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Anything Goes: Why We Love Transitional Kitchens

Coffee and sugar. Milk and cookies. Peanut butter and jelly. Some things are just better together than they are apart, which is why transitional kitchens make so much sense. They shy away from the idea that a kitchen theme must follow one style alone. Traditional and contemporary kitchens were previously two very separate ideas — but no more. The industry said, “It’s okay for classic and modern to live together,” and transitional kitchens were born. Find out why we love this hybrid style, or check out our free kitchen design tool and see for yourself.


Sanibel Shaker Gray - Willow Lane CabinetryTransitional kitchens allow the best of both worlds to live seamlessly together.


Think for a moment about the elements of modern and contemporary kitchens that you really love. Maybe it’s the clean, seamless appearance, or the flat cabinetry. Now, picture your favorite parts of traditional kitchens. You might be envisioning the granite countertops or the natural wood cabinetry. Finally, put these pieces together. See how they don’t clash but rather complement one another and create balance?


By blending the best of new and classic, transitional kitchens throw out the rules of the past and are resilient to change.   


For the flexible designer, transitional kitchens let creativity thrive and welcome innovation.


One reason homeowners feel intimidated by interior design is the long list of principles and rules that come with it. We’ve been told that there are guidelines to be followed, and this restrictive idea of what designing a home is like has turned many people off.


But that was then. Transitional kitchens have paved the way for a more flexible way of design. With less restriction, homeowners find excitement in making their space truly their own. New features like our free kitchen design tool have also made it easier than ever for anyone to dip their toe into the pool of design.


Open Concept HomeOpen concept designs no longer feel the burden of concrete themes.


With the rise of open concept design, the weight of maintaining a single theme was even more difficult. More homes were adopting “great rooms” or spaces that combined the kitchen, living room and dining room. Staying 100% traditional or modern throughout these three rooms was unrealistic. This, and other shortcomings in the design process, sparked the need for blended themes.


With transitional kitchens, open concept designs could incorporate both modern and traditional elements throughout a great room with ease. With walls removed and rules erased, homeowners are now turning their houses into homes with the welcoming and attainable transitional style.


On the go, but clearly in the right direction, transitional kitchens capture our attention and bring us home.


Midtown Dark Shaker - Willow Lane CabinetryMeaning to transition, change, or move from one thing to another, transitional kitchens are a concept quite vague but nonetheless adored.


Transitional kitchens are easy to love, and the obvious choice when you want the best of both worlds, flexibility, and a house that completely feels like a home. From fewer rules to more resilience, transitional kitchens have stolen the show and our hearts.



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