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TV Room Tips For Decorating Around A Fireplace

When you have both your television and fireplace in the same space, you have to get a little creative with your décor and design. You want the room to be a relaxing place where you can cuddle up and gather around the fire, but also allow for family-friendly fun and entertainment. Here, we’re sharing some of our top tips for decorating around a fireplace in a TV room.

Install TV room cabinetry to frame both your fireplace and television.

11-16-18 WLC2-Urban White

On its own, a television may look out of place when hung above or beside a fireplace. Installing solid wood cabinetry around these two focal points can frame the space and create a more cohesive look overall. Take this design using Willow Lane Cabinetry’s Urban White cabinets for example. The cabinets form columns on both sides, transforming the wall into an entertainment center that incorporates both the television and fireplace perfectly.

Use recessed shelving to create dimension and balance with a fireplace.

A fireplace is a recessed structure, so when a television is placed on the same wall, it can make the wall seem off balanced or top heavy. Adding recessed shelving, either alone or as part of a solid wood cabinetry set, can counteract this imbalance and create harmony throughout the wall.

Open shelving or glass door cabinets can establish symmetry on a wall with a fireplace and television.

11-16-18 WLC3-Midtown Walnut Shaker

Another way to establish symmetry is with open shelving or glass door cabinets. When you have a wall with a fireplace, the most natural place to put the TV is directly above the fireplace. This creates a clean, vertical line but it also can make the wall feel unsymmetrical.

When you have open shelving or glass door cabinets within your TV room cabinetry, you can then arrange items on the shelves to complement the fireplace and television. The example pictured above features the Midtown Walnut Shaker cabinets and shows how you can use glass door cabinets to create additional focal points around the fireplace.

A floating wall shelf can create a clear divide between the television and fireplace.

Another great takeaway from the photo above is the floating shelf that has been installed below the television. This simple addition creates a clear divide between the the television and the fireplace and allows them to each shine individually.

A floating shelf also gives you another opportunity to decorate, and can help you carry a theme from your TV room cabinetry over to the fireplace. Whether it’s a cherished collection or seasonal items, whatever is on display in your cabinets can now be complemented by the décor above your fireplace.

Out of sight out of mind means hide the television behind cabinet doors.

Despite all of your decorating attempts, if you just don’t love the look of a television above your fireplace, that’s completely understandable. Luckily, you can customize your solid wood cabinetry to include a space for your TV. When the television is off or you have guests over, simply close the cabinet doors and no one will ever be the wiser.

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