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5 Essential Elements To Include In A Laundry Room Redesign

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or have just moved in, there’s a good chance that a new and improved laundry room is on your home renovation checklist. Often, new builds are equipped with basic wire shelving and not much else, while older homes feature a dated, utilitarian space that could use a boost in style and function. Combined, these issues make a laundry room redesign a rather popular project.

If you are planning to redesign your laundry room, you want to do it right. This space should be both purposeful and aesthetically pleasing, since most of us spend hours each week washing and folding clothes. To ensure your laundry room redesign is well worth it, and to make laundry tasks less of a chore, be sure to include these five essential elements.

1.Custom cabinets to keep your cleaning supplies out of sight.

Most laundry rooms have a single open shelf above the washer and dryer, which tends to get filled with detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. Not only does this make the room look cluttered, but having to constantly wipe down this area to avoid a build up of lint and dust also creates more work.

Installing custom cabinets in your laundry room is the ultimate storage solution. You’ll be able to hide all of your cleaning supplies behind closed doors while also eliminating that pesky layer of debris that always seems to appear.

If you’re not sure which cabinet style would look best in your new room, we encourage you to order cabinet door samples from us before placing an order. All of our samples ship free of charge and only require a deposit. Once you return your cabinet door samples to us, we will return your deposit to you.

2. Additions that help you to streamline the clothes washing process.

If you’re guilty of having a huge pile of dirty clothes, or you feel like everything is always wrinkled, include some helpful additions to your laundry room redesign. Some great add-ons are a bottom mount hamper built right into a base cabinet, a rod positioned between wall cabinets for hanging clean clothes, and countertops installed above appliances that allow you to fold clothes straight from the dryer.

By consolidating all of your clothes cleaning steps into one room, you’ll feel more organized and waste less time. Even in smaller spaces, vertical wall space can be converted into storage for a fold down ironing board or drying rack. There are tons of ways you can streamline the clothes washing process with your laundry room redesign.

3. Energy efficient appliances that also save you time and money.

If it’s time to replace your washer and dryer, consider upgrading to energy efficient models. ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers use about 25% less energy and 33% less water than regular washers.

Not only will these newer appliances cut down your energy costs, but many also have time saving features. Some of our favorites include hand wash cycles for cleaning delicates and fast cycles when you need something washed in a pinch. They also have a greater tub capacity, so that you can clean the same amount of laundry in fewer loads.

4. Sink for tackling any wardrobe related messes.

Having a sink right in your laundry room is a game changer. Whether you need to quickly spot-treat after a spill, or you want to soak your sneakers to remove stubborn stains, a laundry room sink is a great place to do this.

If your laundry room can accommodate it, a farmhouse or apron style sink is ideal, because it’s more spacious and accessible. This popular style can also add charm and character to your laundry room’s theme.

5. Water-resistant flooring to catch puddles, drips, and muddy shoes.

Like a kitchen or bathroom, a laundry room is considered a wet area within the home. Therefore, you should always opt for floor materials that are impervious to water damage. Ceramic, porcelain and marble tile are not only beautiful flooring choices, but they are also water-resistant.

If you’re lucky enough to have a laundry room with space to spare, you could also consider adding more functionality in the form of a mudroom. A mudroom and a laundry room are the perfect complements, since many things from the mudroom end up going straight to the laundry room anyways!

If you need help checking your laundry room off your home renovation checklist, let our team of experts help. We would be happy to bring your dream to life through our free online room design service!


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