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3 Tips For A Clutter-Free Bathroom Vanity

When you walk into the bathroom, you should be greeted with calm, not chaos. But maintaining order is not always as easy as it seems — and towels and toiletries often win the war against clutter. This is especially true with bathroom vanities, as we tend to leave odds and ends on their countertops and use their cabinets as thoughtless storage solutions for anything and everything.

Surely, we’d all like to put an end to this type of mindless disarray once and for all. Who wouldn’t prefer bare countertops and organized cabinets and drawers over mess and confusion? With these tips, you can stop the endless cycle of cleaning, organizing, and disordering your bathroom vanity and finally be clutter-free.

  1. Choose bathroom cabinetry that accommodates your needs and complements your lifestyle.

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When choosing cabinets for a bathroom, it’s important to keep your daily routine and lifestyle in mind. Do you and your partner share a master bath and both get ready in the morning? Then a double sink vanity with clear cabinet separation might be best. This type of divide lets each individual organize his or her own toiletries and belongings, so that every cabinet and drawer has a purpose and every item has a place.

Also consider adding a makeup table when choosing cabinets. One reason many vanities become cluttered is that they are also used for hair and makeup. A makeup table gives you extra space and cabinets specifically to suit these additional items and uses.

If you are choosing cabinets that accommodate your needs and complement your lifestyle, you’ll find that you have adequate storage solutions and a lot less clutter.

  1. Keep the countertop of your bathroom vanity bare.

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Clutter attracts clutter, so it is a good rule to just eliminate the possibility of leaving things on top of your vanity entirely. Don’t even allow for the smallest lipstick or comb to make its home there. If you do, it won’t be long before your entire makeup bag, blow dryer and hairspray have found its way there as well.

As a reminder to keep your vanity bare, make it part of your morning routine to wipe down the countertop after getting ready. Just stow a package of all-purpose cleaning wipes right below your sink for a quick spruce up before starting your day.

  1. Put in some under sink organizers and drawer dividers.

If you want to maximize space, there are plenty of great inside cabinet storage solutions that can help you systemize your bathroom cabinetry.

Start with some basic under sink organizers, which are typically multi-shelved units that fit perfectly in your standard cabinets. These let you take advantage of all of that vertical space you’re likely losing under your bathroom sink.

Drawer dividers are also great for keeping cosmetics and other items orderly. Your typical style is a multi-compartment tray that you place right in your drawer.

Most insider cabinet storage solutions don’t require any installation and offer an easy way to combat disorder in your cabinets and drawers.

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