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5 Cozy Ways To Warm Up Your Master Suite

Your master suite is like your own private haven where you unwind, rest and reset after a long day. It’s also the place where you spend almost a third of your time — cuddled up in bed and sleeping. That is why it is important to design an inviting personal space that is calming to the senses and pleasing to the eye.

As temperatures start to drop, there’s nothing more welcoming than a warm, cozy bedroom and bath. If you want this part of your home to bring you comfort and be really comfortable, we’ve got you covered! To keep you toasty until springtime, we’ve put together a list of five cozy ways to warm up your master suite this winter. Your dream bathroom and bedroom awaits!

  1. Choose a color scheme that calms.

Colors have an affect on our mood and energy levels. For example, in a kitchen or home office, you may want to create a lively atmosphere by choosing bright, vibrant colors. But in a master suite, you don’t want to stimulate your senses too much. The goal is to create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm. When choosing which colors to paint the walls in the bedroom, or the perfect finish for your bathroom’s custom cabinets, opt for muted colors and soft neutrals. These types of warm shades will create a color scheme that calms.

  1. Pick gold or brass hardware in the bedroom and bath.

If you’re going with a warm color scheme, you will want to complement those tones with the right hardware. Gold or brass looks best against these hues, so consider incorporating these metals into your master suite. Swap out your bathroom sink, cabinets pulls, robe hooks and towel racks, and your dream bathroom will shine a little brighter.

  1. Give careful consideration to your flooring.

As far as flooring goes, carpet will always be your warmest option — but while it can work in a bedroom, it’s not suited for bathroom use. Wood-look tile, on the other hand, is ideal for use in your entire master suite, and helps to create a seamless visual flow from the bathroom to the bedroom. Unlike carpet and real hardwood floors, tile offers the water-resistance you need while maintaining that warm and cozy aesthetic. You can also add an extra layer of protection against cold feet by installing radiant floor heating beneath tile flooring.

  1. Bring on the fluffy towels, blankets and throws.

To make sure you stay warm and snug all night long, be sure to switch out your bedding with the season. Swap out sheer window treatments for heavier fabrics that block drafts, and trade thin cotton quilts for a plush down comforter in a winter hue and pattern. Adding a throw blanket on the bed or side chair provides a nice decorative accent while also keeping extra reinforcements nearby. Fleece, sherpa, and wool are great options during cold weather months. And don’t forget to add thick, fluffy towels to your linen closet for chilly winter mornings!

  1. Organize your closet for ultimate coziness.

If you stow away your winter wardrobe, now is the time to take it out. You want all of your warm clothing and accessories at an arm’s length. Bathrobes, sleep sweaters, long pajamas, thick socks, and plush slippers are the bedtime dress code this time of year. Make sure you have easy access by designating space in your custom closet specifically for your seasonal at-home attire.


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