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6 Wonderful Ways To House Your Wine Collection

Every wine lover should have a dedicated space to keep their favorite bottles of red and white safely stored. Doing so will showcase your collection while also adding some character and style to the home. There are many styling options that you can choose from based on your space and needs, so let’s explore some of the possibilities! From a wine cellar to a wine storage cabinet and everything in between, here are six wonderful ways to house your wine collection.

#1. Install a built in wine storage cabinet in your kitchen.  

Custom cabinets are much more accessible these days, and it’s easy to add your own personal touches. Incorporating a built-in wine rack is a brilliant way to store a few of your go-to bottles right in the heart of the home. These cube style wall cabinets blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry and add a bit of open shelving that doubles as decor. With Willow Lane Cabinetry’s New Year’s Sale running from December 24th to January 4th, now is an excellent time to make any cabinet upgrades or improvements to your kitchen.

#2. Add a wine rack to your home bar cabinets.  

If you have a home bar, installing a wine storage cabinet there makes perfect sense as well. As we mentioned, these open racks offer easy storage and can also enhance the ambiance of the room. Alternatively, a cabinet-size wine cooler is another way to incorporate wine storage into your home’s cabinetry. These mini refrigerators keep your wine at the optimal drinking temperature for that perfect glass every time.

#3. Hang a wall mounted wine bottle rack if space is limited.

If your kitchen is small or you don’t have any designated bar cabinets, a wall mounted wine bottle rack is another possibility. This wall accessory keeps bottles stored horizontally and can be hung anywhere you have open space. However, since this storage solution offers little protection, opt for an area away from windows. Exposure to heat and direct sunlight can actually damage your wine collection fairly quickly.

#4. Build a wine wall in the dining room.

A wine wall is almost like a work of art and can be built in a common area like the dining room. Typically, a wine wall will consist of cubed shelving to both display and protect the bottles from traffic. But if bumping into the wall isn’t likely, you can go with a more open concept, such as metal racks, or one where the majority of the bottle is exposed.

#5. Create a wine pantry in a lonely corner or unused area.

If you have an oversized room with unused space, carving out an area to serve as a wine pantry could be an incredible addition to your home. This could be a walk-in style closet where the surrounding walls are used to store wine, or it could be something more contemporary, such as an all glass structure that you can see into from the outside. Let your imagination run wild and decide on a design that works with your home’s floor plan and aesthetic.

#6. Give your basement a makeover and transform it into a wine cellar.

Since dark, cool spaces are ideal for storing wine, building a wine cellar in your basement can help maintain your collection. Some things to keep in mind before moving forward with your project are the room’s temperature, humidity level, and exposure to UV light. Experts also recommend avoiding vibrations if possible, since over time this can actually disturb the wine’s maturation. In other words, you wouldn’t want to store your wine on a wall that is shared with your washer and dryer.


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