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Best Pantry Storage Ideas

The pantry is one spot in the home that can go from super organized to a complete mess very quickly if you don’t have the right storage systems and organizational tools in place.

Streamline your pantry organization system with the storage ideas below and it will be easy to keep your pantry neat and tidy at all times. Say goodbye to a cluttered, inefficient pantry for good!

#1: Clear Storage Containers

One of the top recommendations we have for creating an organized pantry that is streamlined and efficient is using clear storage containers. Transferring items like flour, sugar, dried beans, nuts, seeds and small snacks to matching glass jars gives your pantry a visually appealing, uniform look. And it helps you to quickly find and grab exactly what you need without rummaging through various opened boxes and bags! If you want to go the extra mile, label your jars so there’s no chance of mistaking one item for another. It will make it that much quicker for you to find exactly what you need.

For items that you can’t transfer to a container, such as canned goods, nut butters and boxes of crackers, group similar items together and store them in such a way that you can easily see the label on the box to identify what it contains.

#2: Use the Inside of Your Pantry Door

Just like we’re fans of using the inside of your kitchen cabinets for getting extra storage space, we also love using the inside of your pantry door to create additional storage. No matter the size of your pantry, utilizing this space is a great idea. It’s especially useful for storing light items you use daily and need quick, easy access to, such as spices, boxes of aluminum foil and saran wrap and freezer and snack bags. Check out our door mount spice rack and vertical door rack for some options.

#3: Install Open Shelving

Open shelves are always useful and are highly recommended for a small, narrow pantry. To keep your shelves orderly, functional and aesthetically pleasing, use matching jars, baskets and bins to hold your items. When possible, get clear storage containers, as discussed in the first suggestion above.

#4: Portable Kitchen Cart/Island

If you have a very small pantry, a portable kitchen cart/island is a great way to get the extra pantry space you need. Move items that you use most often to the cart and you’ll free up more space in your pantry for less frequently used items.

Don’t have a pantry or any extra space to create a pantry area? No need to be discouraged! A portable kitchen cart/island on its own can hold your most essential pantry items and keep them well-organized to boot.