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Mediterranean Kitchen with Stone Accents

5 Hallmarks Of A Mediterranean Kitchen

The robust flavors of Mediterranean cooking are perfect for the warmer months, with fresh dishes like grilled seafood and salads. This way of eating is healthy and right on trend, so why not add a little Mediterranean inspiration in your kitchen design as well? Take a look at these five kitchen design ideas that are marinated in Mediterranean influence.


Oxford Merlot Glaze - Willow Lane Cabinetry1. Kitchen Cabinet Grandeur


There is nothing simple about the kitchen cabinets in a Mediterranean kitchen. While some modern homes may favor kitchen design ideas with clean lines and a minimalist approach, European style homes have something else in mind.


When you think of Mediterranean kitchen cabinets, you likely imagine accent features like glass doors, decorative molding, and raised door panels. Find inspiration in our Oxford Merlot Glaze and Oxford Cinnamon Glaze cabinetry. Both are part of our Oxford Collection, which features classic kitchen cabinets that can withstand generations. This collection is noted for its attention to detail, superb quality, and breathtaking finishes. 


2. An Inviting Ambiance


In a Mediterranean kitchen, family comes first. It’s important that the ambiance is welcoming, and you can achieve this in many ways. Some kitchen design ideas that open up the kitchen include a skylight or large windows to bring in more natural light, adding comfortable seating like a wall bench, or decorating countertops with bowls of fruits and other “help yourself” elements. Your kitchen should easily say, “Mi casa es su casa.”


3. Earth Tones


Warm, earthy tones are hallmarks of a Mediterranean kitchen. Think deep oranges, rich reds, and toasty golden browns. These comforting colors play into the origin of this kitchen style, and also amplify the inviting ambiance that you are striving to create. There are many ways to incorporate earth tones into your kitchen. Achieve this warm color palette with your kitchen cabinets, a brick or stone wall, Italian marble countertops, or a tile backsplash. Earth tones layer nicely so you can really create a beautiful color scheme when you focus on these tones.


Oxford Cinnamon Glaze - Willow Lane Cabinetry4. Unfinished Elements


Another way to enhance a Mediterranean theme is to leave the room a bit undone. This could be through exposed ceiling beams, antique brass hardware, open shelving, or whatever you prefer. The goal is to not make the room seem extremely modern. Part of the Mediterranean charm is its history, and you want to make it seem like there is some left in your kitchen — even if it is brand new! Unfinished elements and incorporating antiques is an easy way to accomplish this.


5. Your Own Special Touch


Since Mediterranean kitchen design ideas include so many different countries and cultures, it is important for you to know which variety speaks to you so you can focus your efforts there. You also have room to bring in something unique to your style or your own ancestry. Maybe that is hand painted tile used in a kitchen backsplash, or artwork that has been passed on for generations in your family. These unique and special additions can really take your Mediterranean kitchen theme to a level all of your own.



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