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3 Tips For Setting Up A Super Homeschooling Space

It’s September, and that can only mean one thing — Back to School season! If you’re homeschooling for the first time this year, or are an experienced homeschooling family looking to make improvements or adjustments for a growing child, read on for tips on how to set up a super homeschooling space!

Tip 1: Determine what you need to start the year off right.

Before designing your new, super homeschooling space, you must first determine what you need. Necessities will ultimately vary by grade, the number of students in your family, and their unique learning styles. If you have an older child who can responsibly attend to their studies without much help, a home office or desk in their bedroom is ideal, and will help to eliminate noise and distractions taking place in the rest of the house. For younger children, you should set up a classroom in the home. If you do not have a spare room or home office, consider designating an area in the family room or dining room for homeschooling, with built-in all wood cabinetry or a kitchen island cart to house school supplies, textbooks, and educational toys sorted by subject.

Tip 2: Create a well-appointed classroom with desks and custom cabinets.

Once you determine the location of your classroom or study space, it’s time to furnish it. Above all else, a kid-friendly workspace requires a desk tailored to the student. Keep in mind that your child’s arms should rest at a 90-degree angle for writing or typing, and his or her neck should stay in a neutral position when working on a computer. The perfect desk should also have room to spread out — and solutions for staying organized. Quality, all wood cabinetrycan help to keep things tidy and conducive for learning. Our custom cabinets can be equipped with a built-in desk (or multiple desks areas), open shelving, and plenty of storage space behind closed doors.

Tip 3: Shop for supportive seating and find solutions that are tailored to your student.

When shopping for a supportive desk chair for students, a comfortable bottom cushion isn’t enough. Knees should bend at a 90-degree angle and feet should rest flat on the floor. If that is not possible (because you are setting up in a dining room, for example), purchase a foot stool for younger children that elevates the feet, and place a pillow behind his or her back to ensure proper posture. For kids who have trouble staying seated, consider an inflatable wiggle cushion. Also, provide alternatives to structured seating, such as floor pillows, a beanbag chair, or a cozy sofa in the TV room for reading. Older students will need a comfortable desk chair suitable for a home office, but skip the stuffy “executive” models and opt for a more teen-friendly design!

Knowledge is power. When homeschooling, it’s not enough to set your child up at the kitchen island and call it a day. Instead, follow these tips, corral the chaos with custom cabinets, and set your child up for a successful school year by designing a super homeschooling space that kids will love to spend time in!


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