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How To Organize And Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen Cabinetry And Pantry

Is your social media feed filled with dream kitchens and color coordinated pantries labeled to the nines? These ultra organized kitchens are all the craze right now — and for good reason. Not only do they make storage look super chic, but a desire to maintain the aesthetic can motivate you to keep your kitchen cabinets and pantry organized.

Here are a few tips on how to replicate those dream kitchens in your home by organizing and maximizing storage in your kitchen cabinetry.

Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets and group like items.

Organizing your kitchen can be an overwhelming task, but with the right guide, you can tackle this endeavor on your own. Let’s start with the first step.

The beginning of any good overhaul (whether you’re optimizing a bedroom closet or a kitchen pantry) is a total purge. It’s important for you to have a clear picture of what you typically store in your cabinets, so that you can maximize the space that you have and purchase the right cabinet accessories.

Empty every kitchen pantry cabinet, shelf, and drawer onto an open surface like your kitchen island, countertops, or floor. From here, you can start grouping things by the category of your choice. A trendy color-coded pantry isn’t for everyone, so outside of color you can go with size, function, or meal category. There’s no right or wrong option, and the possibilities are endless. Go with what makes most sense for your home and organization style.

5-22-20 WLC2-Lazy Susan Blind Corner AccessoryDo not limit yourself to shelves.

Kitchen cabinets come with shelves, so it’s only natural to assume that’s all we need to store our kitchen essentials. The truth is, relying solely on built-in shelving to organize a kitchen cabinet or kitchen pantry cabinet can lead to chaos.

When everything lives at one level, it makes it hard to see what lies behind those front items. Not only can you never find what you’re looking for, but you’re also more likely to forget about food and repurchase the same items resulting in food waste.

Stackable pantry bins, base organizers, tiered shelves, and Lazy Susans are a few of the inside cabinet accessories that give you more visibility and make use of vertical space between shelves.

Use cookware dividers rather than stacking trays, pots, and pans.

Why is it that the pan you need is always the one at the bottom of the stack? If you’re guilty of stacking your trays, pots, and pans, it’s time to upgrade to cabinet dividers.

These handy inside cabinet accessories allow you to store your cookware side by side rather than on top of one another. From two-tier organizers for your pots and pans to a simple U-shaped tray divider perfect for platters and cookie sheets, you can have easy access to all of your cookware.

Utilize forgotten space on the backs of cabinet doors, in your sink base, and base fillers.

Typically forgotten space in your cabinets and pantry can be transformed to conceal everyday kitchen essentials. Hide away spices and oils in a discreet base filler or door mounted rack. Conceal your sponge and dish scrubber in a tilt out tray rather than next to your kitchen sink.

If you feel like your kitchen is too small to store everything you need, you probably haven’t unlocked all of your kitchen’s true storage potential. If you look closely, you’ll discover that there is a storage opportunity in every nook and cranny of your kitchen.


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