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Oakland Gray - Willow Lane Cabinetry

5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Are Trending Now

Perfectly placed lighting under your custom cabinets, decorative wall art and barely-there chandeliers. The way we think about kitchen lighting is changing, and we’re here to show you how these new trends can enhance and illuminate your home. 


Read on to discover five ways you can welcome the new wave of lighting into your kitchen. 


Midtown Dark Grey Shaker - Willow Lane Cabinetry1. Hello, LED!


Bulky incandescent light bulbs are becoming a thing of the past, as we make way for the new lighting in town. LED bulbs (which stands for light emitting diode) have a longer lifespan and greater efficiency. Their technology also allows for endless capabilities when it comes to getting lights in new, smaller, and more interesting places. Illumination under your custom cabinets or bright wall art, like we mentioned before, is all the more possible thanks to LED lighting. Switch out the bulbs you have or plan for a full lighting makeover in your kitchen remodel.


2. Sometimes more is more.  


Pendants have long been a popular lighting choice in kitchens, but lately we’re seeing more of them — literally. Clusters of pendants are being hung side by side to create a larger design. We love the look of this stylish lighting design in modern and transitional kitchens. Hang yours above a breakfast table or kitchen island for trendy task lighting. 


3. Décor is demanding a presence.


With the popularity of open concept designs, kitchens and living areas are becoming one in the same. This is allowing kitchens to adopt more décor and style that may have previously been reserved for the living or dining room. Large chandeliers, wall sconces, and cabinetry lighting is making the space feel warmer. Invite your family and guests to come and stay awhile by incorporating some of this décor lighting into the kitchen.


4. Show me your kitchenware.


While above and under cabinet lighting has not lost its luster, many homeowners are also selecting to add showcase lighting to their custom cabinets. Showcase lighting is a feature typically reserved for glass cabinet doors, and refers to the installation of light fixtures inside the cabinets. This allows the contents to be illuminated and clearly seen, even when the cabinet doors are closed. While this lighting trend is typically reserved for glass cabinets, a similar installation can be made for open shelving. Add showcase lighting to your custom cabinets by including some glass doors or open shelving in your kitchen design.


Southport Ashen - Willow Lane Cabinetry5.  Throw away tradition.


The standard shapes we’re familiar seeing in the kitchen are starting to be replaced by more interesting options. Floating orb pendants, canopy lighting, and lamp-like sconces are stealing the show — and rightfully so. By bringing these artistic fixtures into the kitchen, you’re creating a more dynamic space without losing functionality. Any time you can combine purpose and panache in interior design, it is a win in our book. Try not playing by the rules and experiment with some of the new shapes and styles of lighting fixtures trending today.



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