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A Place For Everything: How To Organize Your Bathroom Vanity In 3 Steps

When purchasing a bathroom vanity, you need to consider the number of people that will use that vanity. This is second in importance only to the size of your bathroom. Ideally you want enough vanity cabinets for each person to have his or her own designated section. Otherwise, vanity cabinets can become crowded, and completely cluttered. Which, to be honest, can happen even if there is more than enough space to accommodate a busy bathroom.


Whether your bathroom vanity is too small, just right, or larger than necessary, these organization suggestions will help you find a place for everything.


Society Shaker Khaki - Willow Lane Cabinetry1. Clear out before you clean up.  


Before you begin to organize, there are some things you should banish from your bathroom vanity first. You don’t want your husband’s razor in your makeup drawer, or your kid’s bath toys mixed in with the hairdryer. The only way you’re going to find a place for everything is if you free up some space.


Take an inventory of what is currently in your vanity. Then figure out what doesn’t have to be there. Can you move those cleaning supplies to a hallway closet? Maybe those bath toys could be stored in a bin and kept in the linen cabinet instead.


Before you start organizing, purge what you can. Once you’ve cleared out some space you can really tackle this project.


2. Divide items by person or category.


Depending on how many people use this vanity, you can separate items either by each individual or by categories, such as hair care or dental. More people means organize by person, less people means organize by category.


Find a place for each person or category based on the space you have under the sink, in cabinets, and in drawers. Now figure out how to optimize that space.


3. Invest in some organizers.


Another way to free up some space is to better utilize the space you have. Organizers are a great way to make the most of your vanity cabinets — and be able to easily locate items in the future.


Vero Espresso - Willow Lane CabinetrySome of the most useful organizers for bathroom vanities are:


  • Cabinet door organizers – These hang or attach to the inside wall of the cabinet door to provide vertical storage space for tall items. You’re probably already familiar with kitchen cabinet organizers that work like this. While those are great for spices or rolls of aluminum foil, they also have styles designed to accommodate bathroom items like toiletries and hair dryers.


  • Pull out shelf organizers – There are a variety of pull out organizers that turn your standard cabinet into a multi-shelf storage solution. This allows you to categorize items much more easily, and have a designated place for everything. You will find some kitchen cabinet organizers from Willow Lane Cabinetry that can also work in your vanity, such as the woven basket with rails.


  • Drawer dividers – take control of that makeup drawer with the magic of a drawer organizer or utility tray. You’ll no longer have to rummage through a pile of mascaras and palettes to find your foundation.


  • Sliding trays – you are probably not utilizing the full depth of your under sink cabinets, and we don’t blame you. Who wants to get on their hands and knees and blindly reach for items in the dark corners of their vanity? Sliding trays solve that problem by allowing you to completely utilize every inch of your vanity cabinets and then slide the contents towards you in one motion.



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