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Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Pros, Cons and Are They Right for You?

Glass-front kitchen cabinet doors are appealing to homeowners on many levels as they can make it easier to find things, elevate what’s inside to home décor status, make a smaller room look larger… you get the idea.

And wouldn’t you know it—there are a few different types of glass cabinet doors to choose from, offering a number of ways to utilize them in your space. Let’s take a look at the different types of glass cabinet doors, their pros and cons, and when they may be the perfect fit for your home.

Types of Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass-front kitchen cabinet doors just happen to come in many styles. A few of the most popular include:

  • Clear, Full-View Glass Cabinet Doors:

    Balancing function with looks, clear cabinet doors mean one thing – goods on display. This, in itself, can be a great thing; however, it can also be limiting, depending on needs and style.

  • Fluted/Reeded Glass Cabinet Doors:

    Slightly blurred, the contents behind fluted-glass doors will be somewhat obscure, yet still seen.

  • Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors:

    While glass, these cabinet doors are more opaque and cloudy, almost completely blocking the view of what’s inside the cabinets.

  • Seeded Glass-Front Cabinet Doors:

    Different size “bubbles” give a wavy appearance and look like vintage, hand-blown glass.

  • Leaded-Glass Cabinet Doors:

    Used to achieve a dramatic look, leaded-glass is much more decorative and often comes as a theme or specific style. These are popular in built-ins and hutches.

Pros and Cons of Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Adding elements of elegance and luxury to any space, glass-front kitchen cabinet doors have really become a popular trend with many homeowners. There are both pros and cons to this style of cabinet door, and depending on your lifestyle, you’ll either love them or decide to go a different direction. Let’s delve.

Pros of Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors:

  • Give the illusion of more space, allowing for an open and airy feel (similar to the appeal of open shelves) while still providing a protective door
  • A showcase for statement pieces
  • Busy chefs will always know where to find everything (unless doors are frosted glass)
  • They’re gorgeous, modern and knock-it-out-of-the-park chic

Cons of Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors:

  • Get out the window cleaner – these cabinet doors need to be cleaned often
  • Possible viewable clutter – depending on space and contents
  • Susceptible to cracks and breakage (not always kid-friendly)
  • If dishes don’t match and styles run the gamut, they may not be a fit

Are Glass-Front Kitchen Cabinet Doors for You?

Glass-front kitchen cabinets make a statement and bring a stunning balance to a room full of wood, tile and metal. So, unless you have mix and match dishware, you’re prone to slamming doors and tap, tap, tapping on glass, we say go for it!

Things to consider in your decision:

Only choose glass-front doors for upper cabinets; if your kitchen needs a little more light, but you’re not sure how to do this, installing lights inside your cabinets and adding glass-front doors can do the trick.

If you’re still indecisive, a fun, trendy idea is to blend – have a mix of glass-front cabinet doors and traditional cabinet doors in your kitchen. This way, you can hide away those items you don’t want to be seen—but still have them within easy reach—and showcase your statement pieces.