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Smart Lighting Tech Features For The Home

If you’ve been wanting to introduce smart lighting features into your home but aren’t sure where to start, let this guide light the way! Technology is taking lighting to a whole new level, and we’re sharing four of our favorite features to set up in your home today.

1.Kitchen Lighting

Smart features are becoming a staple in modern kitchen design. We have ovens that can be turned on from our phones and refrigerators that you can see into without opening the door. It’s really incredible how technological advancements are simplifying our lives and helping us save energy in our homes.

Smart lighting is another feature that you can incorporate into your modern kitchen design and the kitchen is a great room to introduce smart lighting for the first time.

Anywhere you have a light bulb — from under your custom cabinets to above your kitchen island — you can have a smart light bulb. Switching out the bulbs in your kitchen is a great first step. These smart bulbs can be connected to your WiFi so that you can control them from an app.

This power comes in handy if you forget to shut off the lights after leaving the room. It’s also wonderful if you want the brightness over your custom cabinets to be more intense than other lighting in the room when cooking or preparing meals.

Smart Home Device - Home Automation - Internet of Things2. Smart Switches And Plugs

If you’re sold after testing out smart lighting in the kitchen, consider installing smart switches and plugs throughout your home. This will transform all of the lighting in your home into smart lighting.

You’ll be able to control each room in your home from an app, even before walking in the front door. The benefits of this are endless. For example, imagine you’re heading out for the evening, it’s dark, and you’re trying to navigate your exit. With smart switches and plugs installed, you can leave the lights on while you leave, and then shut them off from your phone once you’re safely inside your car.

3. Digital Assistants

For even more ease of use, smart lighting can be synced with your favorite digital assistant, such as Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri. Rather than controlling your smart lighting from an app on your phone or tablet, you can ask Alexa or Siri to do so for you.

Picture you and your family are settled in for movie night in your TV room. The film is about to start but the lighting is leaving a little bit of glare on the screen. When your smart lighting is synced with a digital assistant, you can simply ask Alexa or Siri to dim the lights for you.

4. Intuitive Functions

Beyond app and voice control, smart lighting can even make decisions without you. Let’s say you prefer waking up to a well lit room than a blaring alarm clock. You can set your lighting to turn on at a certain time in the morning just like your coffee machine.

Smart lighting can also react to certain triggers. Maybe you do like waking up to your alarm clock, for example, but you’re a bit groggy crawling out of your bed. If you use a fitness tracker, you can sync it to your smart lighting. When your fitness tracker learns that you’re awake for the day, your kitchen lighting will turn on, so that you have an easier time finding your favorite coffee mug in the morning.


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