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Ideas for a Spa Bathroom

If you love going to the spa and are looking to recreate a bit of the spa look and feel in your bathroom at home, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of simple spa bathroom ideas you can try.

The main theme to keep in mind when designing a spa bathroom is that you want the overall design to be minimalist and soothing. Start with a good decluttering of your bathroom, followed by a deep cleaning, and then you can get to the fun of actually creating a serene environment.

Below are some fabulous spa bathroom ideas for designing a space you’ll love using. Start with the ones that are the most appealing or important to you and, if desired, add in more over time.

Ideas for Creating a Minimalist Look and Feel

Choose a Light Color Scheme

Stick with white, sand or light shades of serene colors, such as light blues and greens. These colors create a peaceful and more spacious look. Avoid busy patterns and bold colors.

As for linens, we suggest sticking with all white towels and robes if you truly want to mimic a spa environment.

Use Simple, Vertical Storage

If you don’t have a ton of counter space or you want to create a compact and visually appealing storage solution, go with a vertical storage option to maximize space. A vertical shelf, three-tiered baskets and bathroom ladders are good options. The one that’s best for you will be determined by your style preferences, as well as your bathroom size and layout.

Pampering Ideas

Rain Showerhead

Rain showerheads mimic the fall of natural rain, creating an extremely relaxing shower experience. This is one change worth making, as it’s quick to do, inexpensive and makes your shower experience so much better.

• Candles and Music

Create a truly relaxing setting by placing candles on places like windowsills, shelves and the bathroom vanity, as well as in your bath area. You can also fill clear glass jars with tealights and scatter the jars throughout your bathroom for a warm and welcoming ambiance.

If you also enjoy listening to relaxing music, be sure to get a small waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you can be accompanied by acoustic music or soothing sounds of nature without having to worry about your device getting water damaged.

• Japanese Soaking Tub

If you’re ready for a more drastic change, you may want to consider installing a Japanese soaking tub. These tubs are deep, so that you can immerse your entire body and enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Don’t worry about it taking up too much space, either. They’re deep but not wide, making them a great option for even small bathrooms.

Flooring and Décor Ideas

• Replace Fabric Rugs with Nature-Inspired Bath Mats

Choosing a nature-inspired bath mat will add another level of chic spa style to your bathroom and will certainly feel more luxurious and special than a fabric rug. Some good options include pebble bath mats and cedar wood bath mats.

• Incorporate Plants

Plants not only help to purify the air in your home, but they add lovely, natural décor and a touch of color. Since plants come in many sizes and varieties, it will be easy to find a few perfectly suited for your bathroom, regardless of how much space you have available. Hang them from the ceiling, place them on windowsills or even sit them on the floor to bring life to an empty corner.

• Install Wood Look Tile

When you’re ready to replace your bathroom floor, install wood look tile. Wood flooring adds warmth and creates the feeling of nature and peace, which is exactly what you want in a spa bathroom. However, since real wood flooring isn’t practical for humid spaces, wood look tile (i.e. faux wood tile), which has a higher resistance to water, is a fantastic option for bathrooms. This tile beautifully imitates the natural look of wood, is easy to clean and is a fraction of the cost of real wood flooring.

While you’ll still want to treat yourself to a day at the spa every now and then, using the above ideas to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom will allow you to enjoy mini spa experiences at home after a long day.