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How To Design The Ideal Home Office

Whether your home office is used for running a business full-time or telecommuting just a few days each month, you want your space to perfectly blend style, comfort, and utility. Designing a practical workspace in your home is not that difficult a task, but to be successful, you have to do it right. Here, we’ll show you how to design the ideal home office, complete with storage solutions, and comfort in mind.

A home office should be more than just a desk and a chair.

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Since you will be likely be spending a good amount of time sitting at that desk, you will also need storage solutions to help you stay organized and on task. Home office cabinetry keeps office supplies neatly hidden behind closed doors, yet easily accessible. Other features to consider include lighting, décor, and a quiet location in the home.

For your walls, choose inspiring colors that stimulate creativity and improve focus.

According to Taskworld, an online project management platform, happy hues like blue, green, yellow and red are perfect for use in the office.

  • Red increases your heart rate and is great for tasks that involve physical activity.
  • Yellow is an optimistic color that inspires creativity.
  • Green is easy on the eyes and is good for people who work long hours.
  • Blue is stable and calming, yet improves focus.

Invest in a good chair.

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Like we mentioned earlier, you will be spending many hours parked in your office chair — so make sure you pick a good one! A comfortable, ergonomically correct chair is worth every penny, since this will impact your health and your productivity more than anything else in your home office.

According to Lifehacker, these are the features to look for when purchasing an office chair:

  • Adjustability: A reclining chair helps to reduce pressure on the spine and bones involved in sitting.
  • Chair Height: Feet should be flat on the floor, thighs should be parallel to the ground, and arms should be parallel to the work surface.
  • Arm Rests: These offer proper support and arm placement when typing.
  • Seat Depth: Ideally, there should be three or four fingers-width distance between the back of your knees and the front of the seat while seated.
  • Lumbar Support: This helps to ward of fatigue and back pain while working.

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