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4 Tips For Keeping A Clean And Happy Home For You And Your Pet

If you’re the proud parent of a fur baby, the idea of a clean home may seem more like a far off dream than a possibility. From hair literally everywhere to the inevitable everyday messes, your pet’s presence is always known and usually requires some clean up. Before you drive a wedge between you and your best friend, follow some of these tips for keeping your home clean with pets.

  1. Keep your pet clean.

It may sound obvious but it needs to be mentioned. If there is less dirt on your dog, there will be less dirt in your home. Most pet owners follow the guideline of bringing their dog to be washed and trimmed every month. But many breeds of dogs require special attention outside of traditional grooming.

Cleaning should not start and end with the groomer. If your dog gets dirty on their walks, they should be bathed and brushed much more frequently. Having a pet bath station in your laundry room makes this much easier. Essentially, this station allows you to rinse off your dog after being outdoors without wrecking your bathroom or home. Wall cabinets for laundry room use can also serve as storage for grooming essentials such as shampoo and clippers.

Not only can your pup be comfortably bathed, but the laundry room also provides a safe area for him or her to dry off. If you need help adding a pet bathing station to your laundry room, contact our team for free design services.

  1. Set up a designated play area for your furry companion.

WLC2-White Shaker Pet Bath Station

To maintain order in your home, you will need to create boundaries. If you don’t want your pet’s hair all over the couch or bed, they are going to need an equally appealing option to cuddle up on. Carve out some space in your common area where you and your family tend to spend your time. Maybe there’s an idle spot in your open concept kitchen or a cozy corner in the TV room. Transform that area by setting up a bed and toy bin for your furry companion.

  1. Splurge on the special pet vacuum.

Woman stroking cute cat lying in soft pet bed

In addition to super-strong lint rollers, every pet owner should also have a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair. Standard vacuums tend to leave some hair behind, and also “fling” hair off of surfaces and into the air. Not only does this make clean up twice as hard, but also the brushes on standard vacuums are prone to tangles. Keep things clean and clean up simple by investing in a vacuum with the capabilities and tools for tackling pet hair.

  1. Combat carpet odor with a natural dry cleaner.

Happy girl embracing Golden Retriever while lying on rug at home

Even the cleanest of homes can have lingering odors. Sometimes smells live deep in carpets, and surface cleaning just doesn’t suffice. Dry carpet cleaners are a good solution in these types of situations, as they both clean and add fragrance.

You can find these products sold in stores but you can also make a natural version at home. In a food processor, blend baking soda, cornstarch, cornmeal, Borax, cinnamon, and basil together. Then sprinkle the mixture over carpets and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Afterwards, simply vacuum up the powder and enjoy the clean, fresh fragrance.

While cinnamon and basil are both non-toxic, some ingredients in natural cleaners (like bay leaves) are toxic. If you decide to swap out spices, make sure they are safe for pets.

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