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When Is It Time For New Kitchen Cabinets

How to Know When it’s Time for New Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering if you can still get by with your existing kitchen cabinets or if it’s time to say goodbye and replace them? While it’s normal for cabinets to eventually lose their luster and start showing signs of wear and tear, it’s important to know the surefire signs that signal a replacement may be necessary.

Below are the top 3 signs that you need new cabinets and, perhaps surprisingly, only the first one has to do with the physical integrity of the cabinets.

#1: Damage or Compromised Durability

If your cabinets are broken beyond repair, for example, with large cracks or dents, it’s probably time to replace them. Additionally, cabinets with water damage will most likely require replacement. Sometimes water damage can be fixed, but if your cabinets show the following signs of more serious water damage, it’s advisable to replace them:

  • Wood has begun to warp
  • Cabinets don’t open or close properly
  • Cabinets are bubbling up (whether on the inside, outside or both)
  • Wood has started to darken or change color
  • There are signs of mold

#2: Outdated Style

We all know that some kitchen design trends can quickly come and go. Although cabinet styles tend to stay “in” longer, if you’ve had your cabinets for several years, there’s a good chance that they’re not in style anymore.

When researching new cabinets, a classic look similar to that offered by Shaker kitchen cabinets is always a great option. Timeless cabinet designs will serve you well for many years and are extremely versatile, complementing a wide array of kitchen décor and design schemes.

#3: Inefficient Functionality

Even if your cabinets are in decent shape and are still in style, if the overall function doesn’t work for you and the layout isn’t efficient, you have a great reason to consider new cabinets.

Too much time is spent in the kitchen to suffer with a frustrating cabinet layout that isn’t conducive to performing kitchen tasks as easily and efficiently as possible. You’ll also want to have cabinets that are designed to optimize storage, which will save you precious time (and your sanity) on a daily basis.

Work with one of our professional kitchen designers to discuss your needs. We’d love to create a free online customized kitchen design that matches your vision for your ideal kitchen cabinets!