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6 Efficient Tips For Properly Loading A Dishwasher

Household chores don’t have to be a bore — improve your dishwasher’s performance (and cut back on your cleaning time) by loading your dishwasher in the best possible way. For utensils, glassware and dishes that truly sparkle, you can’t just pile it all in and hope for the best. Instead, think outside the box and be methodical with your placement, just as you would with your kitchen design. With a little strategic know-how, you can help your dishwasher reach its full potential in no time.

  1. Compartmentalize

Empty Dishwasher

Most dishwashers have three separate compartments to safely hold items — the top rack, bottom rack, and utensil basket. The top rack holds glasses, mugs, bowls, dishwasher-safe plastic, and other delicate items. Larger and heavier items have a home on the bottom rack, such as dinner plates, bakeware, serving bowls, platters, and pots and pans. Like the name implies, utensils go in the utensil basket.

  1. Keep It Together

Stay organized by grouping like utensils together. This allows for easy sorting later, when putting clean knives, forks, and spoons back in the cutlery tray drawer. When loading the dishwasher, rotate pointing spoons and forks down and up to prevent sticking, and keep knife handles up for safety.

  1. Check Your Filter

Filters are very important and usually are overlooked. Many modern dishwashers have filters to trap food particles, helping to keep the main compartment clean. It’s best to regularly clean out any filters, to keep your dishwasher running smoothly.

  1. Skip The Pre-Rinse

Although this has long been a controversial cleaning debate, and a matter of preference, pre-rinsing is not necessary. Most modern dishwashers are equipped with sensors that measure how dirty your dishes are, and adjust the cleaning process accordingly, saving you time and water usage. With that said, a quick rinse is okay — you should make sure large food pieces are gone before loading the dishwater.

5. Don’t Be Scared Of Stemware

2-20-18 WLC3-Southport Ashen

You wouldn’t want to put your fine crystal stemware in the dishwasher, but everyday wine glasses should be perfectly safe. Keep them tilted inside the holders on the upper rack to get a thorough clean. Just beware of the bottom rack, since the water temperature is hotter there, and the cleaning detergents are thicker.

  1. Don’t Over-Use The Detergent

Too much of anything is bad; so don’t go heavy on the detergent. Instead of leaving your dishes clean, too much detergent wastes money and leads to slimy dishes. Read the product label on the back and stick to the recommended amount, or opt for pods instead.

Think of your dishwasher like you would a good kitchen design, with thoughtful consideration for placement and practicality, and then put your newfound knowledge to the test. By incorporating these easy and efficient tips for loading your dishwasher properly, you can help to achieve organization from the inside out.

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