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Get More Countertop Space

5 Tips To Get More Countertop Space

Get More Countertop Space

Does your countertop seem to easily clutter up with papers, appliances and kitchen utensils? Does it seem like you are always searching to find the one thing that you need? Even if your countertop space is lacking, there are still a number of ways you can make the most of the space you have. Here are 5 ways to help you get started.

Create A Message Center

Clear out that scattered mess of papers by creating a message center to help you stay organized and on track. Store important papers in a tidy basket or wall organizer, and consider hanging a cork board, chalk board or magnetic board in your kitchen to keep all important notes visible. Don’t forget a place for pens and notepads so that your family can easily leave messages that are sure to be read!

Roll The Clutter Away

Newport Natural Wood Top Portable Kitchen Island In MahoganyIf you want extra space, consider a portable kitchen cart with a butcher-block top. You can use the top for prep as needed, and store kitchen supplies and cookbooks in the cabinets and shelves underneath. Roll it out when you need it, and roll it away when you don’t!

Think Vertically

When drawer space is limited, cooking utensils will often end up in a crock on the counter. But there is a better alternative! Most spatulas, ladles, whisks and spoons have a notch on the handle, perfect for hanging up on wall hooks and out of the way. While you’re at it, ditch the knife block and install a wall-mounted magnetic knife rack to keep your cooking tools in reach.

Maximize Your Storage

Install a tilt out tray for kitchen tools that you use near the sink, like sponges andTilt Out Tray For Sink Base vegetable brushes. And consider finding a new home for your toaster, blender, mixer and coffee maker when they are not in use. When bulky appliances are off of the countertop and out of the way, you’ll have more space for meal preparation.

Utilize The Kitchen Sink

Create a quick prep area by utilizing your sink space. Find a cutting board that is slightly wider than your kitchen sink so that it will easily sit on top while you get to work, and then store it away in a cabinet until you need it again.

There are a number of ways you can minimize clutter while making the most of your kitchen countertop space. Get into the habit of keeping your countertop space clean and your kitchen organized. When everything has a home, cooking and cleanup become simple and stress-free!

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Written by Bridgette.  Bridgette Wagner is a freelance writer and English M.A. student with an interest in writing on DIY, travel, and family fun. She loves reading, spending time with her two kiddos and living near the beach in Wilmington, N.C.