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Transforming A Finished Basement Into A Home Bar

Scarce on square footage? Multipurpose spaces allow you to prioritize everything you need and want no matter how big or small your home is. In this post, we’re going to focus on transforming a finished basement into a home bar in 2021 — just in time for our President’s Day Sale February 12th through February 22nd!

Now is a great time to save big on our all wood cabinetry and build the basement bar of your dreams while on a budget. Cheers to an even better at-home happy hour! Here are some things to keep in mind before starting your project.


Maintain your basement’s storage without sacrificing style.


You can still use your basement for storage purposes after transforming it into a home bar. After all, the whole point of having multipurpose spaces is that they serve more than one function. Start by optimizing any closet with an organization system that will help you to make the most of any existing storage space. Then, depending on your basement’s floor plan, install sleek all wood cabinetry along one wall or as an extension to your bar cabinets. These extra cabinets can accommodate any additional odds and ends you want to keep in the basement. With discreet, stylish storage solutions incorporated right into the room’s design, your holiday decorations and memorabilia will be out of sight while still safely tucked away.

Create a basement bar that has everything you need to enjoy a drink at home.

When designing a home bar, custom is your best bet, since every homeowner seeks different features. Whether it’s a wine storage cabinet to keep extra bottles of your favorite red, a refrigerator filled with champagne for big game celebrations, or glass door bar cabinets to showcase your collection of whiskey glasses. You want your home bar to have everything you need to enjoy a drink at home, as well as an entertainment center for your big screen TV and some comfortable seating. If you’re looking for assistance with your design, tap into our complimentary design services. We’d be happy to help you bring your dream bar to life!

Brighten up your basement to make it more inviting.

A common concern when turning a basement into a finished living space is the inherent darkness. Most basements lack natural light, so they tend to lean more toward the dark side. This is obviously not ideal, but not to worry! You can offset your basement’s naturally dreary ambiance by adding layers of artificial lighting. First focus on ambient lighting, which is best delivered through recessed or pot lighting. This type of overhead lighting is built into the ceiling, so it won’t make the (already low) ceiling appear any lower. If recessed lighting is not an option, short stemmed track lighting can work as well. From there, strategically place floor and table lamps, sconces, under cabinet lighting, and task lighting to add extra brightness where it’s needed most.

Think outside of the box when it comes to color scheme, theme, and decor.

From coastal themes to industrial chic designs, your home bar has no limits. Don’t feel boxed in by your basement. Forget what it used to be and allow yourself to fully imagine what it could be. Choose the colors and design that complement your home and style without worrying if it’s the right concept for a “basement” bar. With good lighting, comfortable furniture, and detailed decor, your basement bar will hardly feel like a basement at all. We can’t wait for you to open a bottle from your wine storage cabinet, and relax in your new finished space!


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