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Grouting Backsplash – Know Your Options

When installing a kitchen backsplash, there are a few different types of grout you can choose from. How do you know which is best? Here, we’ll compare some of the options you’ll find, and introduce you to some innovative new styles that you may want to try.


1. Powder or Pre-Mixed

Powder grout requires mixing while pre-mixed does not. With the powder version, you will need to pour the grout into a bucket, add water, and mix using a trowel until the grout is smooth. The size of the job you’re working on may impact your decision on which to use. Most homeowners will prefer powder grout for larger jobs.


2. Cement-Based or Epoxy

You will see both cement-based and epoxy grout options, but how do they compare? Epoxy has some benefits over cement-based. Because it is made of epoxy resins and filler, it is more durable. It is also more resistant to stains and water than cement. However, epoxy is much pricier than cement-based grout and is more difficult to work with. You also need to ensure you clean your tile properly after using epoxy because it can leave a glossy residue.


3. Sanded or Unsanded

When filling the gaps between your kitchen backsplash tiles, you will need to use either sanded or unsanded grout. Both are cement-based, but one has added sand for extra durability and to reduce shrinkage. When grout dries it can shrink down, which is why sanded grout tends to be the preferred option for flooring.


However, if you’re working on a vertical surface like a shower or a kitchen backsplash, you may decide to use unsanded. Durability and shrinkage concerns don’t apply here. Vertical tile isn’t exposed to foot traffic and tiles are usually very close together. Unsanded grout is also easier to work with, which is a benefit when grouting on a wall.


4. Acrylic

Some grouts come pre-mixed with acrylic. Homeowners sometimes choose this option because it does not require you to use a sealer. Acrylic is a silicone additive that gives your grout stronger adhesion qualities. It also stabilizes the grout so that cold temperatures will not affect it — obviously a benefit for an outdoor kitchen.

Now that we’ve examined all the different grout types, you may be wondering why your grout should just blend into the background? It definitely doesn’t have to. Your grout can be both functional and fashionable with these creative options.


5. Designer Colors

Custom kitchens can benefit from the wide range of grout colors now available. With designer colors, you can match your grout almost perfectly with the tile used in your kitchen backsplash. This creates a much more cohesive and modern look, with less contrast.


6. Metallic Grout

Even more alluring are the metallic types of grout that can enhance your kitchen project even further. These sparkling shades are available in silver, gold, copper and glittering styles, and will let your grout stand out against your beautiful backsplash tile.



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