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Italian Basil

The 5 Best Culinary Herbs to Grow This Spring

Italian Basil

Italian Basil: Italian basil leaves are mildly sweet, and are perfect for soups and sauces (think tomato or pesto), or on top of pastas, omelets, pizza, poultry, and fish. Basil is a good source of fiber, and has anti-inflammatory properties. As a self-sustainable herb, it can grow inside or outside with water every other day. Plant seeds near a sunny window or greenhouse, and bring to a garden in the late spring or early summer. Or begin with a small starter plant. Basil grows rapidly, and can get stalky if you are not careful. After six weeks, pinch off the center shoot to prevent early flowering, and clip back the leaves regularly to encourage full, healthy growth throughout the summer.

ChivesChives: This fragrant herb belongs to the onion family and packs a versatile, flavorful punch. Chives contain vitamins that can boost your immune system, and can be chopped into almost anything from salads, eggs, cheese, potatoes, spreads, and sauces. Chives grow easily, even indoors with little light. Sow seeds in the spring a half an inch deep, in rows, and 12 inches apart. Once the seedlings appear, thin the rows to about 6 inches apart. You can also find chives as a starter plant in the early spring. Onion chives grow in clumps, and should be clipped from the outer edge, about a half-inch above the soil level, leaving plenty to restore the plant. While their rosy purple flowers are nice, your plant will produce more leaves if you pinch off the buds.

close-up of fresh dill leavesDill: Dill is not just for pickles! These seeds and leaves have a bitter, sharp taste, which is great in both dried and fresh form for foods like fish, soups, salads, meats, poultry, omelets, potatoes, and sandwiches. Dill is rich in antioxidants, including beta-carotene, and can also stop hiccups in their tracks. Direct sunlight and deep soil is the best environment for growing dill. Seeds flourish in the early spring in soil a quarter inch deep, with rows 9 inches apart. Water indoor plants a few times a week, and once a week if planting outside.

mintMint: Mint leaves have a refreshingly crisp taste — perfect when paired with brewed teas or as garnish for cold drinks. The main component of a mojito, mint is also used in sauces and jellies. Sprinkle raw leaves over meats or over side dishes for extra flavor. Loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, mint is a great breath freshener! Mint grows incredibly fast in the spring, and needs lots of watering to get established. It is a spreading plant that tends to grow over and around its surroundings. Overcome this issue by planting 4-6 inches apart, with boards or brinks 1 foot deep around the seedbeds, or grow them in large bottomless buckets within a garden. Better yet, give mint a pot of its own, and let it grow!

Parsley: This aromatic herb is loaded with nutrients like vitamins A and C, and mixes great into salads, soups, stews, casseroles, and omelets. Parsley is best when served fresh as a garnish with meats, fish, and onion dishes. It is easy to maintain, and doesn’t need much sunlight, and although it’s slower to grow than most, the result is well worth the wait. Sow seeds in spring for summer use, and replant midsummer for autumn and winter. First soak the seeds overnight and lay thinly about 9-10 inches apart.

Starting an herb garden is easy, healthy, and cost-effective. Stop buying expensive bunches of herbs at the local grocery and grow your own. For indoor gardens, you’ll need some organic potting mix, and a collection of small pots placed around the edges of your kitchen sink or windowsill — anywhere where sunlight can reach them. For outside gardens, use a large pot in a sunny location, or build a DIY wooden planter box for the best results. Then bask in the aroma and flavor as you watch your garden grow.

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