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5 Tips to Make Your Bathrooms Sparkle

Your bathroom is a special sanctuary that should always be both calm and clean. It is also where you get ready to go and where get ready to go to bed, and therefore, can easily—and very quickly—become both chaotic and messy. As the centerpiece of the room, your bathroom vanity is especially important, and should be handled and cleaned with care. Here are the six best tips to let your bathroom sparkle like never before.


Roosevelt White (Semi-Custom) - Willow Lane Cabinetry1. Clear Everything Off: Start by removing all the items on top of the bathroom vanity countertop, and in the shower or tub, so that you can thoroughly clean around those areas. Don’t forget the actual items as well, such as rinsing and wiping down soap pumps, cotton ball canisters, and your toothbrush holder.

2. Banish Buildup: Eliminate gunk, grime, and germs by combining distilled vinegar with dish detergent in equal parts. This dynamic duo can work wonders for every bathroom surface except stone. Otherwise, it’s best to use liquid soap with baking soda to form a paste, and scrub with a non-scratch sponge. Let the solvent soak in, and then rinse with water and buff dry.

3. Multitask: As you work, use water and leftover cleaning solution, and move out towards surrounding areas to save time and simplify your efforts. For instance, clean the shower doors after the shower base, since the hot, steamy water has loosed up the grime, and wash the sink and countertops simultaneously since they are often interconnected.

4. Get Creative: Use multi-useful tools to help you clean those extra hard to reach places. A toothbrush can come in handy for cleaning in between the grooves on a metal shower doorframe, a paint scraper can help remove gunk where the metal meets the shower, and a flat razor can scrape toothpaste and stubborn mineral spots off glass (when used carefully, of course)!

5. Stay Uncluttered: When it comes to bathroom cabinetry, it’s important to keep a clean and cleared surface. Steer clear of too many unnecessary items placed on your countertop. A beautiful and functional bathroom vanity should be free from clutter, as mess only takes up valuable space. Stick to only the basics and gather everyday items neatly in a decorative basket. Then install inside cabinet accessories to house your hairdryer, waste container, and any loose toiletries behind closed doors. Keeping things tidy makes it easier to clean up and find what you need.  

Natural Bathroom CleanersHomemade natural cleaners are a great way to get the job done without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. Ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, lemon, or essential oils can work wonders on your bathroom surfaces. Create your own shower spray, sink cleanser, and glass cleaner to customize your needs.

If your current bathroom vanity is less than stellar, even after a good cleaning, don’t fret. It’s easy to replace bathroom cabinetry, and the end result will surely make all the difference. Visit Willow Lane Cabinetry for beautiful bathroom vanity ideas and inspiration.


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