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4 Ways To Naturally Clean Kitchen Hoods And Metal Surfaces

Stainless steel Kitchen hoods, kitchen sinks, and kitchen appliances are all durable and beautiful, but require routine cleaning to keep them sparkling like new. The best way (and sometimes the easiest way) is the natural way. Read on to learn about four fabulous ways to naturally clean your kitchen hood and other metal surfaces.


Cleaning Stainless Steel AppliancesDish Soap, and Baby Oil or Mineral Oil

Dish soap is generally safe to use on anything, including your dishes, hands, and appliances. It’s great at removing grime from metal surfaces, too. Use a damp cotton cleaning rag while moving in the same direction as the steel’s grain. When you are done, dry all water stains with a separate clean towel. Finally, polish the area with a few drops of mineral or baby oil, once again using a rag and moving in the same direction as the steel. Polishing makes the cleaning twice as effective. Wash your cleaning rags after each use.


White Vinegar and Olive Oil

White vinegar is comparable to bleach, but not as chemically harsh. Apply white vinegar to a microfiber cloth, and let it sit for a while, then wipe clean in the direction of the grain. Repeat as needed. Afterwards, put olive oil on a clean towel and polish the clean surface. If there is any olive oil remaining, simply wipe it away with another clean, dry cloth. This combination is a perfect match — the vinegar removes the grime, while the olive oil provides a shiny polish with a pleasant aroma.


Club Soda

Club soda works on kitchens just as well as it does on clothes. Spray club soda directly onto appliances and wipe away grease, fingerprints, and residue while leaving a fresh shine. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess moisture.



Believe it or not, plain old H2O does the job just fine. Perfect for hard to reach places, like a , you’ll be amazed at how much warm water and a cloth can remove, without the toxic fumes from modern cleaning solvents. Using water also cleans steel in the safest way possible. Make sure you dry your appliances, , or right away, before water spots form. Minerals in water can leave deposits — even on stainless steel. Use a microfiber cloth when wiping, since it absorbs all the water without scratching surfaces.


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Kitchen hoods are functional, and portray an aesthetic of a sophisticated and skilled chef’s kitchen — even if you’re not a cook. It becomes a centerpiece of the kitchen that brings everything together. Things to consider are the installation, size, shape, and finish. Larger hoods are installed separately from the wall, and smaller hoods are installed under cabinets or microwaves, or on an island. They can be curved for a modern look or straight for a minimalist feel.



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