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Tray Divider/Foil Wrap Holder - Willow Lane Cabinetry

5 Genius Ways To Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen

We shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the items in our kitchen. But somehow we always find ourselves sorting and sifting through our cabinetry, looking for this or that, and always coming up frazzled. Even with a larger kitchen, it seems we just accumulate more appliances and kitchenware, cluttering up all of that extra space. If your storage has you stumped, here are five genius ways to maximize the space, with a few amazing kitchen cabinet organizers and some clever hacks.


1. Install Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Inside Your Cabinetry


There are many inside cabinet accessories that can help you maximize the storage space in your kitchen. Favorites include mounted door racks, base cabinet fillers, and pullout storage solutions. All of these options help you to optimize the space you have, so you can accommodate all of your kitchenware without accumulating clutter.


If you are ready to start maximizing the storage in your kitchen, take a look at these kitchen cabinet organizers from Willow Lane Cabinetry:


Tray Divider/Foil Wrap Holder: This pullout organizer has two compartments, where you can store baking sheets, platters, foil, plastic wrap, and more. The center racks can be removed, so that you can accommodate larger bakeware or platters if necessary. Options include a 9” wide base cabinet, or a 12” size. Stop storing your baking sheets in your oven once and for all!


Two-Tier Chrome Cookware Organizer - Willow Lane CabinetryTwo-Tier Chrome Cookware Organizer: If you want a place to put your pots and pans, but don’t like the look of a hanging rack, let us introduce to you the pullout cabinet organizer. Featuring two tiers, this accessory allows you to store away a variety of cookware sizes and brands with its adjustable dividers. This organizer is truly a cook’s dream!


Of course, these are just a small sampling of the many kitchen cabinet organizers available. Browse all of the inside cabinet accessories from Willow Lane Cabinetry to maximize storage in your kitchen, and read on for more ideas and inspiration.


2. Add A Towel Rack To A Kitchen Cabinet Door Or Wall


Your dishtowel is probably lying on your countertop as we speak, making your kitchen appear unorganized, and slowly aging your countertop. Add a small towel bar to the inside or outside of a cabinet door, or a wall next to your kitchen sink. This will create a designated spot for your dishtowel forever.


3.  Find Smart Solutions For Small Appliances And Tools


Benjamin Franklin famously once said, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Instead of cluttering your countertop with a toaster oven, blender, knife block, and stand mixer, take this sound advice and invest in helpful items that tame the counter clutter. A Heavy-Duty Mixer Lift in a base cabinet, or a Trimmable Knife Block tucked in a drawer, can go a long way in making your kitchen tidy. Designate a cabinet with a shelf for other small appliances, and add a Tray Divider for miscellaneous bake ware.


Woven Basket with Rails - Willow Lane Cabinetry4. Hang Tiered Baskets Or Bins To Store Produce


Many of us have a bowl on our countertop for fruit or vegetables, which unnecessarily takes up valuable countertop space. A Woven Basket with Rails allows you to store your fruits and vegetables, like potatoes, onions, apples  — and even fresh bread — without taking up any counter space at all.


5. Use Desk Organizers In Your Refrigerator


Clear desk organizers are not just for office cabinetry. They can keep your refrigerator and freezer in line. You’ll be able to clearly find and grab any item you need, and you will even be able to accommodate more groceries with this clever organization hack that groups like items together.



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