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Sliding Glass Door

Spring Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

 Sliding Glass Door

The blooming of beautiful flowers and warmer weather is always welcomed after winter, but with the change of season comes the rude reminder it’s time to clean house. Spring cleaning is a common occurrence in most homes, but that doesn’t make it any more appealing. Here are a few spring cleaning hacks to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

Puppy on CarpetRemove hair or fur from carpets: If you’re the proud parent to a dog or cat that sheds, you know all too well the constant struggle of keeping carpet hair-free. You’ve also probably broken or clogged up a vacuum or two in an attempt to do so. This hack will forever change the way you clean your carpet. Simply use a window squeegee to lift out hair. As you run the squeegee along the carpet, hair will start balling up for easy disposal. This is the perfect first step to cleaning carpets, especially with allergy season right around the corner.

Clean your stovetop and protect from further spills and stains: You can’t cook anything without something spilling or splashing on to your stovetop, but after taking the time to make a meal, the last thing you want to do is scrub that mess away. This hack will not only get your stovetop looking good, but will make it easier to clean down the road. After you’ve cleaned the surface, apply a thin layer of car wax and then gently buff with a towel. The finishing product is awe-worthy, and the protectant will let you wipe away those spills and splashes much easier the next time your dinner finds its way to the surface of your stovetop. Car wax also works well to keep fingerprints and smudges off of stainless steel refrigerators!

Cleaning Wood FurnitureFade water rings on tables: If the holidays and months of entertaining have left your dining room or coffee table a little less pretty, this hack is for you. Guests sometimes forget to use coasters and the result is an eye-sore of a water ring. But refinishing or replacing the table is not your only option. First try turning a blow dryer on high heat and letting it hover over the stain for a few minutes. You should see the mark begin to fade right before your eyes. If the spot still doesn’t look quite right, you can rub over it with a little olive oil or use a furniture-cleaning product that is safe to use on wood.

Clean sliding glass door tracks and dirty blinds: As the barrier to the outdoors, the area around windows and sliding glass doors can become especially dirty. From the black guck on door tracks to dust covered blinds, tackling these jobs can seem daunting. Most of us resort to removing blinds altogether, but this cleaning hack will make it much more simple. Make a mix of equal parts water and vinegar, and dip an old sock in the solution. Slip it on your hand and run over blinds, in between tracks and wherever else your windows and doors are dirty.

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