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4 Common Kitchen Storage Dilemmas Solved

If your kitchen is two parts clutter, one part chaos, then the missing ingredient is a storage system for your custom cabinets. In our busy lives, most of us lack the time or expertise to put systems in place that will solve our storage dilemmas. But without a storage system, maintaining order in the kitchen is challenging (to say the least).

This part of the home contains a wide variety of everyday items, from silverware and dinnerware to s’mores ingredients and dog food. You need a functional way to store and separate the endless list of things that live in your kitchen. Here, you’ll find solutions to some of the most common kitchen storage dilemmas.

  1. “I can’t find what I’m looking for!”

Most organizational gurus believe that everything needs its own place. Without a go-to spot, you end up putting things away wherever there is space. This not only leads to overcrowding your custom cabinets, but it also makes it impossible to find what you’re looking for.

Items get shoved to the back of your kitchen pantry cabinet, never to be seen again. And forget about whatever you tossed into your tall kitchen cabinets. Do you even know what’s up on those top shelves?

To stop the endless search, create sections within your kitchen that store items by category. For example, you might keep everyday dishes in an accessible spot and your more formal dinnerware on the top shelves of your tall kitchen cabinets. With this approach, you will always know which area of the kitchen to head when looking for a specific item.

  1. “My cabinets and drawers are a total mess!”

Piling things up on your cabinet shelves and shoving them in drawers is clearly going to get messy. Kitchen items are all different shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to organize them in a way that optimizes space and still keeps everything in reach.

Inside cabinet accessories like tray dividers, tiered cookware organizers, and Lazy Susans can calm the chaos brewing behind your cabinet doors and drawers. These cabinet organizers store items in the best way possible, whether vertical, stacked or swiveled. After organizing items with these types of accessories, you’ll find that you not only have more space, but everything is now in plain view.

  1. “My shelves are overflowing!”

If you seem to have more stuff than storage, opening your cabinet doors could be risky business. On any given day, an avalanche of food could come pouring down on you. Instead of dodging kitchen pantry cabinet items, start utilizing hidden space like behind cabinet doors and inside base fillers.

These sneaky spots are usually forgotten but can carry some of the load for your shelves. Tall, lean items are best, such as spices, seasonings, oils and cooking sprays. Take a look at this base filler or our door mount spice rack for some inspiration on what hidden storage space might be waiting within your custom cabinets.

  1. “I have way too much overstock!”

It’s great to have a backup box of your favorite cereal or a couple jars of your go-to pasta sauce. But when you end up with way too much of the same type of item, you risk things going bad before you have time to use them all. Overstocking also takes up valuable real estate in your kitchen pantry cabinet that could be better utilized.

Instead, keep all of your overstock in one designated cabinet or storage bin. When you run out of something on the shelves, check your “overstock bin” before adding that item to your grocery list. Limit your overstock bin to one or two backups (depending on how frequently you use that item and how much space you have to spare). Keeping all of your overstock in one place, and following this process, will make sure you never run out of your morning cereal. It will also keep your kitchen pantry cabinet in check.


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