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Manchester Shaker Black (Semi-Custom) Home Office - Willow Lane Cabinetry

Making The Most Of Your Office Storage Space

Whether your home office is your full-time or part-time workplace, it’s important that the space is organized and functional. You don’t want to be distracted by disarray and clutter when you sit down to get things done. Here you’ll find some useful tips for organizing your home office and making the most of your office cabinetry.


Society Shaker Canvas Home Office - Willow Lane CabinetryPurge your office of unnecessary papers and odds and ends.


Before you can optimize your office storage space, you need to rid your office cabinetry of unnecessary items. Sorting through your papers is a good place to start, since we tend to hold on to documents and emails much longer than we should. Set up a paper shredder in your office and go through each piece one by one. If it’s trash, shred it. If it’s important, file it. This will be a bit tedious, but the extra space you will free up will make this task well worth it.


After you’ve deciphered which documents are worth holding on to, take an inventory of the odds and ends you’re stashing away in the drawers and cabinets. A paperweight you never use? A stack of recordable compacts disks you no longer need? It’s time to let these items go and start fresh.


Create a filing system that works for you.


Listen to your natural intuition when creating a filing system. There are many ways to keep your documents organized, but that doesn’t mean all of them will work for you. Color coding and labeling are a few popular styles of filing. Choose a system that you can stick to, and then find a place that can accommodate your organizer or filing cabinet.


Prepare for the expected.


We all know our weaknesses when it comes to organization. Do you let mail pile up on your desk? Do you save receipts until the ink has worn away? Take action now to avoid these bad habits from making their mark on your newly organized office space. Set up a mail station in your office. Download an app that digitally stores your receipts for you. There are many simple solutions to keep clutter from reappearing in your office cabinetry.


Invest in a wireless printer.


Wireless printers can be kept in a more accommodating space, since they don’t need to connect to your computer. This will free up room around your desk, and eliminate at least one wire that’s probably in your way.


Bottom Mount Single Pullout Waste Container - Willow Lane CabinetryUse drawer dividers to organize your office supplies.


Pens, Post-it Notes, whiteout, permanent markers, tape and more! The amount of office supplies that builds up in drawers can be overwhelming. Only keep what you need by using dividers in your drawers and separating your supplies. This way you never have to look for a pen (or open another box) because they’ll always be in plain sight. 


Keep your trash bin behind a cabinet door.


There are many different styles of inside cabinet organizers that can help you to make the most of your office cabinetry. One of those is a pullout waste container that lets you easily toss away trash or dispose of paper shreds.



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