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Midtown Dark Grey Shaker - Willow Lane Cabinetry

10 Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Knobs And Pulls For Your Cabinets

Both kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls can be somewhat of a mystery. Where is the appropriate drawer or door for each? And once you narrow that down, which style do you choose? Which finish do you pick? To help solve the puzzle of knobs and pulls, we’ve gathered 10 design tips to help you determine which pieces are perfect for your kitchen cabinets.


Midtown Light Grey Shaker - Willow Lane CabinetryWhen To Go With Knobs And When To Opt For Pulls


1. Your kitchen hardware should complement your theme. Knobs tend to be more traditional and are better suited in a country, vintage or Old World kitchen. Pulls are sleek and more modern, making them seem right at home in contemporary and transitional kitchens.


2. Although general rules for choosing knobs over pulls exist, it’s okay to stray from the norm. If it comes down to functionality, then choose the hardware that you are most comfortable with. You open and close your kitchen cabinets countless times throughout the day. It’s important that you have the hardware that makes this a thoughtless task. 


Choosing The Right Finish For Your Kitchen Knobs And Kitchen Pulls


3. Traditionally, your hardware should be the same finish as your kitchen sink faucet. However, mixing and matching metals is on trend in contemporary and transitional homes. Don’t forget to consider your appliances and light fixtures as well. Black appliances look lovely beside bronze or black hardware, while stainless steel and nickel play nicely together. 


4. If you’re remodeling your kitchen to increase your home’s value and are soon planning sell, go with the most popular finishes. Top selling finishes include chrome, bronze, and satin nickel.


5. Some finishes are glossy, while others have an antique appearance. The sparkly, shiny and new finishes fit best in modern and contemporary kitchens. Rubbed and distressed finishes are favorable in country, vintage or Old World themes.


Don’t Shy Away From Hardware With Details


Zurich Collection Pull in Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze - Willow Lane Cabinetry6. From twisted pulls to intricately designed knobs, you will find that many pieces of hardware double as décor. Don’t shy away from these details, as they look lovely in a rustic, traditional, or Tuscan kitchen theme.


7. Balance is key, so consider the detailing on your cabinetry when selecting kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls that are a bit more intricate.


8. Go for quality over awe. You may find beautiful plastic pulls or charming ceramic knobs that are ideal to the eye, but may not hold up so well against the wear and tear of kitchen hardware.


Keep The Style And Finish Of Your Cabinets In Mind


9. While the other metals in the room are obviously important, you should also consider the color of your cabinets. Contrast is key, and creates a dynamic look. Pair dark cabinet finishes with light hardware and vice versa.


10. Are your cabinets more casual or luxurious? Some hardware styles, like oil-rubbed bronze, have a homier feel and would clash with modern, glossy cabinets. Likewise, you wouldn’t want ultra modern, sleek hardware on your antique glazed cabinets.


While kitchen knobs and kitchen pulls may be some of the smallest elements in the kitchen, their importance should not be disregarded. Use these design tips when choosing the hardware for your new custom cabinets.



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