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5 Reasons Why Grey Is A Popular Choice For Cabinets

You may have noticed over the past few years that grey has, in many ways, become the new go-to neutral. An interior design world that used to be made up of white, cream, beige, brown and tan kitchen cabinet finishes made way for a more modern aesthetic.

This trendy color has clearly made its mark, but why is grey such a popular choice for cabinets? Here are five reasons why we believe this hue is right on point and here to stay.

  1. Gray is neutral.

By definition, grey is considered a neutral shade, because it appears to be without color. Neutral walls and cabinetry are so imperative to a successful color scheme, because they serve as the blank canvas for your furnishings and decor. Neutrals are timeless. They work equally well in traditional, transitional and contemporary themes, and are suitable for use throughout the entire home.

One of the main reasons grey has become so widely used for kitchen cabinet finishes is because it is a neutral shade that can be either light or dark.

Depending on the specific shade, grey falls somewhere between black and white. You can see both ends of the spectrum with our Salem Light Grey cabinets and our Midtown Dark Grey Shaker cabinets.

2. Grey adds warmth

In a colorless, monochromatic interior, grey cabinets can add the perfect touch of warmth. Because many grey paints come in varying pigments and can contain undertones of other hues, such as green, blue, purple or pink, they are less dull than your standard shade of pure grey and offer more depth than your typical neutral. Despite being a neutral, grey is an extremely rich hue that can really warm up a room.

6-26-20 WLC2-New White Kitchen with Grey Island

3. Grey offers a unique look.

Grey used to be considered somewhat gloomy and dismal. For that reason, it wasn’t commonly used in home design. Contemporary kitchens have helped to demystify this presumption and show how clean, cool, and serene grey can actually be. We now see grey in many bright, airy kitchen designs and no longer consider this hue to be dark or dreary. But because it is still relatively new to the design scene, grey offers a unique look compared to other neutrals.

4. Grey is a subtle way to add color.

Grey teeters on the line between a neutral and a color, adding to both clean aesthetics and more vibrant designs. Because of its ability to be both, you can consider grey to be a neutral or a color depending on how you use it and what other complimentary hues make up your color scheme.

If you love an achromatic look of an all white kitchen but want a subtle contrast, grey is a great option to add color (while almost not adding color at all). For example, a soft grey kitchen island paired with white cabinetry can be a wonderful way to incorporate the two-tone cabinet trend into your kitchen design while remaining timeless.

5. Grey pairs beautifully with many hues.

Everyone has a favorite color. Thankfully, grey is extremely versatile and pairs beautifully with many hues on the color wheel. In fact, shades of grey can compliment almost every color of the rainbow, so you’ll have no trouble putting together the perfect color scheme around your grey walls and cabinetry. To see how grey cabinets would look in your home, shop Willow Lane Cabinetry and start your complimentary room design, complete with a custom layout and photorealistic renderings.



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