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Secrets To Making A Small Living Space Seem Larger

Whether you live in a condo, a townhouse, or a single-family home with minimal square footage, chances are you desire a little more breathing room. While cozy and just the right size for your lifestyle, small living spaces can also seem cramped at times, and it’s natural to crave a more open an airy vibe. Here are the secrets to making a small living space seem larger.

In The Kitchen

If you are making a home renovation checklist for your small living space, don’t forget to include the kitchen. Perhaps the most important room in the home; the kitchen is where friends and family gather. They don’t call it the heart of the home for nothing.

The easiest way to make a small kitchen seem larger is by incorporating glass front doors in your all-wood cabinetry. Glass doors add an airy touch, as they help to draw light around the room.

Speaking of cabinetry…. be sure to take advantage of vertical real estate by installing all wood cabinetry that runs floor to ceiling, especially if you don’t have a designated panty. Choose a style that has clean lines and simple details, such as Shaker cabinetry.

Beautiful open plan second floor living room














For Open Concept Floor Plans

An open concept space should have a cohesive look that flows from the kitchen to the dining area and to the TV room. This can be achieved by matching the all-wood cabinetry in your kitchen to your TV room cabinetry. TV room cabinetry helps to keep clutter under control, which can also help your small living space appear larger.

Speaking of flow…. choose a light, neutral paint color for the walls, such as a warm gray or beige. Then go a step or two up on the color swatch for accent walls. If you prefer colorful walls, select a subtle shade, such as aqua, buttery yellow, sage green, or pale pink. Carry your color scheme throughout your small, open concept space.

To make your home seem larger than it is, flooring should also be seamless. You can avoid the choppy look of mix and match flooring by installing wood-look tile. Wood-look tile gives you the beauty of hardwood floors, but is water resistant and suitable for wet areas like the kitchen.

Keep window coverings to a minimum to let in as much natural light as possible. Plantation shutters or Roman shades offer privacy without adding visual clutter.  If you prefer drapes, opt for light fabrics and hang them slightly below ceiling level to emphasize the height of the room.

Now that you know the secrets to making a small living space seem larger, it’s time to decorate in a manner that compliments the scale of your home without overpowering it. For tips on decorating a small living area from Better Homes and Gardens, click here.


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