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3 Clues That Prove You Need To Rethink Your Storage Space

When things go missing and you’re tripping over misplaced items, it may be time to rethink your storage space. Recent trends show that there is a demand for custom cabinets that offer more storage in the home, with both homeowners and buyers looking for smart organizing solutions in every room. If you’re hesitant to make a change for the better, here are some clues that prove you need to reconsider.

Clue #1: Everything is overflowing and you can’t find your favorite sweater.

There’s nothing more frustrating than rummaging through your closet and not being able to find that perfect piece of clothing — especially when you are in a hurry! Some closets are so messy, you may even forget what you have in there. This leads to buying even more clothes and accessories, because you “have nothing good to wear.” Or so you think. And let’s not forget that overflowing dresser stuffed with socks and undergarments. Solution: Design a custom closet system, complete with rods, shelving, drawer stacks, and efficient extras like sliding belt and tie racks and lingerie organizers.

Clue #2: Your shoes are kept in a big pile and are they getting ruined.

Piling your shoes up on the floor or throwing them haphazardly in a basket leads to dirty, flattened footwear and wasting time digging around to locate a matching pair for the occasion. Shoe racks are an easy solution, but they tend to be flimsy and are prone to collecting dust. And if you have a large collection, you’ll soon discover a small wire rack won’t hold much. Solution: Adding adjustable shoe shelves or cubbies to a custom closet design plus space for bins at the top of the unit.

Clue #3: There are toys everywhere and you’re always losing the remote control.

If you’ve ever stepped on one of those little plastic building blocks or tripped over a stuffed animal, you know how painful having toys all over the house can be. And it’s not just the little ones making a mess. Teenagers leave things wherever they go, and then they need your help to find their stuff later. You can try to get a handle on it by making kids clean up at the end of the day, but without adequate storage, you’ll end up with piles on every table and in every corner of the room. Solution: Install TV Room Cabinetry to surround the big screen in style, and house books, games, toys, electronics, and that annoying remote control.

Other game changing storage solutions include laundry room cabinets to keep wash day essentials neatly behind closed doors and inside cabinet accessories for a more functional kitchen, to name a few. Now that you’ve solved the mystery behind the mess, browse our selection of custom cabinets for the home, and take advantage of our free room design tool to finally fix your storage issues. And don’t miss our President’s Day Sale, February 12th through 22nd, 2021, online at Willow Lane Cabinetry.

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