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3 Hacks For A Pet-Friendlier Home

If it feels like you’re living in your dog’s house and not the other way around, it may be time to add some smart storage solutions to your home. Many homeowners initially neglect creating designated destinations for their pet’s belongings, but this approach can quickly cause serious clutter. You may not have predicted the amount of things your pet would need, but now that you know, it’s time to do something about it.

Just like you organize each room based on its function, you’ll want to put in place a set spot for your pet wherever they eat, sleep and bathe.

  1. Separate pet food and human food for easy feedings morning and night.

Most pets have one or two types of food and a few varieties of treats. Rather than have them mixed in with your food in the pantry, create a designated drawer or basket to keep their food and snacks separate from your human food.

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But storage solutions aren’t the only issue in the kitchen. When pets eat, it can get messy! To keep food and water spills from dirtying your kitchen floors, place their serving bowls on top of a tray to trap any messes before they spread.

  1. Make bath time more blissful with a designated washing station or portable caddy.

Keeping your pet clean can be a full-time job, which is why many of us choose to drop our fur baby off at the groomer! But if you’re up for the task, the best way to tackle bath time is by having a wash station stocked with all of their shampoos, treatments, and grooming tools. If your laundry room can accommodate a wash station, this is really the best place to build one. Willow Lane Cabinetry can help you design a custom laundry room that includes a wash station for your furry friend, and cabinetry for storage.

If your home doesn’t have the room for a washing station, or your pet prefers to be bathed outdoors, repurposing a shower caddy for a portable grooming station is an easy alternative. Stock it up with all of the necessities so you’re never looking for a nail clipper or brush in the middle of grooming again.

  1. Since they can’t have their own room, set up a nice nook that they’d be happy to call their own.

Cute little kitten sleeping in pet bed

If your pet has stolen your side of the bed or has been sleeping on top of your shoes, you might want to consider creating a nice little nook for them to rest and relax. From pet beds to caves, there are plenty of comfortable options that your dog or cat would be just as happy to call home. Find a location in the home that they already are drawn to, for example, that sunny spot in the corner of your bedroom or living room. Set up their bed, any pet furniture, and a small bin with their favorite toys. The goal is to provide their own cozy place to go back to when it’s time for bed — or if they just some alone time.

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