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5 Trendy, Contemporary Wallpaper Ideas For The Kitchen And Bath

If you consider wallpaper something that should stay in the past, your vision might be incredibly dated. Do you imagine an entire room covered in tacky prints, the paper pealing at the edges, and the colors faded with age? That’s no longer the norm.

It’s time to discover today’s wallpaper options, which are surprisingly modern and much more versatile. From patterns that appear to have texture and dimension to wallpaper that you can actually wash; let’s take a look at five trendy, contemporary wallpaper ideas for the kitchen and bath.

  1. Wallpaper? Just a drop.

Let’s begin by eliminating the notion that wallpaper must cover all of the walls in the room. As part of a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, many designers are choosing to use wallpaper strategically. Some bathroom and kitchen trends include using wallpaper to create an accent wall. You can also make a large room feel more intimate by dividing the walls with a chair rail and wallpapering only the top or bottom half. This allows wallpaper to be purposeful, and adds an interesting element to the room without appearing overwhelming.

  1. It’s the digital age.

2-23-18 WLC2-Rolls of Wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper, we are no longer restricted to what can be painted by hand. With all of the advancements in printing, the wallpaper patterns available are so intricate and diverse that there is something for everyone — and every room. If you’re embarking on a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, consider using wallpaper in a tile-inspired pattern, or one that features a really interesting and unexpected design. Printing offers so many possibilities, there’s no reason to limit your creativity.

  1. Add some texture.

It’s incredible how dimensional modern wallpaper can appear. When shopping styles, you’ll find woven grass, wood grain, cork, and more. Each of these unique materials is able to create a stunning, textured look. There are wallpapers that so closely mimic wood paneling, stone and other natural materials that it is almost impossible to detect any difference compared to the real thing.

  1. Keep it clean.

When you have wallpaper in a room like the kitchen, there is a good chance it will be splattered with food at some point. This used to be a wallpaper tragedy, because cleaning the delicate fabric was anything but easy. Today, you’ll find a vast selection of wallpaper in washable materials that are perfect for applying in the kitchen.

  1. Consider metallics.

2-23-18 WLC3-Metallic Wallpaper Pattern

We’ve already learned that modern wallpaper offers more options when it comes to prints and patterns, is much more durable, and can even appear textured and dimensional. Even more exciting are the color options, which now include shimmering metallics.

Replicating the beauty of gold, silver, and bronze, this beautiful wallpaper can really bring life to a contemporary kitchen or bathroom. If including metallic wallpaper in your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, remember to add some task lighting to highlight each glimmering detail. Bonus: this light reflecting wallpaper can also brighten up the room and make a smaller space feel much larger.

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