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Pet-Friendly Laundry Room Ideas

Pet-Friendly Laundry Room Ideas

Looking to create a space in your home where your four-legged family member can get cozy and feel pampered? If you have at least a medium-size laundry room or a room that serves as both a laundry room and mudroom, this could be the ideal space for your dog or cat to have a special place of his own.

Below are a few ideas for creating a custom laundry room that your pet will love. Choose the ideas that most fit your pet’s needs and get creative with your own ideas as well. If you have the space and budget, you may find yourself incorporating all of these ideas!

Crate Station

Need a good place to put a crate or bed that will be comfortable for your pet, while not being intrusive to your home’s environment? A laundry room can be the ideal space.

Depending on the layout of your laundry room and the amount of space you have available, you may be able to create a perfect nook for a crate that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the room. Custom laundry room cabinets can be designed with a section that serves as a built-in dog crate, providing an option that blends in nicely with your laundry room’s overall design.

If you’re looking for a home for a pet bed, often times these can easily be incorporated to fit right in with custom laundry room cabinetry. If you’re short on space, consider installing a bed that can flip down when your pet needs it and flip back up when not in use. This saves you space and is also visually appealing.

Food Station

Laundry rooms are often an ideal place to keep pet food, providing convenient, out-of-sight storage and easy access. Use laundry room shelves to keep food within easy reach and set up pet bowls in a dedicated spot that your pet can easily get to.

Take it a step further by having custom holes made in the bottom level of an open cabinet for your pet’s bowls. This way, you’ll avoid accidentally stepping on the bowls and the bowls will have a home that keeps them from sliding all over the floor while your pet is eating. This is a great way to keep the food station neater and avoid too much food being wasted from spilling on the floor.

Washing Station

Pet owners know how much of a hassle it can be to wash their furry family member. To make it more convenient to give your pet a bath and keep him clean, set up a washing station in your laundry room.

For those with small to medium-size pets, you can get away with an elevated bath. Not only will this save space, but it’s also a smart option for protecting your knees and back.

If your laundry room also serves as a mudroom, better yet! You can get your pet all cleaned up before she has a chance to track dirt through the house. Plus, pet-washing stations can double as a place where you can rinse off muddy boots and rinse out laundry when coming in from an outdoor adventure!

Litter Box Storage

Anyone with a cat – or who has been to a home with a cat – understands that certain places are more conducive to litter box storage than others. In our opinion, the kitchen falls into one example of a place that’s not such a great place for litter boxes to reside. Laundry rooms, on the other hand, are perfect.

A laundry room not only keeps the litter box out of sight, but it offers the convenience of being able to keep bags of litter and supplies for cleaning out the litter box all in one space.