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5 Clever Uses For A Portable Cart

Portable carts are the ideal solution for homes that lack space for a large, built-in kitchen island. But they can be so much more than that. Custom cabinets offer a wide variety of storage solutions and serve a wide variety of needs, and that includes portable islands and carts. Here, we’ll offer ideas and inspiration, with clever uses for a portable cart, regardless of your kitchen needs and square footage.

A Cart For Getting Crafty

You dream of a designated craft room, but in reality, you craft anywhere and everywhere throughout your home. Does this sound familiar? If so, get clever—and crafty—by using a portable cart for all your artsy odds and ends. Makers can find inspiration wherever they go, and they are known for making the most of whatever they have on hand. Keep craft supplies at the ready with a rolling cart, like this Roots Rack Industrial Cart, and go from the kitchen, to the TV room, to the bedroom whenever the mood to create strikes. 

A Cleaning Cart That Simplifies Chores

Make spring cleaning a lot less of a chore by rolling your supplies from room to room. Keeping all the different spray bottles, sponges, scrub brushes, cloth wipes and other essentials all in one spot and easily accessible makes polishing, scouring and dusting a lot less work. Doing so not only saves you time, but it also spares you the effort of having to carry everything around the house as you go about your tasks.

A Mobile Bar Cabinet For Parties

A portable cart can serve as a mini home bar, even when you have built-in bar room cabinetry at home. Imagine being able to easily move the party outside to the backyard patio or simply to another room in the house. It’s possible when you have a mobile bar cabinet. Some of our portable carts even come with stools that tuck away inside when not in use, like this cherry cart with a black granite top and upholstered saddle stools, so friends can pull up a seat right at the bar when you are mixing up cocktails. 

A Coffee Cart For Home Baristas

If you start your day with a hot cup of Joe, enjoy an afternoon latte pick-me-up, and end your day with an after-dinner cappuccino, a coffee cart will help you fully realize your home barista aspirations. Many of our portable kitchen carts come with all wood cabinets to store coffee beans and grinders, mugs, sugar, flavored syrups, stirrers and other necessary items on adjustable shelves behind closed doors. They also feature countertops for home brewing appliances, plus towel bars for easy clean up of coffee drips and spills. 

A Cart For School Supplies

If you homeschool or have distance-learning students, having a home office or multipurpose workspace is a must. Still, not everyone has the square footage for home office cabinetry, and if you do, it’s not always easy (or possible) for telecommuting parents to turn over this valuable area to their kids. That is why many will opt for a simple desk in the child’s bedroom, but having a portable cart for school supplies can give your little student the freedom to learn wherever they feel comfortable, from the kitchen island to the TV room sofa.   

Have you been inspired? Click here to browse our selection of portable islands and carts, and share the creative way you plan to use yours!

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How To Streamline Back To School Meals With A Better Organized Kitchen

If you’re responsible for meal time in your home, you know the dedication it takes to keep your family fed. And when school starts, things only get more hectic. From packing lunches to planning dinners, it can be overwhelming to organize a full week of meals. Save some time and avoid last-minute panic with these tips to streamline back to school meals with a better organized kitchen.




Keep things organized with inside cabinet accessories.

What hides behind closed doors can be the secret to successful meals. Have you ever started a recipe only to realize you don’t have the right spices? Or discovered your favorite casserole dish is still at your mother-in-laws right after you’ve prepped all of your ingredients? These kind of blunders are easy to eliminate with the right inside cabinet accessories.

Organize every kitchen pantry cabinet with spice racks and tray dividers and all of your kitchen essentials can be in plain sight. These handy organize comes in all sizes and cover a multitude of needs so that everything in your kitchen can have a proper place. Because of this diversity, they can also be used in your pantry, cabinets, and even your kitchen island.


Food prep for easy weeknight meals.

Last minute decision making can cause stress and often lead to takeout orders and other unhealthy food decisions. Before you do your weekly grocery shopping, plan out the meals you plan to make. By shopping with purpose, you can eliminate the daily stress of wondering, “What’s for dinner?”

It is also helpful to start prepping for the week ahead before it starts. Cleaning berries, roasting vegetables, and boiling staples like rice ahead of time can cut the time it takes to put together snacks and meals throughout the week. Use food storage containers that are designed to keep food fresher longer to reduce spoilage and keep your prepped food delicious for days.


Set up a breakfast bar for busy mornings.

When your family eats breakfast at the kitchen island, you can get more done while worrying less. Having kids nearby while you pack lunches or get ready for your workday can save you precious minutes in the morning – which are worth their weight in gold.

Set up a quick breakfast bar in the morning with juice, cereal, fruit and milk so kids can help themselves — or whip up a smoothie that the whole family can share. Breakfast is easier when you keep this meal time in the kitchen rather than the dining room so you can multi-task and minimize clean up.


Put afternoon snacks in arm’s reach.

Are your kids gunning for food the minute they walk through the front door? After school snack time can keep kids focused and productive for homework and satisfied until dinner. Make afternoon snacking easy by organizing healthy options in the refrigerator and your kitchen pantry cabinet. Choose a shelf that is in arm’s reach so that younger ones can easily reach for items on their own.

Refrigerated options can include carrots with hummus, celery and peanut butter, yogurt with berries, or hard-boiled eggs. Some pantry staples in our home are nuts, trail mix, popcorn, kale chips and single-serve, low-sugar oatmeal cups.


Welcome to Willow Lane Cabinetry — the #1 place to buy affordable, semi-custom cabinets online! Let us help you create the kitchen, home office, home bar, laundry room, TV room, or bath of your dreams with our 100% free room design tool. We offer all wood cabinetry, fully assembled and delivered for free. Plus all the accessories you need to complete your remodel. Visit our website to see our products today!