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5 Genius Ways To Update Your Home Office Space

If you work from home, you’re well aware of the importance a home office holds. Even when you drive to your office every day, it can be very difficult separating your work life from your personal life. When that office is just feet away from where you eat, sleep, and relax, the need for balance becomes mission critical. Here, you’ll discover how to update your home office space to a place for productivity — with storage solutions and decorating tips.

  1. Add some cabinets.

If the other habitants of your home are famous for stashing their odds and ends in your office, it’s time to install some permanent storage solutions — and boundaries. Cabinetry is one way to rent out some of your office space without turning it into a storage unit. Your desk should be just for you, but a wall of cabinets offers more than enough space to share.

When choosing cabinets, determine how many drawers and cabinets you need, and then multiple that by two. Whether you need a filing cabinet for the decade worth of bank statements your spouse is hoarding or toy storage for your toddler, extra cabinetry can keep the arsenal of things out of sight and under control.

  1. Follow a design that doesn’t resemble that of your home.

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You want a clear distinction between your office and the rest of your home. One way to achieve that is by designing the space to be drastically different. When you walk in the room or sit down at your desk, you should actually feel as though you’re no longer in your home.

The purpose of this is to change your mindset. You want to think, “I am no longer at home, and I am now at work.” When you experience this shift in your surroundings, it’s easier to make this shift within yourself.

  1. Out with the ordinary.

There are many office essentials, such as pens, paper, tape, and staplers. These items may seem ordinary, but they don’t have to look that way. Upgrade your office supplies and turn ordinary items into desk décor.

Acrylic desk accessories with metal accents are currently trending, and when your stapler is accented with bling it is anything but ordinary. Find supplies that you love, and that inspire you, because these necessities aren’t going anywhere.

  1. Splurge on the stuff that matters to you and you alone.

We are all guilty of seeing something in someone else’s home and instantly assuming it is what we want. But just because something looks beautiful, doesn’t mean it will make us happy. Avoid falling in the trap of buying the big leather desk chair or fancy gold globe if it has no meaning to you. Really think about what makes you work best, and invest in those items. They will undoubtedly give you the biggest return, paying you back in endless productivity.

If you get antsy sitting in a chair all day, a standing desk may completely change the flow of your day. If you often find yourself distracted by what’s going on outside your window, hang up some heavy drapery and install some good lighting. Splurge on what you love, not what looks nice in your neighbor’s house.

  1. Create clutter fighters.

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Nothing is more of a nuisance than literally being buried in paperwork. Find a way to fight against common clutter by setting your desk up for success.

Creating storage solutions doesn’t just mean choosing cabinets that will hide everything. It’s also important to have places in arm’s reach that you can turn to. Adding a wire hanging filing basket on the side of your desk can be your go-to for clearing your desk off in a hurry. A desktop organizer that has a designated space for your pens, phone and sticky notes is a simple way to maintain order. Little things can go a long way when it comes to clutter.

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