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Willow Lane’s Guide To Entertaining During The Holidays

This time of the year is filled with hustle and bustle, and plenty of gathering with loved ones. If you are hosting a holiday event in your home, Willow Lane has the tips you need to ensure your event is filled with cheer and a lot less stress!

Be Planful. getting things done ahead of the event will alleviate the pressure on your to-do list. Whether it’s pulling together and staging supplies or make-ahead dishes, getting ahead of the big day will most certainly be beneficial.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Being the “host/hostess with the most” is surely a coveted role, and the goal for any event is to ensure your guests leave happy and filled with fun memories. However, you cannot do it all. A great way to ensure your event goes off without a hitch is by delegating a few tasks to family and friends. Is your mom’s famous spinach dip a hit at every party? Ask her to bring it. Most of the time, your guest will be flattered that they can contribute something everyone enjoys and will be happy to lend a helping hand. This will help you focus on bigger tasks and will allow you to have more control over your day.

Focus on the flow. Consider the flow of the event space ahead of time, especially if it’s in your home. Get ahead of removing clutter, ensure there’s plenty of even flow between the food, sitting and gathering areas, and restrooms. Guests should feel comfortable moving around the designated space with ease.

Remove items that you don’t want to be ruined. Do you have an expensive throw blanket that you would be crushed if stained? An heirloom that is irreplaceable if broken? Remove those items immediately. Guests are expected to be respectful of your home and space, but accidents DO happen. Do not make your guests feel guilty if something spills or breaks. Eliminate the possibility by securing valuables away ahead of time.

Clean out your fridge before the event. If you are hosting for a large number of people, clean out your fridge and freezer to guarantee space for the food and beverages you will need for your event. Running out of space can be frustrating and troubleshooting takes time away from enjoying your event.

Don’t skimp on the surface area. Food and beverages take up a lot of space, and you do not want to lose valuable real estate on your counters that will be used for prep. Using folding tables and creating “stations” for beverages, snacks, desserts, etc will come in handy. You can also easily place a long table cloth over the folding tables to hide additional party supplies such as refills, coolers, and other unsightly supplies you may want to be tucked away.

Stock up on takeaway containers. Most events will be filled with tons of food, and often it is not finished. Give your guests take away containers to cut back on cleanup, and wasted food.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! You should plan to have time to actually enjoy your event. After all, the hard work put into creating a night for your loved ones to enjoy should absolutely include you! Be sure to carve out time for you to relax and enjoy your guests. You should be making memories as well, not spending the entire time in the kitchen.

Willow Lane’s Guide For Designing The Perfect Mudroom

Drop zone. Workspace. Catchall. Although you may not spend a tremendous amount of time in your mudroom, it is the place that gets your family out the door and it should be fresh and functional. Mudrooms are the first and last point of entry for many homeowners. Sometimes standalone, other times paired with a laundry room, organization is key to ensuring your space sets you up for success.

Understanding the needs of your household is our first tip. You want to know if the space will be used heavily for storage, a place for completing projects, or a quick stop on the way out the door. Figuring out how you will utilize the space is paramount. It is also important to consider storage and layout options that will easily transition as your needs do.

Use elements that are stylish and functional. Baskets are a great way to hide items you don’t want to expose and they provide a uniform look to a space. Pair them with labels to keep the things you use most frequently easily accessible.
Hooks provide a great option for the storage of outerwear, keys, leashes, purses, and other items that are best stored hung up off the ground. Choosing fun hardware for your hooks will add character to your mudroom and create interest.

If your family is large, or you have children that participate in a lot of after-school activities, consider incorporating a cubby system into your mudroom cabinetry. This will allow for optimal space to keep sporting equipment or any other items they may need frequently. Providing a personal cubby for each of your children and giving them the option to personalize it creates a fun project and will motivate your child to keep things stored away and off of the floor.

Think about choosing upgrades and amenities that will elevate your space. Heated floors are a great option if your home is a place that has colder or damp climates. Having a toasty floor to plant your feet on after coming in from a rainy day is sure to provide an extra element of cozy to your home. If your mudroom is shared with a laundry room, adding in a row of cabinets with a counter and sink can also provide the convenience of quickly getting soiled items rinsed off and ready to wash. Large farmhouse sinks make an excellent and stylish addition to a mudroom.

At Willow Lane Cabinetry, we have a design team that can take your needs and formulates the right layout of cabinetry that will suit your entire family! Your personal designer will help you with layout, pricing, and design, all with a 3D rendering of your space included to bring your space to life.

Is Green The New “It” Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

Is Green The New “IT” Color For Kitchen Cabinets?

When we think of green, we think of lush greenery, exotic jungles, fresh landscapes, but do you think of kitchen cabinets? While a white or grey kitchen will forever be the timeless choice for most homes, there’s a new “it” color in town. Green is showing up in homes everywhere, and we are sure it is here to stay.

Green is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinetry, as it offers such a wide shade range and versatility to blend seamlessly into many aesthetics. Sage greens are showing up in beautiful cottage-style kitchen aesthetics more commonly known as “cottage core” and deeper greens are offering a more modern flair when mixed with polished metals.

Green undoubtedly is an easy way to integrate the outdoors into your home as well, and nature-like elements have become increasingly more desirable in current home decor trends. With many still staying at home, the desire to create a zen-like home environment has been strong. This does not stop at the kitchen. Families are turning many rooms in their home into a multifunctional space, and the kitchen may also serve as a workspace. Choosing a shade of green that brings a sense of calm will certainly be the atmospheric mood boost you need. From rich shades of emerald to soft sage, green is not only a sumptuous choice but a color that will invoke calm and tranquility in your kitchen.

Is green the right shade for your home remodel? At Willow Lane Cabinetry, we boast a custom color library of over 1000 Sherwin Williams colors to choose from which allows you to customize the colors of your cabinets. This includes many popular shades of green. Our team of design experts will curate a design that allows you to incorporate green into your kitchen space in a way that you will love for years to come.