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How To Transform a TV Room Into A Home Theatre

Microwave the popcorn, grab the blankets, and cuddle up. It’s movie night! And how much more fun would it be if watching the big screen in your TV room felt just like going to the theatre?

Whether you love watching the Oscars during award season or your kids are always down for a Disney movie marathon, everyone wins with this TV room transformation.

From new custom cabinets to frame your television to the best seating in the house, here’s your one-stop guide to designing the home theatre of your dreams.

Theater with leather chairs Pick the perfect room.

When deciding which room in your home will serve as the TV room, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Darkness: If possible, avoid a room that has windows. While natural light is normally a desired feature, it is not ideal in a home theatre. To have the best viewing experience, and recreate that true movie theatre effect, you will want the room to be very dark.
  • Shape: Did you ever notice that movie theatres are rectangular in shape? This is because sound projects much better in rectangular rooms than square.
  • Walls: Your typical drywall is great for a home theatre. No need to do more. But if you’re transforming a basement surrounded by concrete, you’ll have to make some adjustments. Just install studs and drywall. Sound absorption panels can also be added to reduce echoing.
  • Flooring: We know you love hardwood floors, but the TV is room is one place in the home you should opt for carpet. Carpeting absorbs ambient sound better than hard surfaces.

Finalize the layout.

Once you have the room picked out and your foundation formed, you can move on to the layout of your home theatre. Plan to put your custom cabinets and TV on one of the shorter walls in the room. As we mentioned before, the benefit of the rectangular room shape is that the sound will project better, but this only works if your TV and speakers are on the shorter wall.

Even if you want surround sound, the majority of your speakers and subwoofer should be placed in front with your TV. The typical set up is three speakers in front and two behind your seating (one on each side).

For the best TV placement, you want the center of the screen to be at eye level. That means our all wood cabinetry should be customized with your display size in mind.

If you need support sorting through our all wood cabinetry and finalizing your layout, feel free to contact our design team. We offer free room design services — and that includes TV rooms. From the initial design stage to putting together an itemized price list, our team is here to help every step of the way.

Find furniture that is functionable.

Comfort should definitely be the driving force when making furniture decisions. Your home theatre is a place to relax and unwind, so keep that in mind when shopping for your couches and any other furniture.

Many homeowners prefer the luxury theatre approach and opt for recliners. This allows your guests to sit up or lay down without disturbing their neighbors. You can easily find standard three or four seat recliner sofas. But if you prefer divides between each seat, look at seating specifically designed for a home theatre or media room.


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