair all over the couch or bed, they are going to need an equally appealing option to cuddle up on. Carve out some space in your common area where you and your family tend to spend your time. Maybe there’s an idle spot in your open concept kitchen or a cozy corner in the TV room. Transform that area by setting up a bed and toy bin for your furry companion.

  1. Splurge on the special pet vacuum.

Woman stroking cute cat lying in soft pet bed

In addition to super-strong lint rollers, every pet owner should also have a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair. Standard vacuums tend to leave some hair behind, and also “fling” hair off of surfaces and into the air. Not only does this make clean up twice as hard, but also the brushes on standard vacuums are prone to tangles. Keep things clean and clean up simple by investing in a vacuum with the capabilities and tools for tackling pet hair.

  1. Combat carpet odor with a natural dry cleaner.

Happy girl embracing Golden Retriever while lying on rug at home

Even the cleanest of homes can have lingering odors. Sometimes smells live deep in carpets, and surface cleaning just doesn’t suffice. Dry carpet cleaners are a good solution in these types of situations, as they both clean and add fragrance.

You can find these products sold in stores but you can also make a natural version at home. In a food processor, blend baking soda, cornstarch, cornmeal, Borax, cinnamon, and basil together. Then sprinkle the mixture over carpets and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Afterwards, simply vacuum up the powder and enjoy the clean, fresh fragrance.

While cinnamon and basil are both non-toxic, some ingredients in natural cleaners (like bay leaves) are toxic. If you decide to swap out spices, make sure they are safe for pets.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

4 Clever Ways To Streamline Your Back To School Routine

Fall is officially here, and with school back in full swing, are you still trying to smooth out those morning routine kinks? There’s no better way to get back on track than by using these four simple tips to help get over the summer and transition into the fall — with school spirit to boot!

Create A Central Landing Zone

9-18-18 WLC2-School Supplies

Has your child missed the bus because they can’t find an overdue library book, field trip permission slip, or even his or her shoes? Creating a central landing zone is a smart idea to streamline and de-stress getting out the door in the morning. By adding wall cabinets for laundry room storage, you create a place for children to stay organized and start the day off right. Above, designate a cabinet with a basket for hats and gloves, and an in-box for papers parents need to sign. Then add hooks for hanging book bags and jackets. Place a bench below, with cubbies for holding shoes.

Start A Better Breakfast Routine

Speaking of starting the day off right, eating a good breakfast has been shown to have a positive impact on school performance. Stock your pantry cabinets with healthy options like whole grain cereal, granola, and instant oatmeal, keep fresh fruit, nut butters, and protein rich yogurt in the refrigerator, and whip up make ahead breakfast items that can be quickly heated in the microwave oven, such as Breakfast Egg Cups, pre-baked French Toast, and frozen breakfast sausage with hard boiled eggs.

Plan Ahead The Night Before
Avoid the morning rush by packing lunches the night before. Store yogurt tubes, fresh fruit (or fruit cups), cheese cubes, cut veggies, hummus, sliced pepperoni, and deli meats centrally located in a refrigerator bin. Keep a second bin in the kitchen pantry with whole wheat bread and crackers, granola bars, pretzel sticks, chip bags, and other snacks, and let kids choose items to add to their lunch box. It’s also smart to encourage kids to pick out their outfits and pack up their homework the night before, as well, so that the morning routine can be as smooth as possible.

Designate A Special Place For Homework

Boy with laptop

There’s nothing worse than a mess of homework papers piled on your countertops, especially when you have an open concept kitchen where clutter is always on display. And while it’s nice to have your child next to you while cooking meals, doing homework in the kitchen is not ideal, since there are also distractions everywhere. And while an open concept kitchen has its benefits, you have the added issue of a television right across the room. In a recent blog, we talked about How to Add A Homework Station To Your Home Office. By giving children a quiet place to call their own, you make homework a more enjoyable and easy experience for all.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

How To Design An HGTV Inspired Kitchen

If you’ve ever fallen into a long and enchanting HGTV binge watch, there’s no need to preface the allure of the kitchens seen there. With every “i” dotted and “t” crossed, no detail is ever left undone.

How amazing would it be to have that same show-stopping effect in real life? While a screen-worthy kitchen may seem out of reach now, we’re here to help make your HGTV fantasy a reality in your home.

9-14-18 WLC2-Bradford Cinnamon Glaze

At Willow Lane Cabinetry, we offer free room design services to help you achieve your perfect kitchen in just a few clicks. To get started, fill out the contact form and click, Submit. Once we receive your request, we will assign you a personal design specialist who will walk you through every step of your kitchen remodel.

Whether you’re debating between white cabinets or gray kitchen cabinets, or can’t decide if that wine rack will look right with your layout, we can help. Your free kitchen design includes a custom layout, photorealistic renderings (so you know exactly what your choices will look like in your space), and an itemized list with everything you need and how much it costs. While we can’t send the Property Brothers over to your house, we like to think we’re the next best thing.

9-14-18 WLC3-Midtown Dark Grey ShakerWhile you’re waiting to be connected with your design specialist, start browsing and have a few top styles in mind. Our favorite options for an HGTV inspired kitchen are our medium color and white cabinets. You’ll see a diverse selection of finishes including blue, green, beige, and gray kitchen cabinets. Styles range from traditional to modern and there is a cabinetry set for every taste.

If at any point you find yourself stuck between two similar styles, just request a sample. Sometimes seeing the style and finish in real life is necessary to make your final decision, so we make ordering samples as easy as possible. Just order the samples you want, and when you are done, ship them back to us. We will refund your purchase less return shipping and you will have a clear idea of which cabinets will look best in your home.

Creating a “need and love” list is another good exercise to complete before we start designing. One reason why the homeowners on HGTV are always so pleased with their new kitchen is that it’s as functional as it is beautiful. It’s important to take some time to think about the way you currently use your kitchen and where there is room for improvement. Jot down what you would need to have a perfectly functional kitchen. Then, let your mind wander to the wow factors that really stood out to you in the kitchens you’ve seen on your favorite shows. Maybe it’s a breakfast bar kitchen island or a wet bar. Write down what you would love to have if there were no limits to your remodel.

Knowing what you need to achieve your perfect kitchen and what would take it to the next level will help us create the perfect HGTV inspired design for your home and budget. There’s a reason Willow Lane Cabinetry has been featured on both DIY Network and HGTV — now, find out why for yourself!

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Pet-Friendly Laundry Room Ideas

Looking to create a space in your home where your four-legged family member can get cozy and feel pampered? If you have at least a medium-size laundry room or a room that serves as both a laundry room and mudroom, this could be the ideal space for your dog or cat to have a special place of his own.

Below are a few ideas for creating a custom laundry room that your pet will love. Choose the ideas that most fit your pet’s needs and get creative with your own ideas as well. If you have the space and budget, you may find yourself incorporating all of these ideas!

Crate Station

Need a good place to put a crate or bed that will be comfortable for your pet, while not being intrusive to your home’s environment? A laundry room can be the ideal space.

Depending on the layout of your laundry room and the amount of space you have available, you may be able to create a perfect nook for a crate that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room. Custom laundry room cabinets can be designed with a section that serves as a built-in dog crate, providing an option that blends in nicely with your laundry room’s overall design.

If you’re looking for a home for a pet bed, often times these can easily be incorporated to fit right in with custom laundry room cabinetry. If you’re short on space, consider installing a bed that can flip down when your pet needs it and flip back up when not in use. This saves you space and is also visually appealing.

Food Station

Laundry rooms are often an ideal place to keep pet food, providing convenient, out-of-sight storage and easy access. Use laundry room shelves to keep food within easy reach and set up pet bowls in a dedicated spot that your pet can easily get to.

Take it a step further by having custom holes made in the bottom level of an open cabinet for your pet’s bowls. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally stepping on the bowls and the bowls will have a home that keeps them from sliding all over the floor while your pet is eating. This is a great way to keep the food station neater and avoid too much food being wasted from spilling on the floor.

Washing Station

Pet owners know how much of a hassle it can be to wash their furry family member. To make it more convenient to give your pet a bath and keep him clean, set up a washing station in your laundry room.

For those with small to medium-size pets, you can get away with an elevated bath. Not only will this save space, but it’s also a smart option for protecting your knees and back.

If your laundry room also serves as a mudroom, better yet! You can get your pet all cleaned up before she has a chance to track dirt through the house. Plus, pet-washing stations can double as a place where you can rinse off muddy boots and rinse out laundry when coming in from an outdoor adventure!

Litter Box Storage

Anyone with a cat – or who has been to a home with a cat – understands that certain places are more conducive to litter box storage than others. In our opinion, the kitchen falls into one example of a place that’s not such a great place for litter boxes to reside. Laundry rooms, on the other hand, are perfect.

A laundry room not only keeps the litter box out of sight, but it offers the convenience of being able to keep bags of litter and supplies for cleaning out the litter box all in one space.

Back To School: How To Add A Homework Station To Your Home Office

Whether you are designing the home office of your dreams, or are working with an already existing home office (or just a desk in an open concept kitchen), making room for a homework station is probably a smart idea if you have children, regardless of age. Now that school is back in session, here are some hacks for adding a homework station to your home office.

A Clever Way To Carve Out A Corner For Younger Kids

If your office cabinetry features a long desk and floats against a wall, cleverly carve out a corner for your elementary school student to share your space. By adding an extra chair on one end (or both), you can create an area for you little ones to work alongside you — a prospect everyone will surely love. Keep scale in mind for both the children and the space available. Equip their space with a task lamp and a cute pencil jar just for kids, so they will feel excited about completing their homework at their desk.

Smart Solutions For Sharing A Space With Teens

9-11-18 WLC2-Shared Desk in a home Office

If your desk is deep and sticks out in the middle of the room, sit across from each other on opposite sides of the desk. This works especially well for older kids and teens that use a computer and need room to spread out. If your desk is L-shaped, keep a matching chair in each section to allow desktop space for two. Working across or side by side lets you to spend quality time together while you both have to work, or gives you the opportunity and the room to be there when older kids need assistance with their studies.

Open Concept Creativity

9-11-18 WLC3-Regency Espresso Open Concept Kitchen

If your desk resides in an open concept kitchen, get creative by designating an “office cabinet” (or drawer), just for your child. Inside, keep a basket to house his or her important papers and school supplies. This way, these items will be easy to access and equally easy tuck away, especially when it’s time for Mom or Dad to balance the checkbook or pay bills. Having a desk in the heart of the home encourages togetherness — imagine your child practicing spelling words or solving math problems while you cook dinner nearby.

Utilize An Otherwise Empty Wall

If you’re lucky enough to work from home and have a separate home office, take advantage of an empty wall space opposite your office cabinetry to set up a separate desk for your young child or teen. If space allows, there is no reason your home office couldn’t pull double duty, and identical desks creates a lovely design aesthetic.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!


How To Create A Cohesive Transitional Home Interior

A home with a transitional interior seamlessly combines traditional style with modern design. What does this look like? Think of a contemporary open concept kitchen with classic Shaker cabinets or antique furnishings in a sleek, monochromatic living room. While bringing these two designs together can yield breathtaking results, it’s not the easiest endeavor. Here are some tips for creating this hot style in your home.

Understand the art of mixing.

9-7-18 WLC2-Natural Grey Shaker

When working with two very different styles, keeping things balanced is key. One way to do that is to limit color and create a more neutral color scheme. The elements of the room should add contrast and texture themselves, so adding too many layers of color could create chaos.

Another easy rule is to limit décor. While traditional themes may encourage the addition of accessories, this is against modern design. When creating a transitional room be very mindful of what art and décor you incorporate into the room. Find statement pieces that add character without creating clutter or distracting from your design.

Offset traditional pieces with modern elements and vice versa.

To create cohesion, plan to have a pretty even mix of modern and traditional pieces. While there is no need to play the one for one game, do keep track of where each addition falls, so that you don’t end up with a room that is 80% traditional and 20% modern. This could make the outnumbered pieces look out of place rather than part of your design.

For example, if you prefer traditional types of cabinets in the kitchen, you can round things out with sleek hardware and appliances. If you have an open concept kitchen or great room, you could also create balance with a modern kitchen island or dining room table.

Keep your home’s foundation in mind.

When creating your layout and design, don’t forget about the architectural features in your home. Trims and molding are inherently traditional, for example, so if your home has these time-honored embellishments you may need more modern elements to create the harmony of a transitional design.

This is nothing to worry about, though. If anything, putting a modern stamp on a traditional home can be an easier feat than dating an ultra modern space. Embrace the ornamentation and history and add your own fresh influence.

Let your materials make their mark.

9-7-18 WLC3-Pietra Carrara 12_ x 24_ Porcelain Tile

In transitional design, it is recommended to keep color and décor to a minimum and really rely on textural elements to create an interesting aesthetic. This means that the materials you choose for your flooring, walls and backsplashes hold the utmost importance.

Experiment with a variety of materials such as wood, glass, stone and metal. Your choices can be extremely powerful at subtly achieving your desired look.

The bathroom is one room where your materials will really come into play. Imagine the possibilities. An antique claw foot tub with a chandelier hanging above in a bathroom with modern glass tile, your favorite traditional types of cabinets in a natural wood finish, and an infinity shower.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!

Essential Glassware For A Home Bar

Autumn is the perfect season to start entertaining. And now that you finally have the home bar of your dreams, it’s time to plan for those Halloween cocktail parties, Thanksgiving toasts, and holiday Open Houses filled with cheer. The first step is stocking your bar cabinets with the essential glassware needed for entertaining at home. While there are many options to pick from, you really only need five (or four) basic types of glass for most any beverage.

Wine glasses

Wine Glasses: Whether you select stemmed or stemless, wine glasses are a must when entertaining at home. Opt for clear glass (or crystal) that is elegant yet sturdy, as thinner styles tend to be fragile. If you are a serious wine connoisseur, selecting the proper glass is important, but if you are just starting out, keep one simple rule in mind —traditionally, a wider bowl is used for red wines, while a smaller bowl is used for white. With that said, we have four more essential glass styles on this list, and space is often limited in a home bar. Sometimes, it is smart just to settle for a style that is simple and all-purpose when hosting guests.

Champagne Flutes or Coupes: Celebrations often call for champagne, and a New Years Eve party wouldn’t be the same without it. There are two basic styles of champagne glasses to pick from. Flutes are tall and tapered, while coupes feature a wide, shallow bowl. Equally elegant, the choice is yours, however coupes can pull double duty for martinis and frozen drinks.

Highball Glasses: These versatile glasses are tall and wide, and are either straight or sometimes slightly flared at the top. They hold about ten to twelve ounces, and are perfect for cocktails that contain ice and a mixer or carbonated water, such as a Bloody Mary or Gin Fizz.

negroni on the rocks

Old Fashioned Glasses: Short and wide, these classic glasses hold around six to ten ounces, and feature a heavy bottom. Like the Highball, Old Fashioned glasses are versatile, and are often used for on-the-rocks drinks like the Negroni, Margarita or Manhattan.

Martini Glasses: These distinct glasses have a flared bowl that tapers into a stem. They vary in size from large to small, but for home entertaining, select a middle of the road martini glass in the 6-ounce range. If your bar cabinets are on the small size, you can skip the martini glasses and champagne flutes, and stick to well-rounded coupes instead.

Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, bar room, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood, semi-custom cabinets, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!