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Comparing Kitchen Island Styles And Shapes

You may think that if you’ve seen one kitchen island, you’ve seen them all. But this popular kitchen element has a lot more layers than you can believe. From a variety of styles to a wide range of shapes, there are many different options available to homeowners. Narrow down your choices to reveal the kitchen island of your dreams with this comparison of the different kitchen island styles and shapes.


  1. Galley Island

If you try to imagine a kitchen island in your mind, the style that probably appears is a galley island. This is your standard, rectangular kitchen island that stands in the middle of an open concept kitchen. You can walk around it entirely because it doesn’t connect to any walls or furniture. This style usually accommodates bar-style seating on one side.

While a galley island may be traditional or common, it is extremely functional and is designed to carry a lot of the weight in a kitchen. Housing the sink and dishwasher or a kitchen range, you’ll typically find one large appliance installed into a galley island.

  1. L-Shaped Island

When choosing custom cabinets, especially for a larger kitchen, you may decide you want to expand your kitchen design to include an L-shaped island. This style provides additional storage and countertop space by taking advantage of any available square footage in your kitchen. Its formation is meant to follow the flow of your kitchen cabinets, standing parallel along each side.

If cooking is your passion and your kitchen is often a busy workstation, an L-shaped island may be the perfect style for you. But if you prefer a more open concept design, this style may provide too many barriers and feel too spread out for your liking.

  1. U-Shaped or Circular Island

The U-shaped island is similar to the L-shaped island in that it follows the flow of your kitchen and is more suited for larger homes. Its pros and cons are predominantly the same — you gain storage and prep space in exchange for a more open concept design.

Similarly, a circular island exists that eliminates the corners of the U-shaped island for a completely rounded design. A circular island is one of the less common choices when it comes to kitchen islands. But this unique design can be the perfect fit in certain modern designs. In order for this type of island to maintain its functionality, you will have to have custom cabinets created to work with the unusual shape.

  1. Portable Island or Cart

If you love the look of a kitchen island but have a smaller home or are a renter, a portable island or cart is a great alternative. This portable piece of furniture can be positioned anywhere in the room and can even be tucked away on demand. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many even with the capability for bar seating. You will find some varieties with wheels for easy navigation and others that resemble freestanding furniture (like a bookshelf or buffet table).

Not that you know all of the different styles and shapes of kitchen islands, which type will you choose for your home?


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