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No-Fail Tricks For Arranging Furniture In Your TV Room

How do you make a TV room cozy but not crowded and leave space for foot traffic without everything feeling too spaced out? Arranging furniture can be challenging, especially in a TV room. After all, you want this part of your home to be a comfortable and inviting place to relax and gather. Follow these no-fail tricks and your furniture placement can be as streamlined as your new Shaker cabinets.

Keep furniture away from walls.

In larger TV rooms, leave a gap between your furniture and the walls. When couches are pushed against the walls, it creates too much distance between one seating area and the other. This can make conversation feel strained rather than intimate. It can also make it more difficult to find good viewing spots for the television.

You can carve out this cozier layout with a large area rug or simply define the new invisible borders with a sofa table and end tables. This arrangement allows for close comfort while the empty outline fights any feelings of crowdedness.

6-5-20 WLC2-Salem Light Grey

Have a clear focal point.

Every room has a main focal point. In the TV room, that is clearly the television. While there are many ways to visually pull attention in the direction of the television, the best is to install an all wood cabinetry entertainment center that is customized for your space.

A built-in system of TV room cabinetry can balance the room by providing a large object directly across from your main couch. In addition to beautifully framing the television, it can also seamlessly integrate a fireplace and provide a discreet and functional storage solution.

With all of the other furniture in the TV room centered around the screen, it’s important that your television is properly highlighted. From bright white Shaker cabinets to our recessed Union Grey collection, Willow Lane Cabinetry has the perfect all wood cabinetry to showcase your big screen.

Create a clear entry drop spot.

Be mindful of those first few steps into the TV room. You want the area directly in front of the entryway to be clear, so that you can walk in with ease. An entry drop spot is important in any room, but even more so in a high-traffic family room.

This is where visitors (and locals) will start their journey through the room, so it should be wide open and free of furniture. Depending on the size of your TV room, the entry drop spot may connect to one or more pathways.

Pair chairs to increase the seating capacity.

If you have a large family or plan to have visitors, pair chairs when possible. This will not only increase the seating capacity of your TV room, but it will also balance the visual heaviness of your couch and entertainment center.

Think of seating in a U-shape, with one of the three sides taken by your couch. This leaves two sides for additional seating. Many homeowners choose to put a loveseat, simply a smaller sofa that seats two, along one. This leaves the final side for chairs.

However, you can also opt to replace the loveseat entirely for a second pair of chairs. This arrangement can be beneficial if you plan to entertain often. By offering close but separate seating, guests may feel more comfortable.


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